10 Anime Characters Who Would Make Great Dragon-Type Pokémon Trainers

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Among all the types in Pokémon, Dragon is the most elusive and, in most cases, the most powerful. The Dragon-type represents raw power in its purest, most primal form. Ever since Generation 3, the Dragon-type has become synonymous with Legendary Pokémon, starting with Rayquaza, a creature so absurdly strong that it manages to keep Groudon and Kyogre, the avatars of land and sea, in check.

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Dragons have a heavy presence in anime as well, with many characters and techniques either named after or originating from dragons. With that said, many anime characters would make for impressive Dragon-type trainers, be it through brute strength or sage strategy.

10 Ryuko Tatsuma Is A More Than Competent Fighter

My Hero Academia

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The one thing that separates the world of My Hero Academia from the real world is the presence of quirks. Everyone knows that it takes a superhuman to take care of a dragon, and so anyone with a quirk that transforms someone into a dragon would be revered and feared by heroes and villains alike.

As someone who can transform into a dragon, Ryuko Tatsuma likely knows on an intimate level how dragons think and feel. This would put her on the same level of understanding as a character like Clair or Iris, who grew up raised around Dragon-type Pokémon. Her ace would be a Duraludon, if only because it’s one of the few white non-Legendary Dragon Pokémon.

9 Tai & Agumon Are The Best Of Friends

Digimon Adventure

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Dinosaurs share a lot of similarities with dragons, at least on a surface level. Folks who don’t know any better would simply describe them as massive lizards who have no reason to fraternize with humans, and, in a sense, they wouldn’t be wrong. Of course, none of that would really matter in a digital world, like in the case of Tai and his partner, Agumon, from the Digimon franchise.

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Agumon and his Digivolutions combine strong firepower with primal rage to fuel their attacks, which would actually make Tai a Fire trainer as well as a Dragon one. Because fans of both series often compare Greymon to Charizard, Tai would likely use a Mega Charizard X as his ace.

8 Seto Kaiba Combines Power With Pragmatism


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One of the most famous cards in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! is the one and only Blue Eyes White Dragon, second only to Dark Magician and his girl counterpart. The owner of said card, Seto Kaiba, is a tactical genius with the brains and riches to create a dueling empire, so it goes without saying that he’d be a phenomenal trainer, with only the strongest type of Pokémon fit to be on his team.

Seto would think circles around his opponents with high-level plays and counteract any ploys challengers would try. If all else fails, there’s always his ace in the hole, Reshiram, a dragon with blue eyes and white plumage.

7 Sieg Can Transform Into An Evil Dragon


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Siegfried is a Germanic mythological hero known for slaying and bathing in the blood of the evil dragon, Fafnir. In doing this, he gained extraordinary powers, including incredible strength, speed, and invincibility (everywhere except for his back). In the Fate franchise, specifically Fate/Apocrypha, Siegfried passes these abilities on to a sickly homunculus by giving him his heart. The boy names himself Sieg in honor of the hero’s sacrifice.

Thanks to Siegfried’s power, Sieg knows more than a thing or two about dragons, especially how to defeat them. It’s easy to picture him as a novice Gym Leader with Pokémon more experienced than he is, like Hydreigon, who, like Fafnir, has a reputation as an evil dragon.

6 Lyria Has Experience Commanding Powerful Creatures

Granblue Fantasy

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One of the primary gameplay mechanics of Granblue Fantasy is the summoning system, which allows players to call forth Primal Beasts with call effects that turn the tables on enemies. The de facto strongest of these summonses, both in gameplay and lore, is Bahamut, the progenitor of the Cygames multiverse. In Granblue Fantasy, only one person has a close enough link to Bahamut to summon him: Lyria, the Girl in Blue.

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In her home series, Lyria doesn’t fight; rather, she relies on the power of the Primals to support her and her allies. The same would be true in her Pokémon version, in which she treats her Pokémon like teammates rather than combatants.

5 Kobayashi Has Her Dragon Harem To Rely On

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

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Most trainers catch Pokémon to fill their rosters; others just have them fall into their lap. That being said, the heroine of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid could fill an entire team with the pseudo-harem of draconic behemoths that have made base in her neighborhood. As funny as that may sound, Tohru and the gang are unfortunately not Pokémon and thus wouldn’t be allowed to compete.

Kobayashi would fall in line with the classic “normal person” trope, which would clash heavily with her use of Pokémon that are anything but ordinary. Her ace would be the original Dragon type: Dragonite. Just like Kobayashi, it has tenure among its peers, and its shiny is green like Tohru.

4 Kaido Rules Wano With An Iron Fist

One Piece

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Devil Fruits in One Piece are categorized into three different classifications: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan. The Zoan fruits allow their wielders to transform into the animal the fruit is named after; all abilities beyond that are limited by the imagination of the user. One of the strongest Emperors of the Sea, Kaido, ate the Dragon-Dragon Fruit, allowing him to transform into an eastern-style dragon, complete with the power it possesses.

It’s doubtful that Kaido would have the time or patience to raise a team of his own, which is why he’d have lackeys raise them for him. All he’d have to do is use overwhelming brute force to take down all challengers, likely with a Rayquaza in his back pocket.

3 Diego Brando Brings The Past To The Present

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

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Ancient Pokémon tend to be Roc-type rather than Dragon, which makes sense because they’re recreated from their fossils. However, that’s never stopped certain Dragon trainers from adding them to their teams, like Lance and Iris. The same would be true for Diego Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run, whose Stand, Scary Monsters, resurrects dinosaurs and places them under his command.

On top of summoning dinosaurs, Dio himself can transform into a Tyrannosaurus, obtaining immense strength and speed when he does. The Rock- and Dragon-type fossil Pokémon, Tyrantrum, would be a perfect fit for him.

2 Rimuru Became A Dragon’s Kin

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

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Dragons play a big role in the other world in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, as a wounded dragon, Veldora Tempest, is one of the first sentient beings Rimuru meets upon his reincarnation. The little slime makes a pact with the dragon and gains the surname “Tempest,” which links the two creatures, granting Rimuru access to unfathomable power. From then on, Rimuru uses his bond with the dragon Veldora to make a name for himself and work to establish his kingdom.

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Over the course of the series, Rimuru continues to learn more about his draconic kin, further deepening his understanding of dragons as a whole. This knowledge would translate well into his Pokémon adventure.

1 Acnologia Is The King Of All Dragons

Fairy Tail

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Dragons are the end-all, be-all in Fairy Tail, right down to its main protagonist and its antagonist, Acnologia. The latter, a destructive force of nature called the Dragon King by some, is so ancient that his brand of Dragon Slaying Magic doesn’t fall into any elemental category; his abilities are born of nothing but blood, sweat, and primal rage.

As the world’s current strongest dragon and first Dragon Slayer, he knows the ins and outs of dragon anatomy and the sheer magnitude of their destructive capabilities. He wouldn’t be so powerful as to use an entire team of Legendaries, but he would be a Champion-level trainer at the very least.

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