10 Best Marvel Romances Of All Time

A split image Cyclops holding Emma Frost and Spider-Man kissing Mary-Jane from Marvel Comics

Marvel’s heroes and villains are known for their climactic battles, but that’s not all there is to their lives. Over the years, fans have seen their favorite characters in many situations, including romance. Marvel can be a lot like a soap opera when it comes to relationships. Many of them are here today and gone tomorrow, but some are a bigger deal than that.

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The most iconic Marvel romances are years in the making and the ones that every reader thinks about first. They’ve been extremely important to the history of these characters, changing their lives in many ways. The stories created by these romances become equally iconic.

10 Hulkling And Wiccan Became Marvel’s First Major Gay Male Couple

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The Young Avengers broke new ground in many ways, but the biggest was the relationship between Hulkling and Wiccan. They weren’t the first gay Marvel characters, and they weren’t even the first gay couple, but they quickly became the highest profile gay male couple the publisher had.

Readers got to watch Hulkling and Wiccan’s relationship from the beginning, something that proved to be very special. They were basically the premiere couple of Marvel’s young generation of heroes. Now they’re the ruling couple of a galactic empire, and more important than ever.

9 Absorbing Man And Titania Is The Best Supervillain Romance In The Marvel Universe

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Supervillains romances are usually doomed to fail. There are plenty of reasons behind this, but it’s usually the same kind of situation as supervillain teams. Villains struggle with trusting each other, and trust is crucial for a healthy relationships. That’s why the relationship between Absorbing Man and Titania is so great.

Absorbing Man and Titania when they were both members of Zemo’s Masters of Evil, and as the years went on got more serious. They’ve stuck together through thick and thin. Titania’s love for Absorbing Man never changed, even after he’d died.

8 Wolverine And Mariko Yashida’s Relationship Was A Bright Light For Both Of Them

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Wolverine and Mariko Yashida’s relationship ended in tragedy, but for a time it was the best thing to happen to them. Wolverine’s life was full of heartbreak and death, and Mariko’s father Shingen treated her more like an object than a person. They found solace in each other and something that was foreign to them both: love.

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Their love allowed Wolverine to see the good side of life for the first time in decades and gave Mariko freedom like she never had. They even had an adopted daughter, Amiko. After Mariko was poisoned by Matsu’o Tsurayaba, she begged Wolverine to kill her. He tearfully complied, ending the best relationship he had in years and sparing her terrible pain.

7 Mystique And Destiny Spent Decades Together

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Mystique is easily Marvel’s best shapeshifter, her skills making her a serious threat in the black ops community. However, she wasn’t alone. Mystique had met Destiny years ago and fell in love with her. The two of them worked well together, their powers and personalities complimenting each other.

Mystique and Destiny later raised Rogue together, all while leading the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Destiny was killed and Mystique spent years without her, but finally got Destiny resurrected. Since then, they’ve been the most powerful couple on Krakoa.

6 Jean Grey And Cyclops Were The X-Men’s Greatest Couple For Years

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Marvel is full of attractive heroes, something the young men of the X-Men realized when they met Jean Grey. Angel and Cyclops both vied for her affection, but Cyclops was the only one she had eyes for. They became the first couple of the X-Men, their love so strong that Cyclops fell for Madelyne Pryor after Jean’s apparent death, because Madelyne looked like Jean Grey.

After Jean’s return, she and Cyclops got back together, eventually marrying. They were the team’s greatest couple, and the couple that every other X-Men relationship wanted to be. Their relationship eventually ended with Jean’s actual death, but has restarted since the establishment of Krakoa and their resurrections.

5 Vision And Scarlet Witch Are Still The Avengers’ Most Iconic Relationship

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Marvel is no stranger to robots, but there was always something different about the Vision. He broke his programming to save the Avengers, becoming part of the backbone of the team. However, what really intrigued readers was Vision’s relationship with Scarlet Witch.

Even to this day, Vision and Scarlet Witch’s relationship remains the most popular Avengers relationship. They aren’t the first Avengers couple, but they’ve had the most effect on the team, for better or worse. When times were good, they bolstered the team, and when their lives fell apart, Scarlet Witch took many Avengers down with her.

4 Reed And Sue Richards Were The Parents Of Silver Age Marvel

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Marvel has some great families, and the first one was introduced in the Marvel’s first superhero comic of the Silver Age, Fantastic Four #1 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, George Klein, Christopher Rule, Stan Goldberg, and Artie Simek. The team was as much a familial unit as anything else, with Reed Richards and Sue Storm as the couple the team was built around.

Reed and Sue were basically parents to the squabbling Human Torch and the Thing, and eventually got married. Since then, they have been Marvel’s most steady couple. Even through everything they’ve been through, their love never flags. Reed and Sue’s place in Marvel history can’t be taken from them, as their relationship helped define Marvel’s Silver Age.

3 The Thing And Alicia Masters Proved Love Could Conquer Anything

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The Thing got the short end of the stick in the Fantastic Four, becoming a super strong monster with skin made of rock. He felt his life was over, that no one would love him ever again. Then The Thing met Alicia Masters. The blind sculptress could see something in him that even he didn’t see in himself, and the two fell in love.

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The Thing and Alicia’s relationship went through some trials over the years, but they always went back to each other. They finally tied the knot, which proved a huge moment for both of them. The Thing and Alicia always had the sweetest relationship in Marvel.

2 Cyclops And Emma Frost Led The Mutant Race Through Their Worst Times

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The X-Men were strengthened by some romances, especially the one between Cyclops and Emma Frost. Emma immediately had a thing for Cyclops, even though he was married, and their flirtations caused trouble for the team. After Jean Grey’s death and a cross-time nudge from Jean in the future, the Cyclops and Emma started a relationship.

Cyclops and Emma Frost were actually a better couple than Cyclops and Jean had been. Emma challenged Cyclops, and her ruthlessness rubbed off on him when he needed it. He gave her stability and love, something she had never had before. Without the two of them, mutantkind almost certainly wouldn’t have survived. Beyond that, Emma and Cyclops were perfect for each other.

1 Spider-Man And Mary Jane’s Relationship Is Marvel’s Best

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Being a Spider-Man fan is hard nowadays. Marvel constantly ignores what fans want, and the main thing they want is Spider-Man and Mary Jane to get back together. Marvel did away with their marriage in 2007, and fans have been demanding it back ever since. There’s a good reason for this, as their marriage is easily the best Marvel ever put to paper.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane complimented each other in a way that Spider-Man and Gwen never did. Mary Jane was a great character, and she brought out the best in Peter. Their marriage gave readers plenty to aspire to and remained light years better than anything Marvel tried to replace it with.

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