10 Anime Characters Who Would Make Great Fairy-Type Pokémon Trainers

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With the arrival of Pokémon‘s sixth generation came a new type, rounding out the number of types a Pokémon can be to 18. The new type, Fairy, is commonly associated with all things magical and mystical, retroactively changing many cutesy and comfy Pokémon who fit that description, like Jigglypuff, Togekiss, and Azumarill, among others.

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Cuteness is perhaps the biggest aspects of anime culture, with cute characters and creatures dominating the anime industry to the point of bleeding over into mainstream entertainment as well. Whether it’s simply to raise them or train them for combat, many characters would be more than happy to take these kinds of Pokémon under their wing. However, as most people familiar with folklore are aware, not all fairies are sunshine and rainbows.

10 Saber’s Arsenal Is Blessed By Fairy Magic

Fate/Stay Night

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Fairies are perhaps one of the most prevalent entities in European folklore, largely in nations touched by old Gaelic beliefs like England, Ireland, and France. Therefore, it’s no shock that they play a massive role in the Fate timeline, granting their power to the Knights of the Round Table and their leader, King Arthur.

As such, Saber and her Excalibur are the embodiment of the essence of medieval Britannia, powered by her dragon core and blessed by fairy magic. To further prove Artoria’s status as a Fairy-type trainer, the sixth Lostbelt of Fate/Grand Order, Avalon le Fae, takes place in a Britain ruled by fae folk in a timeline where she took up magic instead of the sword.

9 Schierke Spent Her Whole Life Studying Magic


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Berserk started as a grounded medieval drama, where the closest examples of magic’s existence were Puck, Zodd, and the rest of the apostles. From then on, the line is pushed further as the country of Midgard continuously experiences mystical happenings leading up to the Eclipse. While the average Midgard citizen is ignorant of the supernatural, witches like Schierke spend their lives observing and studying the surreal.

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As Schierke has spent her childhood surrounded by fairies, she’d feel right at home training Fairy Pokémon. A lot of her choices would likely be dual-type Fairy mons that reflect the elements she uses to fight evil, like the Azurill line and Carbink.

8 Mavis Established A Guild Named After Fairies

Fairy Tail

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Do fairies exist? And if they do, do they have tails?” This was the question that serves as the origin of the strongest guild in Earthland: Fairy Tail. Just from this series alone, several characters would qualify as Fairy trainers, including the series’ heroine, Lucy. However, the guild’s founder and first guildmaster, Mavis Vermillion, is the young mind who kick-started the events of the series with wide-eyed wonder and sage wisdom for her age.

As one of the pioneers of magic and a dreamer, the Fairy-type is perfect for Mavis. Pokémon that are reminiscent of the traditional idea of fairies would make up her team, like Ribombee and the Togepi line.

7 Aladdin Harnesses The Power Found In Fairy-Like Entities

Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

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The rukh in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic are the source of all things mystical, including magic and miracles. As a Magi, Aladdin has total control of the rukh and can harness their power at will, meaning that the limits of his magical capabilities are borderline infinite. Given that the rukh in the series resemble butterflies when assembled, they give off both a fairy-like aura and appearance.

Aladdin’s childlike innocence and creativity lend well to the boundless power the rukh can bring, as his overall fighting prowess is limited only by his imagination. This spark of youth serves as the primary theme of Fairy-type Pokémon, so Aladdin working alongside them as comrades makes perfect sense.

6 Lotte Yanson Speaks To Spirits To Fuel Her Spells

Little Witch Academia

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In Little Witch Academia, the cast’s specific schools of magic vary heavily, making for a set of characters with a diverse range of specialties. The lovable and huggable Lotte Yanson is a Finnish country girl who attends Luna Nova Academy to acquire a license in magic tools which will help her inherit and run her family’s magic shop.

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What sets Lotte apart from her classmates is the source of her magic. She has a deep connection to certain spirits and can invoke them through song and incantations. This would make her an effective Ghost-type trainer, but her shyness and the spirits’ whimsical demeanor would make them better at handling Fairy-type Pokémon.

5 Madoka Shone A Light Of Hope For All Mahou Shoujo

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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Magical girls are tasked with using the power of friendship and light to protect the world from evil, but sometimes friendship is not enough. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a prime example of a magical girl anime in which everything goes horribly wrong. In a sense, all happiness does is make the descent into despair that much steeper.

The titular character, Madoka, serves as the antithesis to the show’s prevailing nihilistic themes, as her final actions give hope to magical girls around the world. Although it’s somewhat flowery for such a dark anime, that final spark of hope exemplifies the light that Fairy-types bring to illuminate the darkness. Most importantly, however, Madoka wears a lot of pink.

4 King Is The King Of The Fairy Realm

The Seven Deadly Sins

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The continent that The Seven Deadly Sins is set in takes heavy inspiration from old English folklore, with an emphasis on taking after the age of King Arthur and his Round Table. With that said, it’s no surprise that fairies would exist in this world or that they would have an advanced civilization with a ruler. The one representing the sin of Sloth, King, is that ruler.

As a fairy himself, King would not just be a competent Fairy-type trainer, but probably the strongest to date. As the brains of the Sins, he makes up for what he lacks in physical strength with tactics and ranged attacks.

3 Kaoruko Moeta Is An Artist Who Dreams Big

Comic Girls

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Ever since Pokémon Sun and Moon, with the introduction of Mina, the Fairy-type has been associated with art. The trend continues in Scarlet and Violet with the artist NPC trainers who favor Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokémon. A good candidate for the Fairy-type is Kaoruko Moeta, a budding 4-Koma author and illustrator from a little-known series called Comic Girls.

Kaoruko is a shy soul who starts the series with mediocre mangaka skills, and the story follows her journey under the tutelage of her senior mangaka roommates. Her story has all the sweet and comfy camp of a CGDCT slice-of-life that the Fairy-type was made for. Also, and most importantly, her hair and eyes are pink.

2 Kanroji Embodies Purity & Passion

Demon Slayer

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Despite the name, Love Breathing has less to do with love and more to do with fire, as it’s an offshoot of Flame Breathing. All potential allusions to the “flame of passion” aside, its sole wielder, Mitsuri Kanroji, does a good job embodying the concept as she protects humanity from those who skulk in the night in Demon Slayer.

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Love was another concept that was absorbed into the Fairy-type after its debut, with many moves with names referencing kissing or romance becoming Fairy-type moves, making love itself a Fairy-type concept in the world of Pokémon. As for her partner, Pokémon like Mawile fit her ditzy and clumsy nature, which betrays her startling competence at fighting.

1 The Priestess Guides Her Team Through The Darkness

Goblin Slayer

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Before Generation VI, fans always wondered if the series would unveil a Light-type to counteract Dark-type Pokémon; instead, fans got Fairy. Though that may sound like the fanbase was let down, the Fairy-type does, in a way, serve as a Light-type with its super effectiveness against Dark. In terms of representing light, the typical clergyman anime trope does a great job.

The Priestess from Goblin Slayer is a somewhat pure soul in a cruel and cold world where one’s fate can take a turn for the worst at the drop of a hat. If she and the rest of her party were Pokémon trainers, she’d take up the Fairy-type, if only to be better moral support.

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