10 Anime Like ‘Akame Ga Kill’ That You Might Like

If you are a weeb, you must have heard of Akame Ga Kill. Here, we shall discuss the top 10 Anime like ‘Akame Ga Kill.’ It is one of the most popular anime out there. Takahiro and Tetsuya Tashiro wrote and directed the series.

The plot follows Tatsumi. A teenage villager who journeys to the town to gather money for his house. He finds that the town is rife with corruption. Night Raid, an assassin squad, recruits the young guy to aid them in their struggle against the Empire’s corruption.

People love this anime because of its plot and concept. It focuses on real-life problems like corruption. However, they deal with them in a fictional manner. This makes it even more enjoyable. As the protagonist moves forward in his journey, people move forward with him. Night Raid is the most fantastic element of the show. Their weaponry and ideologies have people hooked to the screen.

It is rather common to urge for similar tropes in different anime as everyone has choices. People tend to elevate more towards some than others. Similarly, if you want to enjoy Akame Ga Kill again but with a different topping, don’t worry. Today we are covering 10 Anime like “Akame Ga kill”. It is a guarantee that you will love these too.

10 Anime Like Agame Ga Kill
Akame Ga Kill Cr: Crunchyroll

10 Anime Like ‘Akame Ga Kill’

The following list contains anime that you might enjoy if you liked Akame Ga Kill. Some of them have similar characteristic tropes, while others have a similar base concept. If you are interested, keep on scrolling. Who knows, maybe you will find your next watchlist here.

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10. Re: Zero

In an instant, Subaru Natsuki’s life flips completely upside down. He is whisked into an unfamiliar fantasy world while he is walking home from the store. Subaru is attacked right away. His time there does not begin well. However, fortunately, Satella comes to his aid.

Satella turns out to be someone influential in that realm. Despite the fact that Re: Zero is an entirely different series from Akame Ga Kill!, most viewers like it since it is also full of interesting mysteries, which makes it similar to Akame Ga Kill.

10 Anime like Akame Ga Kill10 Anime like Akame Ga Kill
Re: Zero
Cr: Crunchyroll

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9. Tokyo Ghoul

This animation is centered in a gloomy Tokyo of the future. Ghouls coexist with humans in Tokyo. To survive, these monsters feed on humans. Some people get a lot of pleasure from killing, while others just want to survive. They must exercise caution. They are far more lethal than humans. However, the Commission of Counter Ghoul investigators poses a serious threat.

Tokyo Ghoul is an action-packed anime with plenty of twists and turns. Despite the fact that it is scarier than Akame Ga Kill!, the majority of people agree that it is a decent program to satisfy their needs. The characters’ lives change dramatically in both series overnight.

Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki And ToukaTokyo Ghoul Kaneki And Touka
Kaneki And Touka
Cr: Tokyo Ghoul

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8. Code Geass

It takes place in a universe where the Holy Empire of Britannia has conquered Japan. The new scenario did not go over well with the locals. A daring group of freedom warriors rose up against the Empire. Lelouch Lamperouge obtained a rare power that he exploited to overthrow the Britannian soldiers. It’s both amazing and horrifying to watch him climb to power in such a short period of time. Both Code Geass and Akame Ga Kill share the concept of fighting against unjust societal issues.

10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kll10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kll
Lelouch Lamperouge
Cr: Code Geass

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7. Seven Deadly Sins

The setting for The Seven Deadly Sins is the Middle Ages. This anime shares several similarities with Akame Ga Kill! The Holy Knights of Britannia defended the region against all threats. However, they intend to take over all of the kingdoms one day. The Holy Knights used cruelty and fear to subjugate the populace. Elizabeth, the Kingdom of Liones’ third princess, went out to find the Seven Deadly Sins, a group of long-lost knights. They can assist her in restoring peace and safeguarding her people. Both the series have the Robin Hood Syndrome in common.

Sven Deadly Sins Sven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins
Cr: Crunchyroll

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6. High School DxD

‘High School DxD’ is on our list due to the fantasy concept. Moreover, the fact that the characters wage fights with magic and formidable weaponry. In this anime as well, the protagonist finds himself unexpectedly a part of something really bigger and more serious tropes. The first season of the show features a total of 12 episodes. Each episode lasts approximately 24 minutes. It’s a harem-ecchi anime. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll love this anime.

10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kill10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kill
High School DxD
Cr: Crunchyroll

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5. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is a fantastic animation. It has the same feel and mood as an excellent Hollywood television series. Because of the protagonist’s circumstances, it earns a spot on our list. In this anime, the hero finds himself in a precarious circumstance. He becomes embroiled in the nuances of the issue. During their adventures, both the protagonists go through several stages of identity.

Black LagoonBlack Lagoon
Black Lagoon
Cr: Crunchyroll

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4. Demon Slayer

This smash series is sweeping the anime industry by storm. When Tanjiro Kamado’s family is slain, he goes headfirst into the nightmare realm of demons and gore. There’s no turning back now. While the ruthless Muzan Kibutsuji looms large, Tanjiro must summon strength he never knew he possessed in order to combat flesh-hungry demons. He has to discover a means to rescue his demon sister Nezuko’s humanity. Monster hunting has never been so exciting.

Demon SlayerDemon Slayer
Demon Slayer
Cr: Crunchyroll

Joining the sibling duo is the very much liable characters, Zenitsu and Inosuke. Over the course of time, they share a strong bond. Later, our protagonists also meet several strong characters as well.

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3. Bleach

Between ‘Akame ga Kill’ and ‘Bleach,’ there are certain parallels. Both of the main characters set out to save their own kin. However, they eventually found themselves serving a wider cause for the betterment. Ichigo Kurosaki transforms into a soul reaper in ‘Bleach’ to save his people from evil beings known as Hollows. However, he becomes embroiled in the mysteries of the soul world, which is home to souls and soul reapers. As the story progresses, we learn that there is unspeakable harm hiding in the shadows, preparing to strike. Ichigo swears to protect humanity from these nefarious forces.

10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kill10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kill
Cr: Crunchyroll

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2. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Even though the storyline is completely different from ‘Akame ga Kill,’ it features a similar theme. Edward and Alphonse search for a mythical stone known as the Philosopher’s Stone. They hope to rejuvenate their bodies. When they attempted to use alchemy to resurrect their mother, their bodies were lost. Edward joins the army in the hopes of discovering the stone. Later, the brothers learn that there are others who will go to any length to obtain the stone. It’s a fascinating anime series that will keep you engrossed throughout.

10 Anime like Akame Ga Kill10 Anime like Akame Ga Kill
Full Metal Alchemist: brotherhood
Cr: Crunchyroll

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1. Sword Art Online

Another anime that depicts heroes battling against the system is Sword Online. The environment is radically different, as the heroes are stuck in virtual reality in this series. However, the basic concept remains the same. Kirito’s incredible trip and Asuna’s astonishing metamorphosis are followed by fans. They fell in love after meeting for the first time. Both of them find a fresh purpose for surviving and fighting the final boss.

10 Anime like Akame Ga Kill10 Anime like Akame Ga Kill
Sword Art Online
Cr: Crunchyroll 

If you are wondering where to find the above-mentioned anime, do not worry. You are on the right track. Here at OTAKUKART, we have your back. You can stream all the episodes of the shows on Crunchyroll. It is the official streaming partner of various such amazing anime. You can also find associated mangas there.

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