10 Anime Characters Who Wasted Their Lives

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Many anime characters devote their lives to significant causes that will define how they are remembered. Whether hero or villain, their efforts bear a substantial impact on the world around them and speaks to how purposeful their existence was.

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However, there are other individuals who have completely squandered their lives. Whether dying for a poor reason or simply doing nothing with the time they’re given, these characters will not be remembered for anything of grave consequence. In the end, their purpose was much too shallow for anyone to consider admirable regardless of friend or foe.

10 Milluki Wasted His Life On The Computer

Hunter X Hunter

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Despite being a member of Hunter X Hunter‘s Zoldyck family, Milluki was surprisingly underwhelming. Unlike his siblings, he did not care about becoming physically strong and wasted all of his time on the computer.

Granted, Milluki’s technological prowess added a unique and desirable element to the estate. All the same, the most influence he had on the storyline was identifying means of finding Greed Island. Milluki himself admitted that he hadn’t left the house in many years.

9 Misa Wasted Her Life On Light

Death Note

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Misa Amane was Death Note‘s most tragic character. Her infatuation with Kira made her extremely easy to exploit. This meant that Light could command her to take life and put her at risk of being exposed in his place. Perhaps Light’s most blatant misuse of Misa’s trust was when he told her to take the shinigami eyes.

Although halving Misa’s lifespan, it allowed Light to identify and take out his enemies. In the end, Misa won’t even be remembered for Kira’s legacy given that she was never actually caught. She will spend her final years alone and with many regrets.

8 Ace Died For Whitebeard’s Pride

One Piece

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The battle for Marineford was the most important arc in One Piece to date. Whitebeard may have died, though it was beginning to seem as if his children would escape. As the pirates fled, Akainu slandered Whitebeard’s name, which prompted Ace to fight him.

Not only was the admiral significantly stronger, the marines were in a better position by the end of the conflict than their opponents. In the end, Ace’s ego cost him his life and made the entire rescue mission one of complete futility. The Whitebeard pirates disbanded shortly after.

7 Dabi Was Consumed By Jealousy & Resentment

My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia‘s Dabi was once Endeavor’s most promising successor. Despite destroying his body to please his father, Todoroki’s birth meant the end of their training. Dabi was left to pick up the pieces, forgotten and abandoned.

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Rather than making the most of his skills, Dabi faked his death and later joined the League Of Villains. He wasted the remainder of his life trying to ruin Endeavor, whether by attacking his family or publicly defaming him. Luckily, neither of Dabi’s efforts had a lasting result regardless of the intensity of his actions.

6 Marcel Wasted His Life Saving Reiner

Attack On Titan

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Marcel was once the Jaw Shifter in Attack On Titan. Haunted by guilt for rigging Reiner’s candicacy in his favor, he sacrificed himself in order to save him from Ymir. However, there were numerous reasons Marcel wasted his life.

Not only would his family have benefited from Warrior perks if Porco took his place, Reiner proved an incompetent fighter who later attempted to take his own life. Should the Marleyans have benefited from Marcel’s leadership, they likely would have performed better in Paradis and with fewer casualties.

5 Sasuke Wasted His Life Pursuing The Wrong Man


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Sasuke spent most of Naruto attempting to kill Itachi Uchiha. Convinced that the man was responsible for the Uchiha genocide, he betrayed everyone for the sake of claiming his revenge. However, Sasuke learned the truth behind the massacre after Itachi’s death.

It meant that his entire childhood had been squandered pursuing the wrong target. Sasuke may have eventually corrected his mistake by killing Danzo, though it did not amend the crimes he’d committed against his comrades. By that point, Sasuke figured that he couldn’t be redeemed regardless.

4 Kenzou Spent Decades In Jail

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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Kenzou was a former cult leader in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Having been captured in his mid-thirties, he spent decades in prison for the atrocities he committed against his followers.

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Unable to escape, Kenzou could only watch as life passed him by. Although attempting to preserve a fraction of his youth with yoga, Kenzou’s age still slowed him down in the battle against Jolyne Kujo. It necessitated a heavy reliance on his Stand’s ability to read the probability of a room, yet even that proved insufficient in swinging the tide in his favor.

3 Escanor Died To Make Himself Feel Useful

Seven Deadly Sins

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Escanor was once the most powerful character in Seven Deadly Sins. Although losing access to his “Sunshine” ability, the other heroes were more than capable of defeating the Demon King on their own. All the same, Escanor felt insecure about being useless and reclaimed Sunshine for a final use.

He wielded its power dangerously, channeling his ultimate form even though it wasn’t high noon. In the end, Escanor wasted his life dying for his pride without seriously deterring the Demon King’s efforts.

2 Inca Wasted Her Life For Cheap Thrills

Fire Force

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Inca was once a capable burglar in Fire Force. Her ability to detect danger was a significant asset and conducive to a life of crime. To Inca, excitement was more important than the actual riches she stood to gain, which influenced the places she robbed.

Realizing her importance as a Pillar, both Company Eight and the White-Clad vied for Inca’s allegiance. Since the latter offered a consistently more high-stakes and dangerous lifestyle, Inca threw her life away to support a cause that would ultimately try to destroy the world. In the end, she chased nothing more than a cheap kick of adrenaline.

1 Alphonse Wasted His First Life Trying To Bring His Mom Back

Fullmetal Alchemist

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The beginning of Fullmetal Alchemist was also the “end” of Alphonse Elric. He wasted his first life trying to bring his mother back by using a dangerous and incomplete ritual. Without an understanding of alchemy, it cost him his body and with nothing to show for it.

Luckily, Edward managed to staple Alphonse’s soul onto a suit of armor, which ensured that his brother literally remained with him in spirit. Regardless, his rebirth was considered an anomaly, and he constantly risked death should the seal in his armor get washed away.

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