10 Anime Villains Who Just Want Friends

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Many anime villains have grand ambitions like world domination, revenge, or the complete dissolution of society itself. It makes them easy to root against, especially since few can relate to the depravity of their aims. Typically, they are the main opposition of any given story and greatest threat heroes must defeat.

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However, not all antagonists are so easy to discard. Some only want friends, and their loneliness has pushed them to do horrible things. Such characters may still not morally be in the right, though they are much easier to relate with since their goals are significantly more humane.

10 La Brava Found Gentle Criminal Out Of Desperation

My Hero Academia

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La Brava was perhaps the most underrated and tragic villain of My Hero Academia. Persecuted for her diminutive size, she eventually became a social outcast. After spending most of her days online, she noticed Gentle Criminal’s channel and quickly fell in love.

Using her technological skills, La Brava tracked down Gentle and volunteered as his assistant. Confused, reluctant, and slightly scared, Gentle agreed to her demands, especially since he didn’t want his operations to be discovered.

9 Wave Tried To Overlook The Jaegers’ Crimes

Akame Ga Kill!

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Wave was the most relatable villain in Akame Ga Kill! He first approached the Empire fully believing its propaganda and was enthusiastic about mingling with the other Jaegers. Over time, he came to realize that they were hardly pinnacles of morality, although he still didn’t abandon their cause or betray his country.

It took the Emperor attacking towns of innocent people in order for Wave to finally put his conscience first. By that time, everyone who he once considered a friend was already dead, meaning that he never had to live with the guilt of betraying them.

8 Ryuk Used Light To Cure His Boredom

Death Note

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Ryuk was a shinigami and Light’s semi-accomplice in Death Note. Although he usually didn’t care about the well-being of humans, he found the usage of his notebook intriguing and appreciated the company that Light gave.

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In the end, Ryuk sought friends and spectacle in order to satiate a mostly boring afterlife. When Light’s identity was exposed and he was no longer capable of providing it, Ryuk wrote his name in the Death Note, finally taking his life. Light’s death was ironic since his “career” began and ended with the killing of a criminal.

7 Yo-Yo Ma’s Job Was To Befriend His Enemies

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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Yo-Yo Ma was an outgoing enemy Stand in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Virtually indestructible by nature, his job was to befriend the heroes and help them with mundane tasks until they were caught off-guard. He would attack the second there was an opening, which meant the only way to defeat him was by targeting his Stand user.

All the same, Yo-Yo Ma was specifically designed in order to seek out friendship. It may not be genuine, though he’s still the most amicable enemy Stand the heroes have encountered.

6 Dain Worked Best With Friends To Exploit

Deltora Quest

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Dain was one of Lief’s closest friends in Deltora Quest. Though soft spoken and shy, he did an excellent job of keeping the heroes company and helping them with insignificant tasks.

However, Dain’s true identity was an Ol, a shape shifting monster in service to the Shadow Lord. Although already powerful, his gifts were best put to use when infiltrating the enemies, befriending them, and gauging their most valuable secrets.

5 Haku Just Wanted Zabuza’s Validation


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Haku was an early antagonist of the Naruto series. Initially appearing as a friend to Team Seven, he was later revealed as Zabuza’s closest conspirator. He saved the villain from capture in his first clash against Kakashi, resulting in a brutal reckoning on the bridge.

In the end, Haku valued Zabuza’s friendship so much that he took a lethal attack on his behalf. To Haku, it was better to sacrifice one’s life than to suffer from the crushing weight of loneliness. Haku may not have died redeemed, but he was an amazingly sympathetic character.

4 Baby Five Lived For Others’ Approval

One Piece

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Baby Five was the friendliest member of One Piece‘s Donquixote Family. Although attacking the heroes with a variety of personal weapons, she only sought the companionship and validation of others. Her need to be appreciated was so extreme that she eventually sided with the enemy after mishearing Sai’s death threats as courting attempts.

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Baby Five’s desire for love was a direct result of her difficult childhood. Regardless, it made her the only member of the family aside from Viola to escape justice by switching sides at the eleventh hour.

3 The Espada Were Strong Enough To Be Starrk’s Friend


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Coyote Starrk was unlike any other Bleach villain. Since the beginning, his exclusive objective was to find friends, as the sands of Los Noches were cold and lonely. Starrk became so desperate that he even divided his spiritual pressure into a sentient life form known as Gingerbuck.

The Espada may not have been Starrk’s first choice, but they were the only characters strong enough to survive the immense energy radiating from his body. Everything else died moments after coming too close to him.

2 Schrodinger Was The Millennium Organization’s “Diplomat”


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Schrodinger was the closest thing the Millennium Organization had to a diplomat in Hellsing. He was efficient at conveying their interests and easily the least monstrous of their members. Schrodinger never displayed the same level of malice toward London as the Major or Blitz.

However, he was dedicated to his friends, as seen when cutting his own throat in order to poison Alucard with his corrupted blood. In the end, Schrodinger’s final act illustrated how utterly dedicated he was to his comrades’ mission even if he wasn’t its most outspoken supporter.

1 Twice Needed Companionship After His Identity Crisis

My Hero Academia

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Twice’s lonely life compelled him to create doubles in order to keep himself company. When those duplicates began fighting, he had an identity crisis over whether or not he was actually real. In order to make new friends, Twice joined the League Of Villains as one of its most powerful members.

His affability may have helped to recruit powerful allies like Toga and Dabi, though it was also a double edged sword. It gave Hawks the window he needed to infiltrate the organization and begin engineering its total destruction.

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