10 Best Cards For A Reveal Deck In Marvel Snap

Wong, Odin, and White Tiger Marvel Snap cards in front of promotional art.

Cards in Marvel Snap fall under four categories when it comes to abilities — No ability, simple text, Ongoing, and On Reveal. The latter is a popular theme for many players when assembling their decks, as Reveal decks rely on a surprise factor or in maximizing their power output.

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On Reveal decks have been around since the very beginning of Marvel Snap, as most of the important cards were introduced in the first three pool releases. There are counters to stop this deck in its tracks and even better deck options out there, but it remains a solid way of collecting cubes and climbing the early rungs of the ladder. Players just need to make sure they have the correct cards to get the most out of this direct strategy.



10 Scorpion

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Cards that disrupt an opponent are now commonplace in the Marvel Snap meta, as everyone now realizes that all-out power isn’t always the answer to every card. Scorpion leads the way for these disruption cards, as this 2-Cost 2-Power card afflicts all cards in the opponent’s hand with -1 Power.

Scorpion’s ability is especially useful in softening the impact of opposing heavy hitters, so their later Power output isn’t as devastating as it should be. Simply put, Scorpion is one of the most valuable cards in Marvel Snap and deserves to be in almost any deck. However, the prospect of combining it with Wong for an extra trigger of its ability makes it a necessity for this deck, specifically.

9 Wong

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Wong is the only Ongoing card needed for this deck but is ultimately the central piece that helps it reach its true potential. Wong’s Ongoing ability makes any future On Reveal card placed at its location activate its ability twice.

Wong has perfect synergy with cards like White Tiger and Odin, which is the most-popular reveal combination that helps to clog the field with Tigers. Yet Wong has a place alongside most On Reveal cards, whether it is multiplying the boost of Ironheart or bringing more of Doctor Doom’s DoomBots into play. Wong’s true potential is easily countered by both Cosmo and Enchantress but can alternatively be used to lure these cards out, leaving the other locations open for alternative strategies.

8 Black Panther

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Black Panther faded into obscurity with recent seasons of Marvel Snap, but it is now well and truly back. This 5-Cost card has 4 base Power but can double this immediately with its On Reveal ability, and that is just the start.

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Black Panther can be played with the likes of Odin and Wong to reach huge levels of Power, but there is another synergy that has recently crept up in the meta. Arnim Zola can target and destroy Black Panther at one location to send duplicates over to the other two, making them double again. This is especially handy in sending 16-Power Black Panthers to spread across the board.

7 Arnim Zola

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While Arnim Zola brings no Power to the table itself, the value of it moving cards like Black Panther to other locations is not to be underestimated. In fact, Arnim Zola can thrive in this On Reveal deck, as most of these cards can have a decent impact if destroyed, duplicated and sent to other locations.

Arnim Zola does come with the drawback of its target being random, meaning that it could well take an Odin to an empty location or a Wong to somewhere it can’t fully use its ability. Regardless of its drawbacks, Zola brings fun and unpredictability that makes for an exciting Marvel Snap experience.

6 Ironheart

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There are better and more reliable boosting cards out there than Ironheart, but it still belongs in a Reveal deck. Ironheart only gives three allied cards a boost, but it is +2 rather than the +1 that comes with Blue Marvel. If Ironheart joins forces with Wong and Odin, these boosts can skyrocket allied cards to significant Power.

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Ironheart even has a place in the earlier rounds, giving the smaller and cheaper cards more viability with its boosts. There is even now the prospect of Iron Lad copying Ironheart’s ability while also bringing 6 Power of its own to the table, compared to Ironheart’s zero.

5 Storm

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Storm is the only On Reveal card in this deck that doesn’t have an advantageous relationship with Wong. Storm does, however, give more worth to cards like White Tiger and Doctor Doom, as she renders a location directly inaccessible, only for them to send their respective Tiger and DoomBot over in a later turn.

Storm is masterful in dictating the pacing of a match. Not only does her On Reveal replace whatever location ability was there before, but the 1-turn warning makes the opponent panic and shift all of their focus to filling up that space. Storm is not the most glamorous card in a Reveal deck, but she is effective.

4 Doctor Doom

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Doctor Doom is a 6-Cost card that is all about spreading Power across all locations rather than just focusing on one. Doctor Doom’s On Reveal ability sends 5-Power DoomBots to the other locations while also having 5 Power of its own. Doctor Doom is perfect for a Reveal deck, as it can synergize with Wong and even Odin in some circumstances for even more DoomBots.

Players need to learn how to read situations and then whether White Tiger or Doctor Doom is the correct choice. This is a nice problem to have, however, as in some cases, both can be used for even more coverage.

3 White Tiger

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While Doctor Doom spreads 15 Power evenly across all three locations, White Tiger’s 15 is split into a 1 and two 7s. The fact that White Tiger is cheaper than Doctor Doom means that it can be used alongside Odin to send even more Tigers onto the field, maximizing Power output.

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In fact, White Tiger, Odin and Wong are the faces of the Reveal deck, with the other pieces being interchangeable according to the player’s preference. White Tiger’s effect cannot be understated, as the 7 Power escapes the clutches of Shang-Chi while still bringing significant help to two locations.

2 Odin

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In a Reveal deck, Odin is the perfect final turn card to have on hand. Odin’s On Reveal ability triggers all the On Reveal abilities at its location, which can be dangerous for opponents if the likes of Wong are already there, waiting.

The combination of Odin, Wong, and White Tiger covers all three locations with significant Power, as Odin himself brings 8 Power to proceedings. Odin is one of the first names that should go on this decklist, even if it isn’t necessarily required in every single game.

1 Iron Lad

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The introduction of Iron Lad in the recent Guardians Greatest Hits season could well change the landscape of Marvel Snap. Iron Lad’s On Reveal ability copies the text of the top card in the player’s deck. This unpredictability can throw up some fun and chaotic results.

Having Iron Lad in a Reveal deck means that copying any of the cards will have some kind of overarching benefit in a game, whether it copies Scorpion’s disruption or Doom’s DoomBots. Not only does Iron Lad make this deck more fun, but it brings 6 Power of its own while only costing 4 Energy.

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