10 Best Demon Slayer Couples

On the left, Shinobu sits under Giyuu. On the right, Mitsuri and Obarai stand and smile.

With Season 3 of the anime series Demon Slayer concluding on April 23, 2023, all eyes turn to see how Tanjiro will utilize the secret sword he obtained during the finale. Regardless of what happens, Tanjiro is sure to find emotional support from his closest friends and like Kanao, a bond that has blossomed into a tender romance throughout the series.

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Although a major appeal of Demon Slayer is the epic fights, the cozy sweet-natured romances in between the action go a long way in making the characters even more compelling, relatable, and easy to root for. As such, it’s worth spotlighting the absolute cream of the crop.



10 Aoi & Inosuke

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A beautiful bond defined by their mutual love of food, Aoi and Inosuke has demonstrated an old married couple dynamic since the day they meet each other. The two often playfully bickered when they first met in the ultra-scary shonen anime. However, once Aoi caught Inosuke sneaking around at night to steal food, she gave him a stern lecture followed by a custom-made meal.

After presenting him with a plate of food tailored to his tastes, Inosuke immediately opened his heart. Aoi gave Inosuke permission to eat as much as he desired and as often as he wanted, and the two forged an unbreakable bond that led to having two great-grandchildren, including Aoba. Given the legacy of their lineage, Aoi and Inosuke are hard to beat.

9 Amane & Kagaya

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While arranged marriages can be viewed as outdated, they remain steeped in Japanese tradition. In Demon Slayer, Kagaya suffers a family curse and falls gravely ill. As a result, a priest bestows Kagaya with a wife, Amane. Despite being strangers at first, over time, the romance blooms into something truly special.

During their early days together, Amane was withdrawn and guarded her emotions. Viewers thought she didn’t care for Kagaya as a result. However, once he coughed up blood and nearly died, Amane sprung into action, expressed frantic concern for her husband, and did everything in her power to save his life. When no options were left, Amane gave her life to die beside Kagaya.

8 Uta & Yoriichi

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Uta met Yoriichi in a rice field following the death of her family. After spending the whole night together talking, Yoriichi invited Uta to stay with him at his home. This made Uta shed immense tears of joy and began a heartfelt union that lasted 10 years before the couple decided to get married.

After 10 years of marriage, Uta and Yoriichi were finally set to welcome a child when Uta became pregnant. Sadly, Uta was slain by a demon while Yoriichi was out helping an old man reunite with his son. When Yoriichi discovered his wife and unborn child’s death, he cried for 10 consecutive days. Tragic as their ending was, there’s no denying how much the married couple cared.

7 Kanae & Sanemi

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A fairly new couple in the nightmarish horror anime, Kanei and Sanemi are attracted to one another through their mutual love of educating others. Kanae teaches biology and Sanemi teaches math, and together, the like-minded sapiophiles exude excellent chemistry. The emotional bond between the two is crystallized when Sanemi begins crying after Masachika’s will is read aloud.

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Sanemi bursts into tears, prompting Kanae to rush to his side and give him emotional support. Later, Kanae tends to Sanemi’s wounds, with her warm touch reminding him of his mother’s. After calling her kind in a candid moment of vulnerability, the shocked Kanae begins reciprocating her romantic feelings for Sanemi.

6 Giyu & Shinobu

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Giyu and Shinobi remain among the most beloved Demon Slayer couples. Affectionately referred to by fans as GiyuShino, the couple epitomizes the classic “opposites attract” romantic trope that keeps viewers entertained with their conflicting personalities as the Insect and Water Pillars. The way Shinobu constantly flirts with the totally unaware Giyu during the Hashira Training Arc is undeniably adorable.

Once paired on several missions together as fellow Hashira, Giyu and Shinobu slowly put their bickering aside and learn they have far more in common than initially thought. The two end up falling for each other, with Shinobu being the first person to make Giyu smile in the series after sticking up for and supporting him against the other Hashira.

5 Tengen Uzui & Hinatsuru, Makio, & Suma

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While some may view Tengen Uzui as a womanizing lech, he constantly goes out of his way to ensure the safety and happiness of his three wives, Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma. In fact, Tengen loves all three women equally and constantly bends over backward to show them profound respect, honor, and chivalry. Their mutual love is expressed several times throughout the series.

Tengen vows to keep his wives safe, constantly sending letters to check up on them during their stay in the Entertainment District. He also nurses Hinasturu back to health after she botches a mission and tells her it’s okay and that she did well. Meanwhile, when Tengen is poisoned in battle and nearly dies, his wives express grave concern for his well-being and rejoice in celebration when Nezuko heals him.

4 Nezuko & Zenitsu

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A classic tale of romance from opposite sides of the tracks, Zenitsu cannot resist Nezuko despite his lifelong fear of demons. After falling for Nezuko, Zenitsu constantly asks her to marry him but is met with one hilarious decline after another. Over time, Zenitsu becomes more mature and less aggressive and begins impressing her with stories of his training exercises with Tanjiro.

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What begins as love at first fight for Zenitsu evolves into a tender romance where Zenitsu invites Nezuko to a flower patch and allows her to look at Shinobu’s goldfish without permission. Before getting married and starting a family, Zenitsu proudly protected his demonic wife in battles against Inosuke and Emmu.

3 Mitsuri & Obanai

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When it comes to the most adorable Demon Slayer couple, not many can top Misturi and Obanai. Mitsuri has always lacked confidence and has been self-conscious about her insatiable appetite for food. Fiercely protective and jealous of others who approach her, Obanai genuinely loves Mitsuri and encourages her to embrace her love of food and be herself at all times.

Obanai unconditionally loves Mitsuri even when Mitsuri doesn’t love herself. He often treats her with gourmet food that helps her accept her true identity and allows her to be happy with herself. On the flip side, Mitsuri is often seen giving emotional solace to Obanai whenever he’s teased or feels bad about his facial dysmorphia. By Chapter 205, the couple marries and has five children after reincarnating, reinforcing their unbreakable terminal bond.

2 Kie & Tanjuro

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Kie and Tanjuro Kamada were a married couple who were so in love and dedicated to building a family together that they had six children in the acclaimed romantic horror anime, including the series protagonist Tanjiro and his siblings Hanako, Nezuko, Rokuta, Shigeru, and Takeo.

Although Tanjuro is slain fairly early on and leaves Kie behind to raise their six children, the fact remains: without the loving couple remaining dedicated to each other for so long, there would be no main characters to follow. Moreover, the values and lessons that Kie and Tanjuro instilled in their children are felt throughout the series.

1 Kanao & Tanjiro

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The best couple in Demon Slayer is Kanao and Tanjiro. Since birth, Kanao has been an ambivalent person who lacks the confidence to make big bold life decisions. As such, she often leaves fate up to the flip of a coin. All that changes for the better when she meets Tanjiro, who constantly encourages Kanao to follow her heart, embrace her desires, and live life to the fullest.

Over time, this helps Kanao become more assertive and decisive, and she begins expressing her emotional feelings for Tanjiro. In the battle against Muzan, Tanjiro narrowly rescues Kanao from death but turns into a demon as a result, prompting a tearfully apologetic plea from Kanao that proves how much she’s come to love him. Kanao has never been happier than when Tanjiro returned to human form. Afterward, they got married, started a family, and continues their legacy with two great-grandchildren.

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