10 Best Lord Of The Rings Memes, Ranked

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J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings franchise has become a cultural phenomenon. Whether through the original book series, films, video games, or the recent The Rings of Power spin-off, the fantasy epic continues to garner countless fans through various channels. Unsurprisingly, another format that has helped immortalize the series is fan-made memes.

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Given its large fan base and ongoing legacy, The Lord of the Rings content has come to dominate the world of memes, both through its template-perfect moments and the plethora of memes about the franchise. Amidst such a wide collection of great memes, some have emerged as more precious than others.



10 Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets

Despite The Lord of the Rings intense premise, the films have emerged as one of the most hilariously meme-able movies. Many still images from the trilogy have been taken out of context and used for meme templates, from Boromir’s “one does not simply” line to a disheveled Frodo proclaiming “it’s done” in Return of the King.

Yet perhaps the most famous of all is the “keep your secrets” meme, which has been used countless times by fans like Redditor Clear-Vermicelli-463. Not only does the meme portray the hilarity of Frodo’s delivery, but it also demonstrates the versatility of The Lord of the Rings’ meme templates that make them classic fan favorites.

9 Elvish To English

The interactions between Legolas, one of the strongest The Lord of the Rings elves, and Aragorn, a Ranger of the North, not only form the basis of their popular fan ship but also provide many meme-able moments. One such instance is their heated exchange at Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers.

As noted by Redditor Forest_folf, the two converse in Elvish before Aragorn’s impassioned English outburst, startling those around him. The hilarious meme put into perspective how the heroes’ journey differs from the many side characters impacted by their actions, while also demonstrating how the film’s details continue to be even greater in hindsight.

8 No Disrespect For Boromir!

Not only is Boromir one of the strongest The Lord of the Rings characters, but he is also one of the most complex characters from the series. Torn between his loyalty to the Fellowship and his duty toward Gondor, Boromir’s internal conflict makes him a refreshing and relatable persona in comparison to other characters.

He ultimately redeems himself even after being corrupted by the One Ring, proving to be a deeper character than others who clearly sort into the good vs. evil dichotomy. With his many admirable qualities and popularity, disrespect towards the great Boromir is not tolerated by fans, as exemplified in this meme from Redditor strawberrybrooks.

7 It’s Quite Cool, To Say The Least

The Lord of the Rings franchise has accumulated a vast fandom throughout the years, one that continues to grow with its constant expansion. The series has served as a formative part of its Ringers’ lives, becoming an integral part of their identity regardless of whether they grew up with it or were recently introduced.

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Given the wide world-building and extensive lore behind the series, true The Lord of the Rings fans have heaps to say about their beloved series. Redditor Yeeslander brings this defining aspect of the franchise into light with this hilarious meme, one that many fans can relate to.

6 Borrow-mir

Boromir has many qualities that have come to define him, such as his bravery. However, one aspect that is remembered above most is his perseverance toward acquiring the Ring. While he was bound by his Fellowship duty, Boromir also had a slightly stronger loyalty towards Gondor, seeking the One Ring to protect them.

Because of his noble intentions, it’s difficult to condemn his persistence throughout the series – even more so as it makes for great meme content. Plus, his borrowing from Frodo is warranted by his name alone—a hilarious coincidence pointed out by Redditor Maahee_2’s meme.

5 Sam Is Worthy

The Lord of the Rings is layered with some of the best fantasy movie tropes, among them being the inclusion of a fun and likable best friend for the protagonist. For Frodo, this was Samwise Gamgee, the loyal and kind-hearted companion who plays a central role in destroying the One Ring.

His wholesomeness and constant prioritizing of Frodo have made Sam the favorite character of many fans, as epitomized in this MCU mashup meme from Redditor Yetero93. As the unsung hero of the trilogy, Sam would undoubtedly be worthy of wielding Mjolnir, a true testament to his beloved and virtuous character.

4 Fool Frodo Thrice, Shame On Him

With his terrifying yet amusing features and diabolical nature, Gollum has in many ways become an iconic mascot for The Lord of the Rings series. Having been tainted and morphed by the One Ring’s corruption, Gollum was an abrasive creature who was trusted by no one—save for Frodo.

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Although Frodo of the books kept healthy doubt toward Gollum, Frodo of the films had a lot more faith in him. This meme from Redditor Double-Effect-7995 not only highlights the deceptive behavior that Gollum is known for but also emphasizes Frodo’s signature naivety and purity through its use of the shocked Pikachu face.

3 Gandalf & His “Walking Stick”

As the wise and guiding mentor of The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf played a pivotal role in the events of the series. A wizard with years of experience behind him, his powers and prominence on Middle Earth offered him unexpected triumphs that helped Gandalf’s character get even better in the sequels.

Gandalf’s magical abilities were a driving factor behind his continued victories, as was his ability to fool people with his aged appearance, as referenced by Redditor Ishic. The meme accurately depicts Gandalf’s elusive skills while also recounting one of his most iconic moments in the series that illustrated his greatness as a character.

2 Bilbo Living His Best Life

While the protagonist of The Hobbit series, Bilbo Baggins is a much more sidelined character in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. After his 111th birthday, Bilbo decides to go on another adventure, leaving Frodo his inheritance—including the One Ring he had held on to for decades.

Bilbo may not have known the true depths of the Ring or the implications of leaving it behind, but it is amusing how his great obliviousness factors into Frodo’s own adventure. As hilariously pointed out by Redditor Pecswa, Bilbo’s unawareness keeps him blissfully out of the trilogy’s darker action, just like Gina in this meme’d scene from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

1 A Masterpiece In All Forms

Book-to-screen adaptations are notorious for failing to encapsulate the magic and nuances of their source materials. However, there are some film versions that remain on par with their texts and, as shown by Redditor ArnieD11, The Lord of the Rings is one of them.

Although there are minor deviations from the books, overall the trilogy translates Tolkien’s narrative accurately on-screen. From the personality of the characters to the small details of Middle Earth’s various realms, the series offers three cinematic masterpieces that do justice to the cherished fantasy epic from the books.

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