10 Anime That Would Succeed As Live Actions

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Live-action adaptations for anime series typically end up being not very good. On top of butchering the source material, these attempts to bring anime to life also lose something when changing mediums, such as expression or stylization, that can only be expressed through animation and can’t be recaptured in live-action.

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There are plenty of live-action anime adaptations going wrong, but that doesn’t mean they’re all doomed to fail from the start. There’s plenty of potential for making an amazing live adaptation of an anime if the proper series is chosen and executed well. Quite a few titles could succeed without losing much when making that jump in mediums.

10 Tsuredure Children Is Simple Enough To Work Even With Its Large Cast

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Tsuredure Children is a romance anime that focuses on many different characters as they go through the trials and tribulations of confessing their feelings to one another or navigating through their new relationships. It’s a series with a large array of characters to tackle various types of couples and romance stories. Despite that bulky cast, however, it wouldn’t be impossible to adapt the anime to live action.

Given the anime’s more simple and down-to-earth setting and characters, a live-action version is very doable. Not to mention, similar shows and movies have been told in a similar vein to this anime with great success, such as the romantic comedy Love Actually.

9 Boxing Stories Have Succeeded In The Past, So Why Not Hajime No Ippo?

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Everyone loves a good underdog story, and “boxing-centric” ones are a classic way to showcase it. While there is a good deal of boxing anime out there that could work in a live-action format, there may be none more suited to it than one of the most famous ones, Hajime no Ippo.

Given the grounded story and familiar feeling of its Cinderella story, as Ippo goes from wimp to boxing machine, a live-action series has good legs to stand on. If given the right cinematography for the matches, this classic sports anime could land a punch like never before.

8 Making Quintessential Quintuplets Live-Action Can Actually Add Something To It

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At first glance, an unorthodox romance series like The Quintessential Quintuplets seems like it wouldn’t work in live-action. However, there are some ways of making an adaptation for it work if well-handled. While the anime makes it clear to the audience how to differentiate between the five sisters, it’s less obvious to the world of the show, a confusion that can be displayed well in live-action.

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Doing so can add layers to this anime’s “mystery box” element of who Futaro’s bride ends up being. It’s likely that success would be dependent on the cast, particularly who would end up playing all five of the Nakano sisters. Still, if that hurdle can be overcome, a Quintessential Quintuplets live-action series/movie could pass with flying colors.

7 Vinland Saga’s Violent Viking Story Might Just Succeed In Live-Action

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Gritty historical pieces have been popular in many mediums of entertainment. A great anime entry, as an example, would be the violent Viking story of Vinland Saga.

While this anime may have moments that would seem like they were ripped out of a fantasy novel, its feet are firmly planted in reality, and as such, a live-action version is not impossible. If the hard-hitting story can be well-adapted and the vicious action well-choreographed, Vinland Saga could make for a great historical series akin to the TV shows like The Last Kingdom or Vikings.

6 Your Lie In April Has Potential As A Live Drama Series

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Filled with budding romances, music, despair, and hope, it’s fair to say that Your Lie in April is an emotionally raw story that absolutely flourishes in the anime medium thanks to the way it illustrates the playing of music. Aside from that, however, this story could be told just as well in the live-action format without losing its identity.

Given how human all the anime’s themes are, its potential to succeed as a live-action drama series or movie is strong. Moveover, even the anime’s illustration of music could be done in this medium if the right effects or cinematography is used.

5 With The Right Execution, Lycoris Recoil Could Be A Fun Live-Action Romp

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Featuring over-the-top action from its two main leads would give Lycoris Recoil the impression that it could only be done in the world of animation, and in some respects, that is true. However, big over-the-top action movies have seen a lot of success in recent memory when their fight scenes are equally extreme as their tone, so the challenge for adapting this one would be in how that action is portrayed in a live medium.

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While there is a live stage play for Lycoris Recoil, there can only be so much done with that style of performance. With the right director, good budget, and execution, a live-action version of this anime could just nail it the way other action movies have before.

4 My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Could Work As Long As Its Themes Are Intact

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Despite the out-there circumstances that bring the cast of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU together, it’s a surprisingly real story about love, maturity, and isolation. With that in mind, a story like that wouldn’t be impossible to transition from anime to live-action. Admittedly it’s also a series that would need to take its time in order to get the message of its story and the inner thoughts of its characters fully across.

Given how relatable some of its characters can be, particularly the self-deprecating loner Hachiman, it’s definitely a series that be related to if handled right. As long as its themes are intact, it could make for an impressive live-action high school drama.

3 Great Pretender’s Over-The-Top Heists Could Still Be Pulled Off In Live-Action

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Having visual style and some outlandish heists, Great Pretender is another anime that would be tricky to adapt into a live-action form, but despite that, it does have the potential as one if given the right approach. Movies and shows about heists and con artists have been pulled off before, some of which are as outlandish as the scams seen in this anime.

While it would be missing that stylized expression of its anime counterpart, a live Great Pretender adaptation would have the advantage of using film techniques and cinematography tricks to misdirect the audience, much like the targets Edamura and company go after. On top of that, it also gives a chance to make the diversity of its cast more apparent.

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Aside from the time-jumping shenanigans of Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi as the framework, Link Click features a number of very realistic and emotional stories that make up the Time Photo Studio’s cases. A live adaptation wouldn’t be completely out of the question so long as the cast has strong actors to carry it, from its main characters and those that have to portray being possessed by Cheng Xiaoshi while he’s in the past.

On top of all that, this anime needs very little in the way of special effects compared to other anime. With the appropriate budget, this series could flourish in no time at all.

1 Monster’s Horrifically Realistic Setting & Events Make It A Perfect Candidate

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For one reason or another, there’s a strong audience for psychological crime thrillers in the entertainment world. Several anime could be adapted into a compelling live-action crime drama. Monster would end up being a perfect candidate, given its horrific take on psychology, suspenseful tone, and realistic events of moral ambiguity.

It’s a long series, and so it would need to be adapted into a show rather than condensed into a movie, as this anime’s pacing is part of what ties all its strong story elements together. If enough time and effort are put in to bring all of Monster’s strengths into live-action form, it would more than likely succeed.

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