10 Anime To Watch If You Liked Prison School

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Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School is an ecchi-comedy anime that examines a group of male students who enrolled in an all-female boarding school due to policy changes. However, because of their actions, the boys are imprisoned in the school’s jail.

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Despite the anime’s abrupt cancellation, Prison School is arguably one of the best comedy anime’ to have aired in the last five years, according to some critics. With its raunchy, adult-like humor, there’s no doubt that Prison School is a memorable series. For those who want more entertainment in a similar vein, anime has plenty of series to offer.

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10 Grand Blue

Grand Blue is about a man named Iori Kitahara who lives above his uncle’s scuba-diving shop in the coastal town of the Izu Peninsula. However, when he meets members of the diving club who love to party hard, Iori becomes infatuated with their antics, leading to many people shunning him in the process. Now, Iori must come to terms with himself and find out what his real college dream is.

Like Prison School, Grand Blue features male characters who are heavily infatuated with females and take-part in adult-like activities. Unlike Prison School, which focuses on a boarding-school-like setting, Grand Blue leans more-toward college life.

9 Kakegurui

Kakegurui is about a girl named Jabami Yumeko who enrolls into a school where gambling is the norm, but unknown to the student body, she’s a professional gambler. The anime focuses on Yumeko’s journey to take-down the school’s student-council president Kirari.

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Like Prison School, Kakegurui contains self-aware humor and some bizarre animated sequences. To some degree, Kakegurui’s anime adaptation suffered from not having its source material fully adapted. Nonetheless, for those who enjoyed Prison School‘s raunchy humor and weird scenery, Kakegurui shouldn’t disappoint.

8 Highschool Of The Dead

Highschool of the Dead is about a boy named Takashi Kimuro who must survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies. Although he’ll recruit friends along the way, Takashi vows to save those close to him and discover what caused this outbreak to occur.

Like Prison School, Highschool of the Dead features immense humorous dialogue that’ll prevent any anime fan from feeling bored with each episode. Highschool of the Dead’s take on the post-apocalypse is so intriguing that many argue it’s a must-watch single-season series that deserves a comeback.

7 Shimoneta

Shimoneta is about a boy named Tanukichi Okuma who has entered a notorious high school to get close to his childhood crush, the yandere Anna Nishikinomiya, and help the student council uphold Japan’s laws against foul play. However, things take a different turn when Okuma gets dragged into the alleged lewd criminal Blue Snow’s organization SOX because she values his unconventional background.

As Shimoneta‘s plot thickens, Tanukichi must help SOX attack the person he holds dear to him. Like Prison School, Shimoneta features a female character who can fight for themselves and a male protagonist who must do provocative actions toward many. Shimoneta also has the same amount of ecchi humor within a school-like environment.

Detroit Metal City is about a man named Souichi Negishi who lives a rockstar life that he’d trade for a peaceful one but must comply with to make money. Furthermore, this anime follows Negishi’s struggles with balancing his popularity and average college life.

Like Prison School, Detroit Metal City contains adult-like humor and vulgar imagery that may not be suitable for young audiences. Both anime also feature protagonists who desire a peaceful life with a woman who leans heavily on the average spectrum than a reckless one.

5 Golden Boy

Golden Boy is about a man named Kintarou Ooe who wants to find a perfect employment position. With his love for women and education pushing him, Kintarou hopes he’ll one day live a life of wonders. Similar to Prison School, Golden Boy relies on provocative humor and makes sure that the female characters included in their series have intriguing personalities and notable appearances.

Both Prison School and Golden Boy also highlight the naivety of the male characters’ understanding of women while showcasing their growth each new episode. Golden Boy is such a relic that many argue it’s one of 90s many underrated anime

4 Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is about a man named Eikichi Onizuka who dreams of becoming Japan’s best high school teacher. However, when he meets his new students, Onizuka realizes he’s in for a challenge he didn’t expect. Unbeknownst to these troubled students, they’ll soon realize that Onizuka isn’t an average Joe teacher worth torturing.

Like Prison School, Great Teacher Onizuka features perverted characters surrounded in a school setting. Fans of comedy anime may enjoy the provocative jokes that come with Great Teacher Onizuka. Its jokes aside, some argue it only needed one season to tell its intriguing narrative.

3 Punch Line

Punch Line is about a boy named Yuuta Iridatsu whose soul is stolen from him by a mystical cat called Chiranosuke. That’s not all Yuuta discovers, as he would later attain immense power after taking a look at a woman’s underwear.

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Punch Line details Yuuta and his friends’ quest to stop a world-ending organization. Along the way they must also prevent Yuuta from seeing more underwear, since it can lead to their world’s end. Like Prison School, Punch Line contains sexual humor that may give some anime fans a chuckle.

2 Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill is about a girl named Ryuko Matoi who ends up obtaining a powerful wearable weapon called Senketsu after being defeated by Honnoji Academy’s leader, Satsuki Kiryuin. Ryuko embarks on a quest to locate her father’s killer and defeat Satsuki.

Like Prison School, Kill La Kill features sexual humor and imagery within a school setting. Both anime also have wonderfully animated scenes and include a memorable cast of characters many fans will enjoy.

1 Gintama

Gintama is about a man named Gintoki Sakata who has no shame in showcasing his love for samurai in a world where samurai are treated with little to no attention and swords are prohibited. While working as a yorozuya, Gintoki will eventually meet new people who wish to accompany him on his many adventures.

Gintoki and his friends’ embark on many hilarious quests which are often ruined by many independents, assassins, and law enforcement. Like Prison School, Gintama has an intriguing plot-line that also contains mature comedy, done in an unorthodox fashion.

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