10 Best Bridgerton Couples, Ranked

George III with Queen Charlotte and Daphne Bridgerton dancing with Simon Bassett

Bridgerton is a certified swoon-worthy period drama that has countless couples and love stories throughout the show. With the newest spin-off, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story shining a light on the regal Queen Charlotte and her loving but ultimately tragic marriage to King George III, fans have yet again fallen for Shonda Rhimes’ hypnotic depiction of romance in the Regency era.

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The entanglements of the Bridgerton siblings are the focus of the Netflix series, but there are plenty of other relationships in the ton that are full of chemistry, or just well-suited to each other. These romances form the backbone of the hit Shondaland show and give fans major couple goals when they see them on screen.



10 Lady Featherington and Jack Featherington

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This couple was absolutely shocking, especially since Portia’s daughter Prudence had been betrothed to Jack Featherington. Even then, it was obvious that there was a sense of belonging between Portia and Jack. They were both cut from the same scheming, plotting cloth, and their cunning and villainous values fit together perfectly.

However, audiences still frowned because Portia orchestrated Prudence’s engagement to Jack under false pretenses, and then proceeded to have an affair with the man who was going to marry her daughter. Jack and Portia were a good match, but fans were relieved when she chose her family over him.

9 Colin Bridgerton and Marina Thompson

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In addition to romance, scandal and drama keep audiences glued to the binge-worthy Netflix show, and Colin and Marina delivered on both these counts. While there was a genuine friendship between the two and they got along well, Marina’s secret undermined the very foundation of their relationship.

If she had just been honest about her pregnancy from the start, Colin would have been ready to listen since he was young and open-minded for his time. He did love Marina a lot and even went to check in on her in Season 2 of Bridgerton. They would have been a perfect pair if there had been some honesty on Marina’s part.

8 Benedict Bridgerton & Genevieve Delacroix

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Casual relationships were prevalent in Bridgerton, since the men were allowed to do as they pleased before marriage. Still, Benedict was always a respectful partner and there was a lot of chemistry between him and the town modiste, Genevieve Delacroix. Their interactions were fun and flirty, and fans enjoyed watching their banter on screen.

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Their relationship petered out eventually and they weren’t together in Season 2, but their pairing was certainly entertaining. Benedict did not care for social class, and Genevieve dismissed outdated social mores with her liberated choices. They were a seductive and exciting couple, but didn’t make it.

7 Theo And Eloise Bridgerton

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Young Theo and Eloise’s relationship was nowhere near as sexual as the others, but there was a lot of love and warmth between the two. They initially disliked each other, but those passionate feelings turned into something resembling love between them.

Theo and Eloise were both rebellious spirits, and it made sense that Eloise would be attracted to someone who was as learned as her and from another social class. This first love between them was adorable to watch, and if it hadn’t been for Lady Whistledown and the Queen, they may have progressed to something more.

6 Lady Danbury And Lord Ledger

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There were many things that fans expected to see in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, but the mini-series went above and beyond, especially in the romance department. Agatha Danbury’s origins were delved into in detail, and her short-lived but sultry affair with Lord Ledger became a highlight of the show.

They were both lonely souls who found each other at a time they needed someone the most. Their walks around their estates and ensuing conversations were tender and sweet and culminated in their getting intimate just the one time. If it hadn’t been for Lord Ledger’s marriage, Lady Danbury and Lord Ledge would have been a love match for the ages.

5 Daphne Bridgerton And Simon Bassett

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The first couple of Bridgerton, Daphne and Simon set the standard for love and attraction in the show from the start. They were a great example for the fake relationship trope, as they only started a courtship to keep away other suitors for him and attract a better match for her.

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Slowly but surely, their counterfeit affections became real, but many obstacles lay in their path. Boatloads of chemistry made them one of the best Bridgerton couples, but fans weren’t impressed when Daphne basically assaulted Simon so she could get pregnant.

4 Brimsley And Reynolds

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Proving Reddit theories right about Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, the Queen’s hand, Brimsley and the King’s secretary, Reynolds had a torrid love affair, but one that was grounded in care and love. They had the most difficult relationship as being gay was a hangable offense in Regency era England.

Still, they managed to stay together for as long as they could till they couldn’t. It was clear that they loved each other deeply, but the season finale of the show depicted Brimsley by himself, remembering Reynolds as he danced alone. It’s unclear what happened to him, but they could not make it to the end.

3 Edmund Bridgerton And Violet Ledger

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Even though Violet and Edmund weren’t seen on screen much in Bridgerton, their love story was legendary. From the way Violet and her children spoke of Edmund, it was obvious that their marriage was based on a lot of devotion, respect, and fondness for each other. The chemistry was obviously also there, since they had eight children together.

Unlike many other marriages in the ton, Edmund and Violet’s was one that was close to perfection. They were a couple who were meant to grow old together, but Edmund was taken away too soon.

2 Kate Sharma And Anthony Bridgerton

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The leading couple of Season 2 stole hearts with the electricity between them, which the show managed to depict with the slightest touch of a hand or a longing gaze between Kate and Anthony. Both of them had huge responsibilities towards their families which they took seriously, and their headstrong natures drew them together in a blaze of fire and love.

They went from being enemies to lovers, but that was not the only reason for their romance. They thought the same way and had undeniable sparks from their first meeting. Anthony may have got it wrong with his botched almost-wedding to Edwina, but true love found its way at the end.

1 George III And Queen Charlotte

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The fateful pairing of George and Charlotte broke hearts worldwide but was also the deepest and most nuanced romance in the show. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story tackled the very real issues of George’s mental health, and how it affected his marriage with Charlotte, from whom this fact had been concealed. It was quite a journey through which they managed to find love among the chaos, and make their all-important marriage work since they were the monarchs of several nations.

There was so much sweetness, even when things got difficult between the two of them. The fact that they managed to find moments of affection and calm in the turbulent sea of George’s illness, even in their old age, was satisfying. This couple was unexpectedly touching and made every viewer shed a tear or two.

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