10 Anime Villains Who Give Up Too Easily

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Many anime villains are defined by the sheer amount of determination they have when attacking the protagonist. As relentless as they are wicked, many will not give up, no matter the cost, which forces the heroes to kill them.

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However, some evildoers have the opposite problem. They are ready to surrender their dreams so quickly that it makes one wonder if they were ever considered suitable threats to begin with. Whether out of cowardice or a misplaced sense of pragmatism, these villains do not stick around for long when the heroes gain the upper hand.

10 Caesar Clown Tried To Destroy Punk Hazard Rather Than Fight The Straw Hats

One Piece

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One Piece‘s Caesar Clown was extremely undetermined. A coward by nature, he tried to destroy all of Punk Hazard with noxious fumes rather than face the Straw Hats’ retribution. This was in spite of the fact that he’d already defeated several of their members.

Clown also gave up Big Mom’s task of gigantification almost immediately, which didn’t make sense because he’d already partially perfected it using children as experiments. In the end, Clown is a failure both as a scientist and as a villain.

9 Zuko Didn’t Try To Capture Aang Much

Avatar: The Last Airbender

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At first, Zuko was the main antagonist of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He diligently pursued Aang in order to redeem himself in his father’s eyes, even going as far as to attack the Southern Water Tribe toward that end.

However, a few half-hearted close encounters were all that it took for Zuko to abandon his quest of capturing the Avatar entirely. It didn’t help that Iroh discreetly opposed the mission since the beginning and tried to lead his nephew down a different path.

8 The Mouth Fled After Losing One Member


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The Mouth was a trio of thugs from the Baki universe. Although weak individually, they worked in such unison that they were capable of taking down significantly more powerful adversaries. Working together, they incapacitated Iron Michael and nearly severed his bicep.

However, when Guevara emerged and disabled one of the Mouth’s three members, they immediately dispersed, fleeing in all directions. The other two didn’t even try to avenge their fallen comrade since they had little faith in their ability to perform as individuals. In this regard, the Mouth’s synergy was their greatest weakness.

7 One Look From Tsunade Made Fujin & Raijin Surrender


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Fujin and Raijin were the “idiot brothers” from Naruto. Although without any ninjutsu, genjutsu, or even taijutsu, their raw physical strength helped them break out of prison and overpower the Konoha 11 with ease.

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At first, it seemed as though there would be no end to Fujin and Raijin’s rampage in spite of their glaringly low intelligence. However, when Tsunade arrived and threatened the brothers, they immediately gave up and went back to prison on the condition that they would be well-fed. In the right hands, the brothers could have been terrifying henchmen.

6 Zeldris Was Unworthy Of The Ten Commandments

The Seven Deadly Sins

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Despite being the leader of The Seven Deadly Sins’ feared Ten Commandments, Zeldris gave up rather easily. For example, he fled the battle for Liones immediately after Estarossa’s defeat, which illustrated how little confidence he had in his own strength.

Additionally, Zeldris abandoned the Demon Kings altogether after hearing about Gelda’s fate. This meant that the Demon King had no remaining allies, which prompted a final confrontation between himself and the series’ heroes. The Demon King’s inability to inspire his soldiers is partially responsible for Zeldris’ lack of commitment.

5 The Prime Nomu Couldn’t Move Without Shigaraki’s Orders

My Hero Academia

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The Prime Nomu was a monstrous foe in My Hero Academia. Carefully created in order to counter All Might, it survived a brutal beating from the Symbol Of Peace before being punched from U.A.’s premises.

In the end, the nomu was not captured since it was actually defeated; it simply got out of range from Shigaraki’s orders. When the authorities found it, it was despondent, albeit completely in-tact. This illustrates how quickly Garaki’s creations give up without proper instructions.

4 Honest Tried To Flee The Moment The Capital Was Attacked

Akame Ga Kill!

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Minister Honest was the true main antagonist behind Akame Ga Kill!. His horrible advice prompted the Emperor to misuse his power, and the kingdom suffered as a result.

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When Night Raid eventually breached the Capital and defeated most of the Jaegers, Honest did not wait to see who won the battle. While the Emperor kept his opponents busy, he attempted to flee through an underground passage. Leone anticipated his cowardice and killed him, though she lost her Imperial Arms and suffered mortal wounds in the process.

3 Majtani’s Act Was A Bluff

Hunter x Hunter

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At first, Majtani appeared to be one of the strongest villains in Hunter x Hunter‘s exam arc. Powerful enough to break rock and allegedly a member of the Phantom Troupe, few other convicts were nearly as menacing as he was.

However, when Leorio realized that Majtani’s intimidation tactics were complete bluffs, he had little issue with defeating him. Rather than fighting, Majtani begged for mercy. The metal bars he implanted in his knuckles may have been strong, though they made punching anything excruciatingly painful.

2 Sloth Looked For An Excuse To Give Up

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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As his name suggested, Sloth was the least motivated in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Granted, he obeyed Father’s order to create a colossal transmutation circle around Amestris, though he also never acted on his own. Sloth did not feel any genuine interest in the Promised Day and only completed his tasks so that he could go back to sleep.

Sloth’s willingness to give up was reflected in his fight against Armstrong, where it only took a few well-aimed punches to defeat him permanently. Given his sluggish attitude, he cannot regenerate as well as his siblings.

1 Reiner Struggled To Maintain His Fighting Spirit

Attack On Titan

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Out of Attack On Titan‘s Warriors, Reiner was the least driven to move forward. He may have forced his comrades to advance after Marcel’s death, though this was more out of fear for what Marley would do to him than anything else.

Throughout the Eldian campaign, Reiner consistently underperformed. It took such a high mental toll on him that he ended up exposing his identity to Eren and hoping that he could follow him back to Marley. Reiner’s time in Paradis left him so broken that he barely mustered the strength to defend Liberio and only lasted a few seconds in a direct fight.

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