10 Anime Families Anyone Would Want To Be A Part Of

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There are a lot of different kinds of families in anime. Some are incredibly doting, like Maes Hughes, his wife, and his daughter from Fullmetal Alchemist. Others are incredibly twisted, like the Zoldyks from Hunter x Hunter. Some have all their members alive and well. Others went the way of the Uchiha Clan from Naruto.

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Whether big, small, nuclear, extended, related, or adopted, the family often plays a large role in characters’ backstories and who they are in an anime’s narrative present. Coming from a loving, supportive family (or at least a fun one) can do wonders for a character. There are a few anime families that any fan would want to be a part of.

10 There Are Nine Kids & One Crown

Castle Town Dandelion

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Castle Town Dandelion follows the Sakurada family, who lives a normal life in a Japanese suburb. However, their dad is the king of the country and does his work at the castle. This unique upbringing makes the Sakurada siblings a lot more down-to-earth and connected to the populace than other characters who are royals.

The heir to the throne will be chosen by the nation’s popular vote. Mr. Sakurada’s choice of rule-by-election shows more fairness to his children than the primogeniture typically practiced in powerful families. Even though all nine siblings are competing to become the ruler, there’s not a hint of antagonism among them, which is a lot more than other anime siblings can say.

9 The Shimogamos Are An Eccentric Family

The Eccentric Family

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The Eccentric Family is equally a family drama as much as it is a comedy. The Shimogamo family are the main protagonists of the anime. They’re a shape-shifting tanuki family composed of four brothers and a mother. The anime starts with the family having fallen within tanuki society after the death of their patriarch.

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The family members wrestle with the grief of losing the father and the social pressure of their more distant relatives, but despite everything, they stand together. Even though her sons are considered failures by the other tanuki, they all continue to support each other. The Shimogamos represent a family that is flawed, but always there for each other when it truly matters.

8 A Spy Adopts A Telepath & Marries An Assassin

Spy x Family

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The dad is a super spy, the mom is an assassin, and the dog can tell the future. Anya Forger, a young telepath in hiding and the main character of Spy x Family, thinks that’s all great. What’s spectacular about the Forgers is how clear it is early on that they care for each other even when they don’t think their relationships are “real.”

Even with their marriage being one of convenience, Loid and Yor do their best to support one another and be good parents to Anya. Though the Forgers are anything but a normal family, they certainly are a happy one, even with all the secrets.

7 The Kawamoto Sisters Will Make You Fuwa Fuwa

March Comes In Like A Lion

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The Kawamoto sisters from March Comes In Like A Lion have hospitality down to an art. Despite not being particularly wealthy, anyone who enters their home can look forward to warm food, warm cats, and even warmer company. Akari is a motherly cool big sis. Hinata is an energetic, loyal, and friendly middle schooler. Momo is cheerful, affectionate, and the cutest child on the face of the planet.

Though their family situation isn’t the best on paper, they have love in abundance. Their grandfather, who helps support the girls, completes this loving family. The grandfather also runs a Japanese sweets shop, so working alongside the sisters in creating sweets would be a perk as well.

6 Being a Joestar Means Getting Your Own Stand

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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As a member of the Joestar family, being badass is in the blood. And it needs to be, considering how bizarre the lives of its members are. The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise spans multiple generations of the Joestar family, from Jonathan Joestar through Jolyne Kujo to the new continuity’s Johnny Joestar and Josuke Higashikata.

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Their adventures often span different parts of the globe as the protagonist and their allies seek out their latest enemy. While early JoJos were practitioners of Hamon, all the later Joestars are stand users. Being born into the family almost guarantees an exciting life with a unique stand.

5 Mr. Kusakabe Believed His Daughters About Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro

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At the beginning of My Neighbor Totoro, Mr. Kusakabe and his daughters, Mei and Satsuki, move out to the countryside to be closer to his hospitalized wife. Despite the stress he must be under from moving, work, his wife’s illness, and functionally raising two daughters on his own, Mr. Kusakabe never complains or gets frustrated.

When Mei and Satsuki start encountering nature spirits, instead of dismissing their discoveries as childish fantasies, he believes the girls. He uses it as a learning opportunity and makes them more comfortable with their discoveries. This is a luxury that not all children are afforded by their parents, unfortunately.

4 The Jinnouchi Family Is Large & Old

Summer Wars

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The Jinnouchi family from the Summer Wars movie is a large extended family headed by a matriarch, Sakae. The audience is introduced to the family when Kenji Koiso is brought to their family home by his classmate, Natsuki Shinohara, as her fake fiancé. Kenji is pulled into the antics of the extensive, close-knit, and influential family.

The film can be summed up with Sakae’s words, “Never turn your back on family, especially when times are tough.” Though the members have their differences and have come into conflict in the past, they all come together to save the day. The movie shows how valuable the connections an extended family creates can be.

3 Komi’s Family Can Communicate Despite Not Talking Much

Komi Can’t Communicate

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Though Shouko Komi from Komi Can’t Communicate may come off as aloof and unapproachable at first, she’s actually just an incredibly shy, sweet girl with a communication disorder. These are both traits she inherited from her parents, Shuuko and Masayoshi. Though both have the tendency to embarrass their teenage children, it’s clear that they love them very much.

Her brother, Shousuke, is just as quiet but a lot more detached than Shouko, but it’s clear that the two get along well. Shouko’s extended family is also a pleasure to be around, as they have fun every time they get together.

2 Sakura Kinamoto Comes From An Excellent Family

Cardcaptor Sakura

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Though Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura tries to keep her card-collecting magical girl adventures a secret and maintain the veneer of being a normal girl, her family may be a lot more aware of what she’s up to than she likes to believe. Though her mother, Nadeshiko, died when Sakura was young, her spirit is still alive in their home.

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Her older brother, Touya, likes to mess with her, but he makes it clear to the audience that he can be counted on when she’s in trouble. Her father, though frequently busy with work, cares deeply for his children and deceased wife. Though the loss of Nadeshiko still impacts the family, it hasn’t affected the amount of love they have.

1 Sometimes A Family Is An Office Lady & Two Dragons

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an anime about an androgynous office lady who accidentally invites a dragon, Tohru, to live in her house as a maid. Having Tohru living with her draws the attention of other dragons, including the young Kanna, who she takes in. Thus, the trio’s heartwarming home life begins.

The love the Kobayashi family have for each other is clear. In the mundane, they are sensitive to each other such as when Kanna wanted to go to elementary school and needed supplies. In the extraordinary, they stand up for each other, such as when Tohru’s dragon father comes looking for her. With their friends, both human and draconic, frequently coming to visit, it’s easy to see how warm and fun it would be to be considered part of their strange but loving family.

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