10 Angriest Characters In Blue Lock

Shoei Baro, Ryusei Shido, and Rin Itoshi from Blue Lock

Almost every major character in Blue Lock is dangerously determined to become Japan’s premier football striker. This breeds an atmosphere of tension and competition that often feels unhealthy and toxic. While many of the characters handle this environment with a cool or calculated demeanor, there are a few of them that are incredibly angry.

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Their violent tempers come out during the heat of competition, pushing them to obliterate their opponents and elevate their play. Some will even go as far as to attack the other members of the Blue Lock program just to send a message. They add to the stakes and tension of the series, making each episode and chapter that much more gripping.

10 Mikage Reo Is Fueled By Feelings Of Jealousy & Betrayal

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Mikage is a naturally analytic savant who relies on his generalist abilities. He is good at most things, but he initially lacks the individual breakout potential that the other top strikers possess. This is why Nagi leaves him to play with Bachira and Isagi instead. That moment breaks him. His high school friend betrays him despite all that they have been through.

Mikage’s calm and calculated facade slowly falls apart as he gives into despair, anger, and jealousy. He wants revenge. He wants Nagi to apologize to him, and he will do whatever to achieve it. This rage allows him to reach new peaks.

9 Rensuke Kunigami Transforms Into A Brash Beast

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Rensuke starts out as one of the more likable characters of Team Z. He sees himself as the hero of the field, and he backs it up with his power and control. However, it is not enough to keep him in the competition. After losing to Ryusei Shido, he is forced out of the competition but stumbles into the Wild Card hallway that gives him a second shot.

Once Rensuke emerges from the Wild Card training, his personality completely changes. His demeanor becomes more sullen and intense. He becomes more confrontational and aggressive towards the former members of Team Z. He becomes the brooding fallen hero of the story.

8 Kazuma Niou Attacks Defenders Like A Dog

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The resident guard dog of Japan U-20, Kazuma Niou closely defends his matchups and refuses to give them openings to score. While it does not seem like he is violent off the field, his approach to the game is intense and brutal. He thrives off the physicality of his defense, and he wants his opposition to know it.

Kazuma is loud and aggressive. He will bully his way to stopping a defense and out-muscle anyone who tries to stop him. There is a boisterous ferocity in his play that feels like it comes from a place of rage.

7 Ryosuke Kira Would Have Been Scary In Later Stages

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Kira is the first person to be eliminated in Blue Lock, but he is also the first person to be Isagi in a match. His abilities to shine are clear, but his inability to grasp the cutthroat mentality needed for the program is what ended his run prematurely. For the other participants, this early exit might have been a blessing.

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Once the realization of his weakness and folly set in, Kira shows the depth of his anger. He looks like he could possibly kill Isagi. If given a chance to channel that fire into later stages of Blue Lock, he could have developed into a genuine threat.

6 Kenyu Yukimiya’s Worsening Condition Makes Him More Dangerous

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Yukimiya appears to be a calm and cool striker. His dribbling is stylish and his abilities are elite, so fan appraisal might have initially thought of him to be as level-headed as Otoya or Karasu. However, his character develops over time, especially during phase 2 of Blue Lock. As a member of Bastard München, he has to prove himself next to Isagi, Kaiser, and Noa.

Readers find out that Kenyu’s vision is worsening over time, and his time as an elite athlete might be limited. This is a chip on his shoulder that makes him hate people like Isagi and Kaiser. His anger and determination to overcome his limitations force his teammates to acknowledge him.

5 Jingo Raichi Will Fight Anyone

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Raichi is arguably the most hotblooded member of Team Z. He argues and fights with anyone. It does not matter if the reason is petty, he is fully committed to the fight. He grabs Isagi by the collar just because he did not get the pass.

The most explicit example of his anger was when he punches Kuon in the face. It was a celebratory moment, but Raichi held onto his grudge. He tried to bring Kuon back into the fold, but also slammed his face to let out some steam.

4 Shoei Barou Will Consume His Teammates If Needed

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Barou fashioned himself as a king, viewing everyone else as inferior to him. His natural talents were so immense that he did not require team play to win. This mentality held up until Isagi created a play that used Barou as a distraction. The humiliation it caused shattered Barou, and almost doomed his potential.

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However, it also fostered anger and animosity. Barou channeled that and exceeded his potential. He accepted the darkness in himself. He would charge into his own teammates if it meant that would score a goal. The tenacity of his rage further empowered his superiority complex.

3 Yoichi Isagi Will Not Tolerate Being Upstaged

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The protagonist of the series is one of the most motivated characters in Blue Lock, even if that means he has to crush others like a tyrant. He feels great when he eliminates Kira, and he threatens anyone who tries to outplay him. He would rather die than be inferior to the likes of Rin Itoshi and Michael Kaiser.

Yoichi’s fury is so potent that he will verbally humiliate his opponents and teammates whenever he scores on them. He wants everyone to know that he is Japan’s top striker, and will not settle for anything less.

2 Rin Itoshi Wants To Destroy His Own Brother

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Rin reserves all of his hatred for his brother. Beating him on his own terms is his only goal. The depths of his anger does not reveal itself until the match against Japan U-20. In that match, all the animosity in him erupts. He enters his flow state, and it is disgusting. He drools and screams while trying to outpace his brother.

Rin’s anger leads him on an aimless rampage, where Isagi outshines him in front of his own brother. While the rage is not productive toward winning, it certainly leaves a lasting impression. There is potential for his anger to reemerge and heighten in the future.

1 Ryusei Shido Will Attack People With No Warning

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Ryusei Shido, the demon of Blue Lock, enters the story by attacking Kunigami. He throws a powerful kick just to send a message to anyone who tries to claim righteousness. Nothing matters to him but scoring the most. His talents are as potent as his temper. He knows he should represent Japan and will cause a scene if he does not get his way.

When Blue Lock ships Shido to Japan U-20, he is brought to them in restraints. This shows just how volatile and violent he can be. While Rin is undoubtedly Isagi’s rival, the true villain of the series might just be Shido.

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