10 Best Defenders In Blue Lock, Ranked

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In Blue Lock, Jinrachi Ego’s purpose in creating the Blue Lock program was all about discovering the greatest striker in the world. Being a great striker is about having the capability to reliably score goals when one’s team needs them. However, players can’t ignore the fact that sometimes, the best offense is a great defense.

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Even though scoring the most goals will separate a player from their teammates as the best striker, winning games ultimately requires stopping the opponent from scoring, too, and that’s what differentiates the great strikers from the absolute best. A striker’s main job on the field is to be the final piece on offense, but the most complete players in Blue Lock can turn amazing defensive plays into offensive opportunities.

10 Jingo Raichi’s Anger Is Enough To Stop An Offensive In Its Tracks

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Against Team V, Jinrachi displayed his capacity for incredible defense by completely shutting down Reo to the point that he began to have a mental breakdown. Seeing Reo in that state ultimately lit a fire under Nagi that brought him to the next level, but Jinrachi’s resolve never faltered.

Even though he vocally expressed his hatred for playing defense, Jinrachi’s explosive personality and aggressive play style make him the perfect kind of defender to break down the opponent’s offensive rhythm. While it comes to his advantage in some situations, if he isn’t careful, Jingo’s unhinged personality could potentially get him into trouble with the refs.

9 The Wanima Twins Can Strategize Non-Verbally

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Two heads are better than one, and that age-old adage certainly applies in the domain of defense in soccer. The Wanima Twins utilize that concept to the utmost with their unmatched teamwork on both offense and defense.

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Their unique capability to communicate without talking allows the Wanima Twins to swarm in on the offense without being noticed or signaling to one another when they’re in need of support. Even though Blue Lock is supposed to be all about the best individual players, the twins really work more like one person than two, and either one of them would be much less effective on a team without his brother at his side.

8 Chigiri’s Speed Is Hard To Beat

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Chigiri’s speed is his weapon and it’s one of the most effective in Blue Lock. Not only does it allow him to beat players down the line and get open for breaks always, but Chigiri can also use his speed to become an extremely dangerous defender.

Chigiri consistently uses his speed to his advantage by popping out of nowhere to intercept passes and steal the ball from opposing players. In their outmatched game against Team W, Chigiri turned the whole match around by making a clutch steal from Kuon and then getting in position for the game-winning goal.

7 Gagawaru Gin Can React To Anything The Offense Throws At Him

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Being that Gagawaru’s weapon is his agility, it’s only natural that he would be a competent defender. His inhuman reaction time allows him to respond quickly to anything the offensive throws at him, and it would be extremely difficult to catch him on his heels.

Gin’s weapon has often even caught his own teammates off guard, so catching an opposing player while they’re off balance wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary for him. His ridiculous speed and agility would really make him a way better goalkeeper than a striker, though Gin has been known to score clutch goals when the team needed it.

6 Nagi Can Intercept Any Pass With His First Touch

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Even though he’s only been playing soccer for a short time, Nagi is so talented that he can compete with the top-tier player while often not even giving his best effort. Part of this stems from his extremely genuine approach to every aspect of his life to the point that he can read a lot about his opponents just by seeing their play style.

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Nagi’s naturally masterful first touch also doesn’t hurt in defensive situations. No matter how great or unorthodox a pass sent from the opposing team, as long as he can get his foot on the ball, it’ll be in Nagi’s possession.

5 Okuhito Was Team Z’s Last Line Of Defense

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While he’s certainly not in his chosen position, Okuhito contributed to Team Z’s success defensively just as much as any other player on the team. Okuhito made a few great saves that essentially won Team Z games that they would have otherwise likely lost.

Even though he definitely let in more goals than he saved, Okuhito deserves bonus points for remaining in a position he isn’t good at and still doing his best. It’s not easy to play goalkeeper, especially against players with nearly superhuman abilities like those in Blue Lock, but Okuhito fought for Team Z as its last defense between the opponent and the goal.

4 Niko’s Vision Makes The Whole Team Better

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Niko doesn’t even necessarily need to play defense himself to be a great defender — his foresight on the field and planning capability make any team he’s a part of a nearly unstoppable defensive force. However, when he does play defense, Niko has a way of knowing what his opponent’s next move will be even before even they do.

Not only is Niko great on defense, but he also knows how to perfectly convert a solid defensive play into an offensive opportunity in transition. Niko’s intelligence and willingness to adapt as a player make him one of Isagi’s greatest rivals in Blue Lock and one of Blue Lock‘s best defensive players overall.

3 Aryu’s Bound To Reach Greater Heights Than Most

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Aryu is undoubtedly the most glam player on the field, but he does have more to offer than looks. While he’s not as skilled as Rin, Aryu uses his abnormal height and length to his advantage to make great plays happen.

Given his incredibly long reach, Aryu is a difficult player to match up with for any striker. Aryu has even used his long limbs to score a goal while Isagi was attempting to shield the ball, demonstrating just how effective he truly is on the defensive. While many strikers can turn a difficult offensive play into a goal, not many can say they can do the same when on defense.

2 Isagi Can Sense A Goal On Offense & Defense

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Isagi’s weapon gives him incredible foresight and field vision. While Isagi’s weapon has let him make some game-changing offensive plays throughout Blue Lock, some of his best plays were actually defensive ones that broke down his opponent’s chance to score.

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Though he’s not the strongest player in terms of pure ball skill or shooting, Isagi is able to identify when a goal is coming, and he can use that talent on both the offensive and defensive end. Given his versatility, Isagi is at his best when he’s able to make a clutch defensive stop and then turn it into a goal-scoring opportunity in transition.

1 Tokimitsu’s Mind Is His Weapon

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Tokimitsu has one of the most unusual play styles in all of Blue Lock. He has somehow learned how to use his unstable psychological state to his advantage and turn it into his greatest superpower on the field.

Tokimitsu’s weapon is so unstoppable that he can make even the most skilled players fold under pressure. He’s so effective defensively that he stole the ball from Bachira in a 1 on 1 — an unprecedented feat that was never before accomplished by any other player up to that point.

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