10 Best Enemies To Lovers Movies

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The success of Avatar comes from the layered quality of the film, as it blends science fiction with a genuine love story. Jake and Neytiri’s enemies-to-lovers arc is far from the only one, as several other movies exist that have their own spin on the concept.

RELATED: Every DCEU Movie, Ranked According To IMDbEven more interesting is the fact that multiple genres have incorporated this element, so that fans can find movies ranging from romantic comedies to action and animated movies utilizing the trope. Those who love watching enemies let go of their antagonism and give love a chance need to check out these films for an entertaining viewing experience.

10 The Proposal Shows The Gradual Love Story Of A Bitter Employee With His Boss

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Appropriately for its title, there’s a heartwarming marriage request in The Proposal that comes by the film’s end. The bulk of the story is about Andrew Paxton agreeing to act as his stern boss Margaret Tate’s fiance so she can avoid deportation. Andrew despises her but goes along in return for Margaret giving him a promotion.

The two get to know each other personally while putting on the rose, eventually falling in love for real. Andrew, who initially fantasized about Margaret disappearing from his life, ultimately asks her to marry her legitimately. The hostility between the two evaporates throughout the movie, which has all the classic rom-com tropes.

9 You’ve Got Mail Is About Two Competitors Falling For Each Other

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There’s good reason to believe that Tom Hanks is the greatest actor alive, given the variety of roles he’s played. The actor appears as Joe Fox, the head of a chain of mega bookstores whose expansions threaten the business of independent bookstore owner Kathleen.

The two rivals are unaware that the anonymous people they have been chatting with online are each other, meaning they’re falling in love without realizing it. You’ve Got Mail has the conflict between the characters front and center, but the movie then shifts into the pair figuring out their true identities to become a couple.

8 Avatar Follows Lovers From Two Different Worlds

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Avatar is set in 2154, where humans travel to Saturn’s moon Pandora to extract a mineral known as Unobtanium. Corporal Jake Sully initially uses an avatar of the local Na’vi to blend with them to learn where Unobtanium is before he falls in love with their princess, Neytiri, and decides to defend the land instead.

RELATED: 10 Best CW Shows, Ranked According To IMDbJake and Neytiri are firmly on different sides for most of the movie since he’s part of the humans who intend to destroy Pandora’s resources. But his decision to fight for the Na’vi’s cause solidifies their romance, with the two becoming a battle couple united by their feelings for one another.

7 Beauty And The Beast Shows Love Can Change A Monster

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Beauty And The Beast continued the practice of Disney Renaissance movies teaching important lessons. The film showed the importance of looking into a person’s true personality rather than judging anyone by appearance. This comes through Belle and the Beast’s love story.

After becoming the Beast’s prisoner in exchange for her father’s release, Belle positively influences the former. The Beast’s change in personality causes Belle to stop seeing him as a villain, with the two then making each other happy. Their strong bond ultimately cures him of his curse, completing their turn from enemies to lovers.

6 Pocahontas Is A Love Story Between Characters From Different Backgrounds

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Pocahontas is a fantasy take on the real-life person, showing the titular protagonist defending her land from invaders. Along the way, she falls in love with John Smith, who changes his mind about Pocahontas’ people and tries to get his party to leave.

Pocahontas’ story depicts the strength that love can command since two people from different backgrounds develop feelings for each other. The music, animation, and aesthetics all contribute to the experience, as the enemies on paper become true lovers.

5 When Harry Met Sally Shows Love Can Come From Hate

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When Harry Met Sally is set across 12 years, centering around the two characters who go from hating each other to best friends and eventual love interests. After finding Harry reprehensible for his narrow viewpoint about relationships, Sally starts to see him in a different light when he matures.

Their former antagonism blossoms into a trusted relationship that becomes official by the end of the movie. When Harry Met Sally is an excellent example of opposites attracting, with the movie providing solid reasons for why they’re a couple that makes perfect sense.

4 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Has A Married Couple Out To Eliminate Each Other

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith is about two secret agents from opposing sides who get married without knowing the other’s true identity. Both try to eliminate the other when they’re presented as targets, only to turn on their employers and fight for their marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith goes in hard with the “enemy” aspect of things, as the characters try numerous ways to slay one another. However, the “love” part prevails, with the husband and wife pair then going all out to take down the people who tried to get them out of the way.

3 The Princess Diaries 2 Shows A Saboteur Falling In Love With The Queen-To-Be

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The Princess Diaries 2 starts things off with Princess Mia about to be coronated as the queen. But her path is threatened by Sir Nicholas, who tries to get her removed so that he can usurp the throne. As expected, Nicholas ends up falling in love with Mia, choosing to let go of his plan to sabotage her.

RELATED: 10 Best CBS Shows, Ranked According To IMDbMia and Nicholas spend most of the movie at each other’s throats, with the former avoiding Nicholas’ many schemes. However, their undeniable attraction overpowers everything else, as the pair end up in a relationship while Mia ascends to the throne.

2 Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Shows Love Between The Light & Dark Side Of The Force

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The ninth entry might not rank as the best Star Wars movie, but it does the love story between Rey and Kylo Ren right. The latter grapples with the pull to the light side of the Force, which Rey encourages him to do while fighting off Sheev Palpatine’s threat.

The two characters were enemies for two movies coming into The Rise of Skywalker, where their connection proves strong enough to redeem Kylo Ren. Although there’s a definite sense of tragedy with how things end, their love ends up overcoming the greatest threat in the galaxy.

1 La La Land Develops A Romance Between Characters Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other

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La La Land is a musical about young people who want to make it big in show business, with actress Mia and musician Seb at the center. The two start on the wrong foot when Seb coldly brushes her off, only for Mia to gain her revenge. However, this antagonism turns into friendship and soon into love.

La La Land shows that great things can come out of rejection, as Mia and Seb’s relationship begins through their mutual sense of failure. The pair then empower each other to achieve the success they desire, although their different views on life cause them to face difficulties in keeping their romance alive.

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