10 Anime Villains Who Always Need Help

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Anime villains are supposed to be fiercely competent and formidable. It forces the protagonist to keep on their toes and meaningfully challenges their chance to succeed in a fight.

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However, there are many antagonists who need just as much help as their heroic counterparts. Whether relying on minions or suffering from a critical personal affliction, these adversaries are abundantly aware of their own limitations. Although their dependency on henchmen is a serious detriment to their overall plans, it also makes them less likely to make mistakes on account of overconfidence in their own personal abilities.

10 Shigaraki Relied On The League & All For One

My Hero Academia

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Shigaraki may be My Hero Academia’s new Symbol Of Evil, though he needs a substantial amount of support. Even when becoming scientifically enhanced beyond human limitation, Spinner had to resuscitate him from the brink of unconsciousness in their battle against Endeavor and Deku.

For most of his career, Shigaraki also relied on Kurogiri’s Warp Gate Quirk in order to survive his more ill-advised missions. Gigantomachia was even specifically designed to support Shigaraki since he stood no chance of eliminating hero society on his own.

9 Gecko Moria Needed Oars To Fight For Him

One Piece

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Gecko Moria was perhaps the weakest arc antagonist in One Piece. He was cowardly, unathletic, and fled from Luffy when first confronted by him.

However, Moria’s greatest advantage is his undead minions. Oars in particular was a powerful giant capable of crushing the Straw Hats regardless of their combined efforts. Moria was completely reliant on him and panicked after his defeat. Granted, he still enhanced his body to become a colossal, shadowy monstrosity, but this ultimate form relied on the availability of his remaining zombie minions in order to pull off.

8 Light Would Have Been Caught Without Help

Death Note

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Light Yagami was the main villain of Death Note and an exceedingly powerful man. Although his means of killing others was subtle and effective, he still relied on multiple accomplices to avoid detection from L.

Misa Amane proved his most useful tool, as he seduced her into doing whatever he wanted. For example, her acquisition of the shinigami eyes helped Light to see others’ names above their heads. Similarly, Misa was used as bait in order to force Rem to kill L. This simultaneously resulted in her demise, leaving Light without any obstacles to defy him.

7 Father Delegated Most Of His Responsibilities To The Homunculus

Fullmetal Alchemist

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Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Father was already a being of godlike power. However, it behooved him to keep his identity and intentions anonymous since it lulled the people of Amestris into a false sense of security.

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As a result, most of Father’s crimes were carried out by his “children,” the Homunculus. This included the destruction of Ishval, consolidation of Bradley’s power, and assassination of numerous political enemies. It also helped Sloth create a massive transmutation circle without being detected by the authorities. Each Sin played a fundamental role in bringing about the “Promised Day.”

6 The Emperor Fought Night Raid With The Jaegers

Akame Ga Kill!

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Akame Ga Kill’s Emperor was little more than a child, meaning that he needed help with running his kingdom. Minister Honest “advised” him on how to conduct his affairs, which resulted in a series of disastrous choices that only increased the land’s number of enemies.

The Emperor’s last line of defense was the Jaegers, a group of elite soldiers specifically meant for striking out rebel units such as Night Raid. He never saw combat until the revolution breached the palace gates and threatened his life.

5 DIO Loved Using Incompetent Minions

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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Whether in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part one or three, DIO loved getting henchmen to do his dirty work. Early in his criminal career, he summoned zombies to attack Jonathan Joestar and his allies. Later, he used enemy Stand users in hopes of ending the Joestar line for good.

In both instances, DIO’s minions were largely unsuccessful at bringing the heroes down. However, there are some exceptions. For example, Vanilla Ice killed Avdol and Iggy while seriously injuring Polnareff. DIO also entrusted Pucci with his mission after his demise.

4 Reiner Needed His Comrades For Backup

Attack On Titan

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Despite allegedly being the most durable character in Attack on Titan, Reiner constantly needed help from his allies. This was seen upon their first breach to Paradis, where Marcel gave his life so that Reiner wouldn’t get eaten by Ymir.

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Later, Reiner needed Bertholdt to save him after Eren got him in an arm bar. In the battle for Shiganshina, Reiner was narrowly saved by Pieck and Zeke as the Warriors made a narrow getaway from the island. Reiner’s number of rescues is somewhat ironic considering his desire to die.

3 The Evangelist Desperately Needs Her Servants

Fire Force

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The Evangelist was a being of unspeakable power in the Fire Force anime. Despite this, she existed outside perceivable reality and attempted to bring about her cataclysm through her cult, the White-Clad.

On her own, the Evangelist is only capable of appearing to her Pillars in visions as she’s done with Shinra and others. Her ability to influence the physical world is extremely limited without the assistance of her doting minions.

2 Orochimaru Constantly Needed Kabuto For Back-Up


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Orochimaru may have been Naruto‘s first real antagonist, but he couldn’t do anything alone. He heavily relied on the support of others, as seen when manipulating the Sand Village into attacking Konoha.

Orochimaru proved especially dependent on Kabuto. He used the spy in order to probe information about Sasuke, lull the exam’s audience to sleep with a genjutsu, and protect him after he lost his arms in a battle against Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Sound Four were similarly instrumental to his plans, as they helped escort Sasuke to the villain’s private hideout in spite of the Leaf’s best efforts.

1 Chrollo Did Not Underestimate The Value Of Henchmen

Hunter X Hunter

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Although Chrollo was the leader of Hunter X Hunter‘s Phantom Troupe, he was mindful not to take his subordinates for granted. The villain told allies and enemies alike that should one of them die, they could be replaced at any time, including the boss himself.

Kurapika realized the symbiotic relationship between Chrollo and his henchmen, so he kidnaped Chrollo and forced him to dissolve the organization himself. Chrollo may have been separated from his comrades and power, though the Troupe still toils to find a person that can clear him of his Nen condition.

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