10 Best Fairy Tale Characters In The Shrek Franchise

Goldilocks And Puss In Boots In Puss In Boots The Last Wish And Fairy Godmother In Shrek 2

The Shrek franchise is responsible for creating multiple memorable films that have left a lasting impression on audiences. The movies had humor that people of all ages were able to enjoy, stunning animation, and subverted a lot of fairy tale tropes and characters that existed.

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Many of the fairy tale characters are memorable because of this, with the franchise staying true to the original characters but putting a meaningful twist to them. This made the characters more modernized, yet still somehow timeless. The characters are also hilarious, heartfelt, or just a lot of fun to watch, making many of them perfect for future installments.

10 Goldilocks Is A Refreshing Take On The Character

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Puss In Boots: The Last Wish‘s iteration of Goldilocks was originally an orphan who dreamed of having a family of her own. She is older than the original fairy tale version, having grown up under the care of the three bears. Goldilocks is a tough, agile leader who came extremely close to making a wish, and she is much more than the rude house guest that she was in the original fairy tale.

Goldilocks would have been able to make the wish first, but threw away the opportunity in order to save Baby Bear. Although her wish was to get a human family, her love for her bear family took priority.

9 The Three Bears Were Retconned Into Something Better

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In Shrek, the three bears were part of a subtle but dark joke. When the fairy tale creatures were getting rounded up, baby bear was crying that his cage was too small. He and the papa bear were separated from the mother, who was turned into a rug. Puss In Boots: The Last Wish gave the characters new life in more ways than one.

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Although they made jokes about things being “too hard” or “too cold”, the trio shined as a family unit who love each other and consider Goldilocks to be one of their own. Even when Goldilock’s wish for a new family was revealed, Mama Bear was willing to help her get that wish in order to make her happy.

8 The Fairy Godmother Is A Shrewd Businesswoman And A Threatening Villain

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The Fairy Godmother is a clever twist on the original Cinderella character. Instead of being a selfless soul who appears to princesses in their hour of need, she is more like a businesswoman. The wishes she grants and the spells that she casts are seen more like transactions intended to fulfill her own goals.

The Fairy Godmother is one of the most powerful villains in the Shrek franchise, and can be intimidating when she threatens King Harold with the loss of his happily ever after. Her musical number is easily one of the best scenes in Shrek 2, and one of the many reasons why many fans consider the sequel to be better than the first movie.

7 Jiminy Cricket Fails To Give Jack A Conscience

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Jiminy Cricket is meant to act as a conscience and a voice of reason to Pinocchio. While the wooden puppet does frustrate Jiminy a little in the Disney adaptation, Pinocchio’s child-like stubbornness and sometimes poor choices pale in comparison to what Jack Horner was capable of.

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The poor little cricket did his best to make Jack good, offering advice when he could. However, most of the comedy including this character involves his horrified reactions of Jack’s many crimes. Although Jiminy tries his hardest to help Jack onto the path of goodness, he eventually snaps as he realizes that Jack is completely unredeemable.

6 Pinocchio’s Journey To Becoming A Real Boy Is Much Harder

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Pinocchio is a recurring side character in the Shrek films, even making an appearance in Puss In Boots: The Last Wish. The character was first seen being sold to Lord Farquaad’s men by Geppetto, but this scene is hilariously reversed when Pinocchio dressed his father up like Shrek in exchange for Rumpelstiltskin’s reward.

Pinocchio has never transformed into a real boy for more than a few moments, but this has been a running joke in the franchise. He is one of Shrek’s closest friends, and is responsible for helping him save Fiona in Shrek 2.

5 Puss In Boots Makes A Great Protagonist

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Puss In Boots has become popular enough to get two of his own spinoff movies, and it’s not hard to see why. He’s cute, a talented fighter, and charismatic enough to easily fill the role of a protagonist.

When Shrek spares him, Puss shows that he has a sense of honor, vowing to repay his mercy. When his life flashes before his eyes, he sees Donkey and Shrek, showing that even when they are apart, he still cares about them. Despite his many talents, Puss In Boots is relatable through his flaws, such as being prone to running away during the rare times he is scared.

4 Rumpelstiltskin Is The Most Intelligent Villain In The Franchise

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Rumpelstiltskin is only able to use magic through powerful and binding magical contracts. He was able to make the king and queen of Far Far Away disappear, and create a world in which Shrek was never born. He isn’t very powerful outside of that, as he has no power or influence if no one signs his contracts. However, he is great at convincing people to sign things without many questions.

Rumpelstiltskin no longer asks people to guess his name like he does in the original fairy tale, but still craftily hides his exit clauses. Although tiny, he also has an element of intimidation, splashing a witch in water and sending the dragon against Shrek and Fiona.

3 Prince Charming Has The Flaws Of His Fairy Tale Counterpart

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Some fans think Prince Charming was a poor choice of main villain in Shrek The Third, but it was actually perfect for his character arc. He starts off as the archetype of a typical prince charming, as he is dashing, doesn’t have too much of a personality, and attempts to rescue the princess.

Prince Charming is also shallow, a mommy’s boy, and willing to stoop to unsavory things to get the happily ever after he thinks he’s entitled to. When Prince Charming doesn’t have his mother to support him, he has to attempt to find his own happiness, but was taught to seek it in unhealthy ways.

2 Fiona Becomes A Pragmatic And Powerful Princess

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Fiona was cursed to be an ogre by night, making her parents lock her away in a tower guarded by a dragon. She was told to wait to be rescued, but Shrek Forever After proves that she could have done it on her own. With Shrek, Fiona learned not to judge by appearances, growing into a patient and understanding person during her time with him.

Although Fiona’s ogre form was a source of insecurity for her, she learned to love her appearance and to find people who can do the same. She thought her parents could look past appearances as well, but she was actually willing to leave for Shrek after realizing how miserable he was.

1 Shrek Doesn’t Fit Any Of The Ogre Stereotypes

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Shrek has become one of the most famous animated icons, remaining relevant decades after the release of his first film. He has been misunderstood and judged at first glance, making him put up walls around himself to protect his feelings.

When Shrek finds genuine friendship in Donkey and his feelings are reciprocated by Fiona, he is able to show a softer and kinder side. Shrek isn’t the best at communicating, and he runs from his problems in the same way he runs from being king, but he loves and cherishes what he has. He has gone out of his way to help Fiona on multiple occasions, and was even willing to give up being an ogre for her.

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