10 Best Silver Age Blue Beetle Gadgets

Split Image of Blue Beetle with his gun and Blue Beetle in a ready stance in DC Comics.

Blue Beetle is appearing in his very own solo movie set in the DC Universe, which releases in August 2023, finally bringing renewed attention to the beloved DC Comics superhero. At last, Blue Beetle, his amazing suit, and his many incredible gadgets will be on display for the entire world to see.

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Blue Beetle has used an assortment of technologically advanced gadgets over the years, especially with the debut of Ted Kord’s Silver Age version of the character. Some of these high-tech gizmos proved to be especially handy as Blue Beetle established his lasting legacy in DC Comics.



10 Cowl Lock

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As a precautionary method, Ted Kord fashioned a special functionality into his Blue Beetle helmet that many other superheroes could stand to learn from. The Blue Beetle cowl comes equipped with a feature that makes it nearly impossible — or, at the very least, difficult — for his helmet to be removed by anyone other than himself.

This gadget is particularly useful, especially since most DC heroes can’t stay out of trouble for very long and often find themselves knocked unconscious while their enemies are nearby. Ted Kord’s useful identity-hiding invention has gotten him out of several scrapes in the past, keeping his enemies from ever learning too much about him.

9 Blue Beetle Suit

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While a superhero’s costume can often go overlooked in favor of their powers or gadgets, the Blue Beetle suit remains one of Ted Kord’s most impressive inventions. In addition to its incredible design, the suit also grants Blue Beetle some of his greatest powers and abilities.

Thanks to the Blue Beetle suit, Ted Kord is fully protected while in the line of duty, granting him an extra layer of safety that other heroes like Superman or Wonder Woman don’t necessarily need. Moreover, the suit also supplements Ted’s human strength, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with some of the DC Universe’s more fearsome enemies.

8 Radiation Suit

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Like many other superheroes, Blue Beetle often finds that he requires different suits for different occasions. It is from this need that his Radiation Suit was invented, allowing him to endure higher levels of radiation than the human body can typically take without any adverse effects.

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This suit is particularly helpful in the world of superheroes, which all too often is riddled with radioactive inventions, toxic waste, and other harmful substances that could easily kill a regular human. Not wanting to be left unprepared in the face of other heroes who are immune to radiation, Blue Beetle found a way to supplement his human weakness with technology.

7 Suction Pads

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Blue Beetle and Marvel’s Spider-Man may have very different origins, but they do share one common trait: their ability to adhere to various surfaces. However, while Spider-Man’s power comes about as a result of a radioactive spider bite, the Blue Beetle’s adhesion comes thanks to his self-made suction pads built into his gloves and boots.

These suction pads allow Blue Beetle to traverse various landscapes that would otherwise prove to be quite difficult for the average human. While they may be a relatively simple invention, they are no less useful, helping the superhero pursue villains, overcome obstacles, and continue keeping innocent lives safe from harm.

6 Sight-Enhancing Lenses

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The Blue Beetle mask also comes equipped with special yellow lenses that are specifically crafted to enhance one’s sight. While similar inventions would be incredibly bulky, Ted Kord’s sleek design is lightweight and easily portable, giving him an extra advantage on the battlefield.

The Blue Beetle’s sight-enhancing lenses shouldn’t be overlooked from a technological standpoint, as they could very clearly revolutionize the study of optometry. However, most comic books aren’t interested in these kinds of breakthroughs, and Blue Beetle’s enhanced lenses typically go overlooked in favor of his more flashy gadgetry.

5 Beetle Gun

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Blue Beetle carries with him a special BB gun appropriately titled the Beetle Gun. The weapon is entirely solar-powered and is capable of emitting bright flashes of light that temporarily blind or stun his enemies, allowing the superhero to apprehend them without much of a fight.

The Beetle Gun serves as one of Ted Kord’s primary weapons while crimefighting, proving to be especially effective against street criminals and other lower-level supervillains. Moreover, its solar-powered design is an added bonus that serves as a further testament to Kord’s genius.

4 Flight Pads

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During his superhero career, Ted Kord came up with plenty of new inventions that would revolutionize the world of technology had they been created in the real world. Among these are his flight pads, which powered his personal ship, the Beetle.

Blue Beetle’s flight pads were exceptionally powerful, capable of keeping an entire aircraft afloat using clean energy. This invention, if utilized properly, could have become the first in a long line of futuristic vehicles. However, DC Comics didn’t go much further with the concept beyond Blue Beetle’s crimefighting career.

3 Gloves

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Blue Beetle had plenty of amazing inventions, but each of these was elevated by his high-tech gloves, which were the key to his entire arsenal. Knowing the danger that his inventions could potentially cause, Ted Kord ensured that most would only be functional when operated by someone wearing his gloves.

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While Blue Beetle’s gloves often go overlooked, they are an essential piece of equipment that allows him to use his Beetle Gun and remove his helmet safely without fear of having his identity discovered. Additionally, Kord’s gloves also allowed him to pilot his airship, the Beetle, remotely, which proved quite useful on several occasions.

2 Baby Bugs

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A stark departure from his Golden Age counterpart, the Silver Age Blue Beetle also made headway in surveillance, using his inventions to help him locate and stop crime with ease. To do this, Ted Kord created the “baby bugs,” also sometimes referred to as “snoopies,” to help him survey the city and catch crimes as they were happening.

The baby bugs were often essential in helping Blue Beetle track down criminals or escaped supervillains. While there is certainly a moral quandary in a citizen using spy technology in his own city, there is no denying its effectiveness when it comes to crimefighting. A similar technique would even be adopted much later by Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man, who used spider drones to keep watch over New York City.

1 Bug

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The Bug was Blue Beetle’s airship, which not only served as his primary means of transportation but also a powerful weapon when necessary. Using advanced human and alien technology, Ted Kord crafted the Bug to be one of the fastest airships on the planet, helping him get to crises fast. Once there, the ship could provide air support, using its vast array of weaponry to accomplish the Blue Beetle’s mission.

Ever the tinkerer, Ted Kord was constantly upgrading the Bug, which went through several different iterations during his time as the Blue Beetle. The airship constantly served as an important part of Blue Beetle’s arsenal and has always been the coolest of his many gadgets.

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