10 Best Board Games Based On TV Shows

A split image of various board games, including ones based off of Parks & Recreation, Stranger Things, and Peaky Blinders.

For fans of popular TV shows, there are often several fun ways to explore that universe of characters and settings. One of those ways is through board games. Fans of shows love to binge episodes whether they’re new or old, and popping out a board game to accompany that marathon is a great way to spend an evening. There are games for parties, pairs, and solo affairs.

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Some shows, like Game of Thrones, open up possibilities to strategy or combat board games, while other shows like Seinfeld have plenty of opportunities for laughs through trivia. These games capture the spirit of the shows and let fans immerse into those worlds, or have a laugh at their expense.

10 Complete Projects And Earn Waffles In The Parks And Recreation Party Game

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In Parks and Recreation Party Game, players get to take on the roles of their favorite characters as they try to complete projects for the town of Pawnee. After revealing a set of town projects, like a time capsule, concert, or telethon, players take turns playing cards from their hand in order to complete the project.

Players can discuss their plan with each other, and in their turn, recruit other players’ cards to help finish the project. Completed projects earn players waffle tokens with hidden point values. The game ends when Lil’ Sebastian eats the row of waffles, and the player with the most points wins. It’s a fun game of teamwork, deceit, and waffles, worth playing for any Parks and Rec fan.

9 Schitt’s Creek Love That Journey Party Game Is Full Of Awkward And Funny Situations

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The Schitt’s Creek Love That Journey Party Game is a variation on the game of “Would you rather?” As scenarios from the show are revealed, players must decide on which they, or their friends, would be more likely to do. Players must make a guess, left or right choice, and keep it hidden until everyone has decided.

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The choices are revealed, and any correct player gets to move ahead on the board. Rose cards are used when players are sure of their answer, but if they’re wrong, can then try to convince the group why they are correct. Whoever reaches the end of the path on the board wins. Schitt’s Creek Love That Journey is full of silly situations that may lead to surprising revelations about each player.

8 The Walking Dead: All Out War Is Great Solo Or In A Pair

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The Walking Dead: All Out War is a tactical survival miniatures game based on the show. Players assemble a team of survivors made up of characters that include Rick, Michonne, Shane and others, and then set off on an adventure of survival against other survival groups and Walkers.

Each character has specific stats and abilities and the Walkers are controlled by an AI system, so players can go solo or team up against the undead. The Walker attacks can be brutal, as they attack anything within reach, so stealth and planning are keys to victory in this apocalyptic zombie game. Because The Walking Dead: All Out War is a miniatures game, players can expand the “board” by building their own landscapes and locations too.

7 Doctor Who: Time Of The Daleks Has Timey-Wimey Challenges

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Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks is for two to four players and gives Doctor Who fans a proper adventure through time and space. The game features all the iterations of The Doctor and their Companions, along with other familiar friends and foes throughout the entire series.

After choosing their Doctor character, players can draw companions to accompany them on their treks through space and time, visiting planets to solve dilemmas on their way back to Gallifrey. After each turn, the Daleks get a turn, trying to reach Gallifrey first, or invade Earth. Time of the Daleks can be long for a dice-rolling game, but it’s full of fun nostalgia for fans of the series.

6 Travel to 1920s England To Take Over The Crime World In Peaky Blinders: Under New Management

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The Peaky Blinders show follows an Irish family as they slowly rise to the height of the underworld in Birmingham in 1920. The game takes the mob mentality of the show and turns it into an economic strategy game. Players pick a character and increase their stats through gameplay to become a better crime boss.

The life at the top can be lonely, so players must create a network of friends and foes, invest in different businesses, and go head-to-head against other players to dominate the crime world of Birmingham. Peaky Blinders has a wonderful balance of luck and strategy, creating a great experience for fans.

5 Explore New Frontiers In Star Trek: Catan

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In this Star Trek themed version of Settlers of Catan, players explore strange new worlds, seeking new life and building new civilizations. Players collect and trade resources, so they can build spaceships to explore regions, connecting them with Starbases and Outposts.

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Unlike the standard version, Star Trek: Catan features support cards based on characters like Spock, Kirk, and McCoy. These cards add special abilities, altering the strategy needed to win the game. The game includes miniature Enterprise ships. Even the Klingons are still a threat in the game, since rolls of 7 lead to a Klingon stealth attack.

4 Criminal Minds: Unknown Subject Has A Secret Killer That Must Be Found

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Criminal Minds: Unknown Suspect takes the familiar gameplay of games like One Night Werewolf and gives it a Criminal Minds TV show makeover. In this game, players take on the roles of the characters from the show — including JJ, Garcia, Morgan, Reid, and Rossi — and try to discover who among them is the hidden killer.

Through table discourse, players can reveal clues, uncover secrets and make accusations. If a Behavioral Analysis Unit agent is wrongfully accused, they are removed from play. The killer must avoid suspicion and escape to win, but should he or she be found, the BAU wins.

3 Seinfeld: The Party Game Features Trivia, Charades, And A Marble Rye

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In a game about nothing, there is a surprising amount one must know to win. Seinfeld: The Party Game challenges fans’ knowledge of the best sitcom ever with quotes, charade cues, trivia, and whodunit questions. Players can work in teams of up to four players as they try to accumulate 70 points in order to win the game.

During Seinfeld: The Party Game, cards are flipped to receive challenges, or reveal tokens that either give points or take them away, if Newman shows up. Once players hit 50 points, they can fish for the Marble Rye, just like George, in order to win the game as well.

2 Challenge for the Iron Throne In Risk: Game of Thrones

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The battle for Westeros may have resolved itself at the end of the Game of Thrones show, but the war can be replayed over and over with Risk: Game of Thrones. Three game modes offer different ways to play, from an introduction style for beginners to full on seven player war.

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Risk: Game of Thrones features all the houses battling to rule Westeros, character and Maester cards that add different strategic elements to gameplay, and two maps, depending on the game mode. The translation of Game of Thrones into a game of Risk is extremely fitting and well done.

1 Dungeons & Dragons: Stranger Things Is A Great Introduction To D&D

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While Dungeons & Dragons already has a massive fanbase, its appearance in Stranger Things brought it even further into the spotlight. To get more people interested in the actual game, a Stranger Things D&D starter kit was released in 2019. The kit has everything players need to get a game going, including a Rulebook, Adventure book, character sheets, and a paintable Demogorgon figure.

The adventures and characters are all based on themes and people from the show itself, so fans can really get involved. This kit is a great starting point that’ll get new players into the world of D&D and also gives long-time players new adventures to explore.

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