10 Anime With The Best Fashion Sense

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Every year, there are countless conventions across the globe where participants get to dress as their favorite anime characters. Cosplayers have known for a long time that there are multiple series that feature some of the best senses of fashion, and it is their duty to replicate it to the best of their ability.

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Even those who do not cosplay do not need an excuse to recognize drip when they see it. There’s a reason why even the DBZ gi is so iconic; it has been mass-produced as muscle tees and tanks for anyone to wear. That isn’t the only case, as there are multiple series that have inspired fashion trends for the masses to consume.

10 Demon Slayer

Unique Haori Patterns Make The Slayer

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While the Meiji era was the one to Westernize Japan’s standards in terms of politics, economics, and imperial outreach, it was the Taisho era that solidified the hybridization of East and West to revolutionize Japanese fashion trends. When choosing a setting for her series, Demon Slayer, mangaka Koyoharu Gotouge made sure to implement these trends.

The Haori and Kimono were still a staple in Japanese fashion for everyday wear. So when designing her characters, Koyoharu made sure that each would have their own patterns for their Hashira uniforms. The standouts are Tanjiro’s Checkered Haori, Zenitsu’s Urokomon Haori, and Giyuu’s halved-designed Haori.

9 Cowboy Bebop

2071 Fashion Is Very Reminiscent Of The ’90s

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When considering the ’90s aesthetic, when anime is brought up, Cowboy Bebop is already there before any other answer could be provided. The series is easily the most accessible for those who are not fans of the anime medium, making it all the more iconic.

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From Spike’s blue leisure suit to Faye’s skimpy yellow fit, each outfit of theirs conjures images for many of the ’90s anime aesthetics. When depicting the future in a new space age, Cowboy Bebop excels in mixing Western wear with neo-Tokyo city pop. Bebop was meant to be a cavalcade of mixing genres with one another, and so their costuming reflects that as well.

8 Jujutsu Kaisen

A Shonen Series That’s Best Costumed In Timeless Fashion Staples With A Twist

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There are countless anime that do their spin on the Japanese school uniform, but none have managed to look as cool and unique as the uniforms Gege Akutami designed for Jujutsu Kaisen. The wizarding world of Tokyo manages to out-drip its predecessors in Hogwarts with their assigned uniforms.

It’s not just Yuji’s unique hoodie school uniform or Yuta’s off-colored one; there are countless alumni of the Tokyo Metropolitan Cursed College that sport some of the series’ most iconic fits. The biggest culprit is Yuji’s mentor and best side character, Kento Nanami. His salaryman attire is taken to the nines with his tie’s pattern and Tag-Heuer Carrera making it more iconic.

7 Bleach

Managed To Make ’00s Fashion Look Cool

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There is no denying that the early 2000s may have been the worst era for fashion. From baggy jeans to velour tracksuits, there was no end to these gaudy trends. Yet when Tite Kubo was creating his hit series, Bleach, around the same time, he somehow managed to take all of those trends and make them timeless.

Ichigo Kurosaki is still considered one of the best main character designs, and his sense of style helps affirm this. From his shinigami wear to his streetwear, all manage to invoke his cool and unique image. Throughout the series’ run, Kubo himself would make art of various characters sporting sick outfits. A trend he continued with the premiere of the Thousand Year Blood War anime adaptation.

6 Blue Lock

Caught The Attention Of The World Cup

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Not many manga artists have the claim to fame that they were given the privilege to collaborate with Adidas on a World Cup jersey for Japan. Blue Lock’s illustrator Yusuke Nomura is one of two mangakas to make this claim. Japan’s samurai blue jerseys were one of the hottest topics surrounding the World Cup due to the jersey’s relation to the hit anime that premiered that year.

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Despite the series’ monochromatic blue look, Blue Lock manages to use that to their benefit. Never since maybe Slam Dunk has a sports anime/manga looked so effortlessly cool. Each of the main character’s attire accentuates their high drive and competitiveness even further.

5 My Dress-Up Darling

More Fashion Outside Of Cosplay

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Though My Dress-Up Darling focuses more on Kitagawa’s cosplay and Gojo essentially wears the same thing every day, the series nonetheless does feature interesting fits for its protagonists. This is especially true when it comes to one of anime’s best gyaru characters.

The series’ sense of fashion is best seen in between its cosplay montages. If anything, it’s best accentuated when Marin Kitagawa earns money for her cosplay by modeling for fashion magazines or whenever she and Gojo go out for cosplay materials. Marin’s sensibility to influence her gyaru aesthetic truly shines.

4 Akira

Ultimate Cyberpunk Trendsetter

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Quite possibly the most influential cyberpunk film, Akira is noted for its dazzling animation and bleak worldbuilding. Like many cyberpunk titles, Akira does not falter when it comes to inspiring fashion trends. Like Cowboy Bebop, the setting of Neo-Tokyo after the original was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust seems to be a hotbed for a style that embodies both the old and new worlds.

This is best seen with Kaneda and his biker gang that imbues ’50s greaser style into the dystopian future of 2019. But the most iconic piece of cloth has to be Kaneda’s red/blue pill jacket, being one of the most sought-after pieces of anime fashion by fans.


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Like The Incredibles, Spy x Family is set in a world that is reminiscent of the mid-20th Century. An era that was strife with Cold War tensions made it the perfect setting to inspire Tatsuya Endo when he created the heavily popular series.

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To best exemplify the era, the costuming of the series could easily compare and contrast to AMC’s Mad Men: skinny ties with sharkskin suits, porkpie fedoras, sweaters that end just above the knees, and various pantsuits. While the tensions between Ostania and Westalis are cold, the central figures operating behind the scenes to preserve the peace are hot in the looks they serve.

2 Sailor Moon

Sets The Ultimate ’90s Aesthetic For Pinterest

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It’s hard to find a more famous ’90s anime than Cowboy Bebop, yet in some ways, Sailor Moon manages to outshine it in terms of popularity and merch. Unfortunately, Usagi and her friends are what many who aren’t fond of the medium use as an example for their reasoning.

Regardless of others’ opinions, it’s undeniable the series is immensely popular for varying reasons, one of them being its bubblegum city-pop aesthetic. When not fighting galactic threats, Usagi and her cohorts are fitted with some of the best wardrobes the ’90s had to offer.

1 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Sets Its Own Fashion Sense

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When it comes to a series that creates its own style, that style becomes synonymous with anything affiliated with the title. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the loudest and proudest when it comes to this. The heavily Western-music-inspired series is one of the most popular series to come out of Japan, and its fashion is a testament to that.

Rohan Kishibe and Jotaro Kujo are easily the biggest perpetrators of this. Rohan’s diverse wardrobe electrifies his eccentric personality, whereas the effortlessly cool Jotaro just picks out a fit that matches whatever his hat shapeshifted into that day. The series’ iconic outfits are one of its most appealing feats and lend credence to the idea that JoJo is its own beast and imaginatively unique.

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