10 Best Fights In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Trilogy

Peter Quill and Ronan and Star-Lord in front of spaceships and stars in GotG.

The three Guardians of the Galaxy movies are a delightful addition to the broader MCU, exploring the far reaches of space in cartoony but also heartfelt and action-packed adventures. The three Guardians movies emphasize sheer creativity, fun, and humor over serious fights like the battle for Wakanda, which leads to some fascinating combat scenes.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy are all combat-ready rogues who use laser rifles, swords, spaceships, and even their bare fists to demolish their foes. Even if they’re not Avengers material, the Guardians have done well. In these three movies, the Guardians saved the galaxy time and again with their fearless actions, even going up against foes with Infinity Stones or giant space monsters.



10 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Each Other On Xandar

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In Phase 2, the future Guardians of the Galaxy fought one another on the planet Xandar, all for the sake of the orb with the Power Stone inside. At first, Star-Lord had the orb, but then Rocket Raccoon and Groot went after it, and Gamora joined the fight, too.

The future Guardians fought a confusing battle on Xandar’s sunny streets, using every trick they could think of to get rid of their rivals and seize that orb. In the end, the Nova Corps captured and arrested them all, and the four future Guardians ended up in the prison Kyln.

9 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Kyln Security Guards

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Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket learned to get along in Kyln, and once the burly Drax the Destroyer joined them, the Guardians team was formed. Their first mission together was to break out of Kyln, and the crafty Rocket thought up the perfect plan to break free.

After Groot launched the plan too early, the five Guardians leaped into action, fighting the other prisoners and the prison’s security guards alike. Even in the face of rocket launchers, the five Guardians blasted their way to freedom and reclaimed all their gear, never to see Kyln again.

8 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Ronan The Accuser On Knowhere

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The five Guardians of the Galaxy arrived on Knowhere, where they met the mysterious Collector, played by Benicio del Toro. Drax, meanwhile, was desperate to fight Ronan to avenge his family and actually alerted Ronan to the Guardians’ presence on Knowhere.

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This led to an exciting but desperate battle that the Guardians lost and barely even survived. Drax personally lost to Ronan, and Gamora and Star-Lord nearly died in the frigid vacuum of space after a space battle until Yondu’s ship picked them up.

7 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Ronan’s Fleet On Xandar

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The Guardians of the Galaxy were badly shaken after their loss on Knowhere, and then Ronan moved to invade and destroy Xandar. Morale was low, but Star-Lord served as a fine leader and rallied his new team. With the Ravagers’ aid, Xandar could be saved after all.

The Guardians fought well in an aerial battle, then fought Nebula and Ronan’s other forces aboard Ronan’s ship before it crashed. Then, on Xandar’s surface, Star-Lord used his wily tricks to distract Ronan and seize the Power Stone, which ultimately destroyed Ronan and saved the day.

6 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. An Abilisk

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In Phase 3, the Guardians returned in Vol. 2, where they fought even stranger, cooler fights than ever before. The movie began with the five Guardians battling an abilisk, or a massive, Lovecraftian monster with a mouth of sharp teeth and several thick tentacles.

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This battle was mostly for comedy’s sake, but it was still a tough fight. The abilisk could easily swat aside any Guardian with its tentacles, and its thick hide could resist swords, knives, and laser rifle shots. The Guardians had to get creative to take this creature down and finish their mission for their Sovereign clients.

5 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Sovereign Fleet

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The wily Rocket Raccoon secretly stole several batteries from the Guardians’ clients, and when the Sovereign realized that, they attacked. As the Guardians flew away in their ship, they realized that hundreds of Sovereign fighter craft were in hot pursuit, and they aimed to kill.

Rocket and Star-Lord both led the Guardians’ escape, fighting off the Sovereign while searching for a proper escape route. In the end, the Guardians’ ship crash-landed on an alien world’s forest, and that was where Star-Lord met the mysterious Ego, claiming to be his father.

4 Gamora Vs. Nebula On Ego

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On the tiny world Ego, the Guardians found peace, but then trouble came knocking once again as Nebula arrived. Nebula had a score to settle with her foster sister, Gamora, and attacked Gamora with a space fighter’s rapid-fire cannons.

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The sisters continued their fight in a cave, where Nebula crashed her ship and narrowly escaped the wreckage. Gamora and Nebula finish their bitter fight in person, and in the end, they finally come together as a foster family and realize the horrible truth about Ego.

3 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Ego

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When Ego let slip the truth about Star-Lord’s human mother, Star-Lord turned on his Celestial father, and the fight soon escalated from there. The ever-growing team of Guardians, now including Mantis and Yondu, fought desperately against Ego’s true self and even a new Sovereign fleet.

This intense battle was nearly lost when Ego restrained the Guardians, but then Star-Lord fought back and gave everyone another chance. Groot set off the improvised bomb on Ego’s vulnerable brain, and Ego crumbled away as the Guardians fled into space, an effort that cost Yondu his life.

2 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. Orgocorps Security Guards

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In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which helped launch Phase 5, the Guardians arrived at the Orgosphere to get a lead on saving Rocket Raccoon’s life. The Guardians snuck into the Orgosphere in disguise, but then their cover was blown, and Orgocorps security officers attacked them.

The Guardians fought well, though Gamora disturbed Star-Lord greatly with her vicious methods. At one point, the battle seemed hopeless, but then the Guardians switched off the artificial gravity, making every guard float away and giving the Guardians their chance to escape.

1 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vs. The High Evolutionary’s Army

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The climax of Vol. 3 pitted the Guardians against the High Evolutionary and his army of guards and monsters, where every Guardian had a chance to shine. For example, Mantis used her empath abilities to control three abilisks and use them as beasts of war, and then there was an iconic hallway fight.

In that hallway battle, the assembled Guardians elegantly fought together as a cohesive team one last time, and Rocket Raccoon made the most of it after narrowly cheating death. The Guardians finally defeated the cruel High Evolutionary once and for all, and the team split up, with some members forming a new Guardians lineup and others savoring the peace.

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