10 Anime Techniques Stronger Than Sasuke’s Chidori In Naruto

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Naruto‘s main characters can perform a dazzling variety of iconic shonen anime techniques, ranging from Naruto’s shadow clone jutsu and his Rasengan to the all-seeing Sharingan eye and Sasuke’s own trademark move, the Chidori. Named after the sound of 1,000 bird chirping, the Chidori is a melee-range lightning attack that wreaks havoc on any foe it touches.

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The Chidori’s default mode is a handful of crackling lightning, designed to be an elemental, non-spinning variant of the Rasengan. Although Sasuke’s Chidori is a fearsome anime technique, the broader world of anime boasts even stronger and more effective moves than the baseline Chidori. Some of those moves are actually even stronger than the Chidori’s more advanced variants, too.

10 Amaterasu Is The All-Consuming Black Flame


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In Sasuke’s own Naruto world, a handful of deadly jutsu are even more potent than the baseline Chidori, and a few are stronger than any Chidori variant. One example is the Amaterasu, the vicious black flames that many Mangekyo Sharingan users can wield, including the brothers Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha.

The Chidori hits hard, but tough ninjas can survive it and fight another day. By contrast, the Amaterasu takes no prisoners, with its black flames consuming absolutely everything in their path. Even the mighty Raikage had to amputate his arm to stop the spread of these terrifying flames.

9 Respira Rots Everything & Everyone Into Nothingness


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No Bleach character can claim to be the true master of death, but the 2nd Espada, Barragan Luisenbairn, came scarily close with his released state’s abilities. He represents the ultimate end of all things, controlling time so he can rot away flesh, bone, and even kido spells because nothing lasts forever.

Barragan has a deathly aura that slows down and rots everything close, but he can do more. In his released mode, Arrogante, Barragan can emit a fast-moving black cloud with his Respira technique. Respira will rapidly rot anything it touches, and nothing whatsoever can block its effects once someone or something is caught in its effects.

8 Roy Mustang’s Fire Alchemy Can Burn Any Target With Ease

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Colonel Roy Mustang is a lovable tsundere officer with a devastating fire-based alchemy technique in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He alone can snap his gloved fingers to ignite the air’s oxygen and burn his foes to death. He has immense firepower combined with remarkable precision for devastating results.

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Roy’s flame alchemy has a few obvious weaknesses, but otherwise, it’s one of anime’s strongest elemental moves, including the baseline Chidori. With this alchemy, Roy can overwhelm a target with devastating force multiple times, strike dozens of foes at once, or even vaporize a foe’s eyeballs or tongue.

7 Lightning Bending is The Ultimate Firebending Art

Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Fantasy attacks with the same element can be easily compared, including the Chidori vs lightning bending in Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s universe. On the downside, it seems no bender can form a Chidori-style ball of electricity in their hand, but aside from that, lightning bending is slightly stronger.

Lightning bending has a much greater range than most forms of the Chidori, and range counts for a lot in bending and jutsu. Lightning bending also costs much less energy for the user, while the Chidori puts a huge strain on the user’s chakra reserves in battle.

6 Jogo’s Domain Expansion Is Mt. Doom For Most Of His Enemies

Jujutsu Kaisen

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It’s true that Satoru Gojo the sorcerer made a fool of the cyclopean curse Jogo in Jujutsu Kaisen, but that shouldn’t mislead anime fans about Jogo’s capabilities. Against most other foes, Jogo is nearly unstoppable with his volcano-themed powers, most of all his domain expansion.

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With his domain expansion in effect, Jogo will trap his foes in a searing-hot volcano region with him, a place that no human can survive in or escape. This intense offensive potential and lack of escape routes make that domain expansion stronger than any Chidori.

5 Fairy Law Will Crush Anyone Deemed A True Enemy

Fairy Tail

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Even if Fairy Law and Fairy Glitter have harmless-sounding names, these are actually devastating anime techniques that can turn the tide of any battle. A few times throughout Fairy Tail‘s long runtime, various Fairy Tail guild members wielded Fairy Law and proved how devastating it can be.

Given enough time to charge it up, Fairy Law’s caster can release an enormous blast of yellow-white energy that will obliterate anyone deemed a true enemy within a large area around them. This can take down many powerful foes at once while sparing the caster’s allies.

4 Destructive Death: Compass Needle Makes Akaza Unbeatable Up Close

Demon Slayer

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On its own, the Compass Needle technique is only moderately powerful and doesn’t compare well to the strongest Naruto jutsu. But in Akaza’s hands, the full Destructive Death: Compass Needle is a nigh-foolproof technique that almost guarantees Akaza victory in any close-range fight.

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In Demon Slayer‘s Mugen Train arc, Akaza used Compass Needle to make his attacks far more accurate and find the perfect route through Kyojuro Rengoku’s defenses. Defensively, Compass Needle allows Akaza to predict and avoid the opponent’s moves, and he can even sense characters like Tanjiro from a distance.

3 The One Makes Escanor The World’s Strongest Human

The Seven Deadly Sins

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The lion sin of pride, Escanor, is a holy knight whose best technique is simply called The One. When the sun reaches its zenith at noon, Escanor becomes an unstoppable powerhouse for one minute’s time, allowing him to rival even the demon clan’s strongest warriors.

Escanor can level the entire landscape and take down demon-mode Meliodas when using The One, making it far stronger than most ninjutsu. And in a true emergency, Escanor can use The One: Ultimate, but using that move will cost him dearly. In fact, he only used it once in The Seven Deadly Sins for that very reason.

2 One For All Will Save The World

My Hero Academia

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Most Quirks in My Hero Academia‘s world are fairly weak or irrelevant by shonen action standards, while some are fairly strong, such as Acid and Whirlwind. Then there’s the unique Quirk One For All, which is actually several Quirks in one, including energy storage and Blackwhip.

One For All needs a truly worthy wielder to realize its potential, such as All Might himself. One For All’s Smash attacks are positively devastating, especially when the user goes Plus Ultra, and the Quirk is even stronger when the sub-Quirks finally come online as well.

1 Megiddo Can Strike Down Thousands Of Targets

That Time I Got Reincarated As A Slime

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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime features many magical abilities and weapons, but precious few of them can kill an entire army in one go. However, Rimuru Tempest the protagonist, wielded the mighty spell Megiddo to annihilate the joint Falmuth-Church army and collect everyone’s souls.

This devastating spell magically arranges countless water droplets to focus natural sunlight into powerful beams that can kill a person on contact, meaning anti-magic barriers or spells do no good. In Rimuru’s hands, Megiddo can slay thousands of armored troops in mere moments, and that’s far more than the Chidori could ever do.

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