10 Best Reddit Theories About Fear The Walking Dead

Morgan and Alicia from Fear The Walking Dead. 

Though the popularity of The Walking Dead began to dwindle in the last few seasons, many dedicated fans were satisfied with the conclusion and are excited about the upcoming spin-offs. However, Fear The Walking Dead has been controversial among fans for many seasons, with many believing the show has long since overstepped its purpose.

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Despite the popularity of some characters, such as Morgan Jones and Madison Clark, the show has failed to impress fans of the Walking Dead Universe. For this reason, many are content to see FTWD conclude in its eighth season. The upcoming finale has led to some interesting fan theories shared on Reddit about how the spin-off will conclude and how it could potentially tie into the rest of the franchise.



10 Madison Will Forgive Charlie

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While Fear The Walking Dead has jumped the shark and most fans are ready to see the series come to an end, there are still many loose ends that need to be tied up before the finale. One of those plotlines includes the returned Madison Clark and the young girl that killed her son Nick.

Some fans believe that Madison will end up killing Charlie if they reunite, and she learns the truth. However, others, such as Redditor Disneyanalyser, think Charlie’s “bond with Alicia” will stop Madison from hurting the young woman. Though the time jump and Charlie’s illness suggest the youth will die before being reunited with Madison, fans are hoping the short final season will find a way to wrap up these plots.

9 A New Location

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For much of Fear The Walking Dead, the series has taken place in Texas. However, following the fallout of the nuclear disaster and the group seeking a healthier location, viewers know the location of the final season will be in a slightly different area.

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Reddit user False-Parking-1663 suggested that the filming being done in Georgia instead of Texas means a “big location change” in the show. This location change hints to viewers that PADRE could not only be a major antagonist in the final season but could lead to the survivors ending their story in a completely different location.

8 Strand Will Make Amends

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Strand is one of the most complex characters in FTWD and many consider him one of the most despicable in the entire Walking Dead Universe. Despite claiming to love other long-time companions, he has repeatedly betrayed his friends and became the main villain in season 7.

Reddit user willrobster16 said Strand “needs more redemption after all he did last season.” Since the final season will likely have Strand as one of the main characters, with PADRE as the new overarching villain, these viewers are expecting Strand to make amends with those he’s wrong, especially the newly returned Madison Clark.


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Despite how disappointing the later seasons have been for fans, many viewers still consider FTWD a great sci-fi show. One theory for how this show can end without completely destroying its unstable reputation is to tie in the series to the larger Walking Dead Universe.

Redditor TheCapsicle even suggested that perhaps PADRE will “have some sort of connection to CRM.” Since the CRM has appeared in other series within the franchise, and will be the main antagonist in the Rick and Michonne spin-off, tying them into the final villain of this final season will at least make this controversial spin-off seem more relevant in the grand scheme of the franchise.

6 The Group Will Be A Part Of PADRE

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On Reddit, user CurtainsMcGee shared a theory that the survivors in FTWD will end up “living under PADRE’s cynical rule.” Though it’s clear that the tyrannical group, which has been stealing children, will be the main villain, the plot couple gets more complicated, especially with the teased time skip.

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Instead of PADRE just being another enemy to engage in a war with, these viewers think that these survivors will end up a part of the group, similar to how the survivors in The Walking Dead became members of The Commonwealth. This plotline could mean they’ll fight the enemy from the inside instead of attempting to infiltrate.

5 Alicia Will Not Return

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In the penultimate episode of FTWD season 7, Alycia Debman Carey had her last appearance as Alicia, one of the most popular characters in the series. Despite her exit, many fans are unconvinced that she won’t return at least as a guest star to tie up loose ends before the finale.

However, Redditor bodymeat_112 theorized that if Carey returns to the franchise, “it would be in the Daryl spin-off, Dead City spin-off, or maybe even an entire new show.” While viewers know her not returning to the series will result in unanswered questions, especially since her last scene showed her seemingly recovered from her infection, other fans believe her return is unlikely unless she revisits the universe in later shows.

4 Alicia Is Immune

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If Carey does return to FTWD for its final season, fans are theorizing how she lived through the infection caused by being bitten by a walker. If Alicia comes back before the finale, or even in another spin-off series, fans wonder if she’ll be the first immune person in the franchise.

Redditor wstdtmflms suggested that “statistically, there probably are a couple of people with some kind of immunity.” Though the long-running franchise has yet to support this theory, Carey’s popularity makes her a perfect character to introduce an immunity subplot. A more exciting subplot in the final season of FTWD would also help the show’s reputation, which hasn’t lived up to expectations in recent years.

3 Time Jump Will Completely Change The Dynamic

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One of the key teasers for the upcoming final season is the time jump that will take place in the middle of the season. Though this will place the spin-off far closer to the timeline in The Walking Dead, the significant seven-year jump means the dynamic of the group could be completely different.

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While discussing the timeline within the series, Redditor bloodyturtle wondered how this time skip would affect the group, especially the younger members. Not only will Morgan’s daughter Mo be around eight, but Sherry and Dwight’s pregnancy means they’ll likely have a child to protect as well. In theory, this time jump could create a more family-oriented dynamic similar to the original series.

2 Characters Will Cross The Universe

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The upcoming season of Fear The Walking Dead will conclude the storylines of many long-running characters. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the story for all of them. Just as characters like Morgan and Dwight crossed over in the universe, other characters have the potential to appear in later spin-offs.

Redditor False-Parking-1663 suggested that “maybe the characters can jump” and appear in other upcoming projects. Though the finale will likely bring some deaths, as is the normal Walking Dead Universe fashion, beloved characters like Madison, Morgan, and Dwight are more likely to survive and, therefore, appear again in the franchise.

1 A Merge With The Commonwealth

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In the same vein as the theory that the characters will appear in other spin-offs, some fans have even higher expectations for the conclusion of these characters’ storylines. Since The Walking Dead ended with the heroes saving the Commonwealth and restoring their community, it’s possible FTWD will merge with the finale of the original.

Redditor GaiaAlmighty thought that this group merging with the Commonwealth would mean “everyone is happy and safe and there’s potential for spinoffs.” This theory offers the potential for not just a crossover for certain characters, but a major merging of the groups that will offer ample returning characters for the future of the franchise.

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