10 Best Female Characters Of Winter 2022 Anime

10 Best Female Characters Of Winter Anime 2022

As anime has given us so many things, they have also presented us with some great female characters. As an anime fangirl stans anime male characters, there are also anime fanboys who stan female characters from different anime series. Truth be told, female characters are liked not only by fanboys but also an anime fangirl comes to like certain characters, whoever leaves a great impression. So, here we shall look into the best female anime characters from the winter 2022 anime.

The role of the female in many societies has been limited, especially in many Asian countries, where females are expected to take care of the house alone. However, with passing time, as the roles for females have been expanding, the anime industry has also made sure to make the female characters in their series look more appreciable. The females in the anime series aren’t limited to one specific role only. They fight along with their male counterparts and also entertain in a way that isn’t typical at all.

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10 Best Female Characters Of Winter Anime 2022

With the winter 2022 anime season coming to a close, viewers have new female characters to choose from. There are many female characters who have done so well in the aspect of so many things that it has been hard for many to tell who is their favorite and who they love the most. Here are some of the best female anime characters from the winter 2022 anime season.

10. Kitagawa Marin

So far, this anime has made it to the top. What is the reason? Partially due to Marin. She is one of the two main protagonists who has charmed the audience, obviously. Her charismatic way of showcasing every dress she wears has made many fans go blind. Blind with love.

Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?
Marin from My Dress-Up Darling

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9. Nekoyanagi Pawoo

If you’ve watched the Sabuiki Bisco series, then you would’ve surely known about the Panda doctor? If you then remember doctor Pawoo, then you do also remember that he has an older sister who has been infected with rust? And do you know that she is the captain of the Imihama Vigilante Corps?

Her fighting spirit is on whole another level. A younger brother that she knows she has to protect at any cost, Nekoyanagi sure can risk her everything to protect Milo. What the fans like about her is, Nekoyanagi is kind of dangerous ‘my type.’ Even though Nekoyanagi does not easily trust any, she has a lot of fire to burn out. And that is what fans like more about her.

Pawoo from Sabikui Bisco

8. Akebi Komichi

Akebi is the main protagonist of the series Akebi’s Sailor Uniform. A beautiful and tender female character like Akebi is hard not to have our eyes upon her. Fans love Akebi. Why? Because, Akebi, who is as aspiring as one could be, has charms molded into her eyes. Obviously, her eyes aren’t the only thing that has attracted the audience. Her cheerfulness and her defining personality are also some factors that have led fans to set their eyes upon Akebi.

Akebi from Abebi’s Sailor Uniform

7. Takagi

The female protagonist of the series Karaki Jozu no Takagi-san is Takagi. The fans have been really into Takagi and Nishikata, the couple to be exact. About why fans have been discreetly eyeing Takagi is, her voice is so mature. Takagi is a middle schooler, and yet her voice is of a high schooler. Her low and soft tone makes it harder not to fall for her.

Also, while she teases Nishikata, fans can’t stop but keep grinning completely. As if Takagi has said that to us, the fans can no way stop feeling embarrassed too. A female character that can make one feel shy and also love, who else other than fans are going to fall for them?

Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?
Takagi from Teasing Master Takagi-San

6. Jeanne

Many have seen all-male vampires, whereas female vampires are shadowed. However, Jeanne is one of those female vampires who have no chance of getting unnoticed. The fans and also Vanitas have fallen head over heels for Jeanne. Though Jeanne appears to be fierce in the beginning, the series has made her into a love-struck fool recently.

In the ‘The Case Study of Vanitas,’ Jeanne appears to be so timid when with Vanitas that it actually makes everyone blush. Jeanne, being a vampire, has refined and definite resoluteness. However, once again, when it comes to love, any kind of, she becomes weak and sometimes seems like a maiden who is not at all conscious about anything.

Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?
Jeanne from The Case Study of Vanitas

5. Eustiana von Astraea

The Pecorine Princess, from The Princess Connect Re: Dive, is the Guild Master of the guild’ Gourmet Edifice.’ In the series, she is mostly famous because of her all-around sweet personality and because she is always hungry. Do you think you can go up to a person and say ‘hello’ to them, even though they may respond to you indifferently? Pecorine can! And that’s why fans mainly like her.

Pecorine from Princess Connect Re: Dive

4. Ninym Raleigh

Have you seen such a cutie kill before? Well, all weebs may have, absolutely. But, Ninym, here, is on a whole another level. Especially when Ninym is asked to say ‘meow,’ her lowered voice is as soothing as it should be; and has won many hearts already. “Ninym is a murderer, and I love it,” has made it into the hearts of so many viewers that without even knowing who she is, anime fans are loving it.

Ninym may sometimes be strict, but she is so reliable. She is strict when it comes to time management and having Wein complete his paperwork. Anyone could guess how competent she is.

Ninym from How a Realist Hero rebuild the Kingdom

3. Dankworth Chateau

A female character like Chateau is hard to find. Yes, that’s a cliché line, but it’s the truth. Why so? Because Chateau, who is good at fights and also in not understanding love, is really hard to find. Unlike other characters, Chateau here is able to pinpoint dangerous situations and always is best at putting herself in danger.

Chateau from Love of Kill

Okay, aside from putting off Chateau, in how she always puts herself in danger, she is also a lovely maiden who’s unaware of how hard Ryang-ha Song is trying to win her favor. He cares for her this much, and Chateau is still not sure why Song keeps following her. Well, despite his efforts, hope she gets it sooner. Apart from that, Chateau is amongst the best female characters in the winter 2022 anime season because her charisma is tough, resolute, and consistent.

2. Mikasa Ackerman

The most likable female character from AOT is Mikasa Ackerman. Mikasa has too many points to be said on why fans like her. She has been considered a ‘waifu’ by many. Her way of taking care of the ones she cares about has made fans notice her. Her loyalty to Eren and her love for him has also had too many hearts taken.

Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?
Mikasa from Attack On Titan

Mikasa, truth be told, stood out more than Eren, the protagonist himself. She was, is, and will always be the most recognized female character. Because her skills were so sharp and honed, fans were even wondering why she wasn’t the protagonist instead. Also, many fans have spoken about how Mikasa has endured as well. Her parents were killed right in front of her, and she killed someone for the first time, which led to her becoming strong.

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1. Nezuko Kamado

The cutest and yet the most dangerous of all, Nezuko Kamado, is from the Demon Slayer series. Big applause for her transformation, Nezuko has risen to the top after her recent fight with Daki, the Upper Six. Nezuko has been the most favored, even after the anime was first released in 2019. And the 2022 release of the KNY series, Entertainment Arc, has shook the grounds.

Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?Who Are The Top 10 Most Popular Female Anime Characters in 2022?
Nezuko from Demon Slayer

Nezuko, who was so innocent looking and caring, looked so painful when she couldn’t stop the urge to drink human blood. She looked as if she could devour anyone at that moment. When Tanjiro sang her a lullaby, she shrank. And the fans’ hearts melted at that moment. Nezuko is surely a ‘waifu’ and also a female character who has gained many hearts.

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