10 Anime Kids And Teens Who Travel The World

Violet Evergarden saluting civilian clothes in Violet Evergarden; Naruto saluting and smiling in Naruto

Children in anime have a lot heavier responsibilities than in the real world. They are often entrusted with going out on quests or journeys on their own. Many of these kids and teens routinely travel all over their worlds with little to no help from the adults in their lives.

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Whether they travel all over the country or around the world, these characters have gone to many different places. They often meet fearsome challenges, but always come out triumphant in the end. Their modes of travel may be different, but these characters all gain a sense of wanderlust as they embark on their faraway quests.

10 Kiki Finds A New Home

Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Kiki is a young witch hoping to find her place in the world in Kiki’s Delivery Service. When witches turn thirteen, they are expected to leave home and travel far away to find a new city to plant roots. Kiki originally hopes to take her own broom and fly to far off shores, but ends up with her mother’s instead. When she and her familiar Jiji are caught in a rainstorm, the two settle on a train to take them the majority of the way to their new home.

Kiki does struggle at first to find her place in the new town, but through the generosity and kindness of strangers, she manages to make a place for herself. Thirteen may seem young by today’s standards for teens to be on their own, but Kiki makes it look easy as she even starts her own business in the process.

9 Kenji Harima Tries To Forget Tenma

School Rumble

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When Kenji Harima gives up on pursuing the love of his life, Tenma Tsukamoto, he takes to the sea and becomes a fisherman – despite only being a teenager. Though he does return eventually, Harima travels far and wide to get away from the memory of Tenma.

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School Rumble is full of ridiculous antics, but Harima leaving to fish is one of the more outlandish scenarios. Even so, the trip seems to do him good, as he comes back with a clearer head, and newfound determination. Harima returns ready to live his life on land again, having combed through his feelings about Tenma.

8 Naruto Uzumaki Goes On Missions


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Naruto Uzumaki is a young Shinobi-in-training when he sets off on his first mission. Though he is accompanied by his squad leader, Kakashi, Naruto and the other shinobi-in-training are all pretty young to be facing dangerous foes miles and miles from their homes (even if they have special abilities).

Despite this, Naruto usually wears a smile and grows his skills with each encounter he faces. While he still travels all over the shinobi world, his heart remains with his village where he hopes to prove to his people that he is not the monster they believe him to be.

7 Maka Albarn & Soul Evans Travel To Find Kiishins

Soul Eater

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Maka Albarn and Soul Evans are two teens on a quest to make Soul a Death Scythe in Soul Eater. To accomplish this, they travel their world searching for ninety-nine Kiishin eggs for Soul to devour, followed by one witch’s soul. Unfortunately, they mistake a cat for a witch on their last attempt and are forced to restart.

Spurred by the sting of failure and a time crunch, Maka and Soul restart their endeavor to capture Kiishin souls. Though they often have help from friends as they travel, Maka and Soul prove that they are a lethal team when it comes to taking out Kiishins.

6 Violet Evergarden Journeys To Find The Meaning Of Love

Violet Evergarden

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War is all Violet Evergarden has known when fans first meet her in the show, Violet Evergarden. Therefore, when it ends, she is unsure of what to do with herself, and being only fourteen she does not have a lot of other experiences. Eventually, Violet settles on becoming an Auto Memories Doll, traveling the world to help others write the letters they cannot write themselves.

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Despite her circumstances, Violet is a curious individual who is just as eager to learn as she is to see the world in more peaceful times. She may still have a long way to go on her life’s journey, but her travels and the love letters she writes help her come to understand the meaning of once-untouchable emotions.

5 Emma Escapes With Her Siblings

The Promised Neverland

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Emma is one of the orphans living in Grace Field House in The Promised Neverland. Her intelligence is surpassed only by her athleticism – making her a formidable playmate. However, when she discovers that she and her fellow siblings are the livestock of a farm, Emma uses her skills to get her siblings to the outside world.

Once they are beyond the wall of Gracefield House, they face even more treacherous challenges. Fortunately, Emma and her friends find ways to survive, continuing to travel in the hopes of freeing humans from the mercy of the Demons.

4 Tanjiro Kamado Is On A Quest To Avenge His Family

Demon Slayer

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Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko begin their journey after their family is murdered by demons. Eager to avenge them, Tanjiro trains and succeeds in becoming a Demon Slayer. The Kamado siblings then travel the world, disposing of demons and searching for the one who was responsible for their family’s demise.

Although Tanjiro and Nezuko are only fifteen and fourteen when they go on their first quest, they are still forces to be reckoned with. Their abilities and subsequent track record with demons prove that they are ready and willing to face any challenge that awaits them as they travel through Japan in Demon Slayer.

3 Edward & Alphonse Elric Wander In Search Of A Philosopher’s Stone

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers on a mission to find a philosopher’s stone in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Hoping the stone will return Edward’s limbs and Alphonse’s body to them, the boys trek tirelessly around Amestris, helping people along the way.

At only fifteen years old, Edward is the youngest State Alchemist in the Amestrian army, but he proves his worth time and again. Alphonse is no slouch either as he easily takes down foes with his armored body. Though they are young, the Elric brothers have already proven themselves capable of taking care of each other as they travel all around Amestris – especially since they were much younger when they were left on an island to survive on their own anyway.

2 Aang Travels To Find Bending Masters

Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Aang is only twelve years old when he learns of his position as the Avatar – a person tasked with mastering all four base elements and keeping the human and Spirit worlds in check. Even after he freezes and wakes up one hundred years later, Aang is still the same preteen he was when he learned of his new responsibilities.

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Together with his other teenage and preteen friends, Aang sets off around the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender hoping to find masters for the bending styles he lacks. Team Avatar meets many obstacles along the way, but Aang eventually achieves his goal thanks to the tireless cooperation of his friends and his trusty Sky Bison, Appa.

1 Ash Ketchum Wants To Catch Them All


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Ash Ketchum is only ten years old when he leaves his home in Pallet town to embark on a lofty quest. His goal is to become the best Pokémon Master ever. With the help of his new and stubborn friend, Pikachu, Ash’s mom waves him off as he begins his new life on the road in Pokémon.

Although Ash is later accompanied by two older friends, Brock and Misty, he initially sets off alone with no human companions. Along his journey, he encounters many dangerous situations and determined foes hoping to dash his ultimate dream. Even so, Ash never gives up and continues to travel the Kanto region and beyond to catch every Pokémon.

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