10 Best Starz Original Series, Ranked By IMDb

Spartacus and Ash pose side by side in Spartacus and Ash vs Evil Dead

While primarily a movie-based pay cable channel, the Starz network has made original television content since 2005. It took a few years for the network to find its footing, yet with such acclaimed historical dramas as Spartacus, Black Sails, and now Outlander, Starz has begun to compete with the high-quality storytelling on par with HBO and Showtime.

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With several upcoming Starz Original series in development, including a Spartacus sequel and a Weeds spinoff, it’s worth looking back to see what IMDb users feel about the network’s historical track record. Luckily, there’s a little something for everyone’s TV tastes.



10 Power Book IV: Force (2022-Present)

IMDb Rating – 8.1

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A recent network addition, Power Book IV: Force, has been renewed for a second season. The show marks the third spinoff of Starz’s popular crime drama Power and follows Tommy Egan, a drug dealer trying to find direction after his release from prison.

Most IMDb users are quick to rejoice over Tommy’s return for the first time since Power II, which they consider the main reason why Force is the best sequel in the Power universe so far. Tommy is such a sympathetic character whose redemption is easy to root for, with many citing Joseph Sikora’s tour-de-force performance as a man desperate to atone for past sins and start life anew as the main draw of the sequel.

9 Boss (2011-2012)

IMDb Rating – 8.1

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Television icon Kelsey Grammer headlined Boss, a Starz drama for 2 Seasons and 18 episodes. The story concerns Chicago Mayor Tom Kane and the dogged personal and professional efforts made to stay in power and run the city following a dementia diagnosis.

A fascinating character study of a morally murky career politician whose life is thrown into sudden tumult, IMDb users are quick to note Grammer’s commanding performance while citing the splendid direction of Gus Van Sant in the captivating pilot episode. Boss is an engrossing drama and riveting political thriller for mature audiences that most IMDb supporters deeply lamented when it was prematurely canceled.

8 Power (2014-2020)

IMDb Rating – 8.1

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Created by Courtney A. Kemp, Power is one of Starz’s most popular series that has already seen three sequels. The original follows James St. Patrick, aka Ghost, a successful nightclub owner doing his best to hide his secret drug empire in New York.

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A classic gangster story retold for modern audiences, Power depicts Ghost’s corruption and craven need for validation as a legitimate business executive. The more Ghost wants to go straight, the harder it is for him to leave his drug empire behind, and it’s that compelling dichotomy that IMDb users highlight as Power’s strong suit. While many hated the series finale, most agree that the acting, writing, and pacing of the series writ large are a cut above most Starz original series.

7 The Missing (2014-2016)

IMDb Rating – 8.2

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A joint production with The BBC, The Missing is a great 21st-century mystery series that follows Tony and Emily Hughes, two parents desperate to find their missing 5-year-old daughter while on holiday in France. A classic example of top-tier execution over originality, The Missing has been praised for its moody atmosphere, stellar acting, and profoundly emotional ending.

Time and again on IMDb, The Missing is hailed for its gripping suspense, relentless tension, and achieving the rare feat of Season 2, eclipsing the quality of Season 1. While it has its detractors, the consensus is that The Missing is addictively taut, unpredictable, and worthy of binging in a single sitting or two.

6 Party Down (2009-Present)

IMDb Rating – 8.2

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After being prematurely canceled after two seasons, Starz revived the fan-favorite sitcom Party Down in 2023. The hilarious workplace comedy concerns a bunch of aspiring actors who moonlight as caterers to make ends meet, encountering one strange gala event after another.

The comedic chemistry of the cast is the first thing most fans are quick to celebrate on Party Down, with the edgy and irreverent humor constantly entertaining viewers. While most IMDb users express heartbreak over the show being canceled far too soon, those who’ve commented on the Season 3 revival have assured others that the show hilariously picks up where it left off. The only real complaint about the reboot is that it’s too short. Otherwise, Party Down remains among Starz’s best original comedies.

5 Black Sails (2014-2017)

IMDb Rating – 8.2

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Written as a prequel to Treasure Island, Black Sails is one of Starz’s most ambitious and expensive originals. The historical drama charts the seafaring adventures of Captain Flint and his pirates as they control the Bahamas and face several internal and external threats.

A surprise hit in many respects, many IMDb users note how they didn’t expect much of a show that looked like a Game of Thrones knockoff. However, even those on IMDb who don’t like pirates are quick to praise the show’s epic production values, sprawling cinematic action, and good old-fashioned storytelling. Perhaps most complimentary, most agree that the show gets better over time, something many TV shows cannot claim.

4 Ash Vs Evil Dead (2015-2018)

IMDb Rating – 8.4

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Created by Sam and Ivan Raimi, Ash vs Evil Dead captures the same zany, campy, kitschy, slapstick humor of the original Evil Dead trilogy. As such, horror-comedy fans have labeled the series an absolute ball that’s become a minor TV cult classic. Now much older, watching Ash battle age and a horde of gory demons is doubly amusing.

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As such, there are very few negative things to say about the show on IMDb other than that it was canceled far too soon. The consensus is that, in retaining the brilliant blend of absurd comedy and gory horror, the series cranked everything that worked well in the movies up to an irresistible fever pitch of blood, guts, and laughs. Of course, without Bruce Campbell leading the way in the title role, the results would surely be different.

3 Outlander (2014-Present)

IMDb Rating – 8.4

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With Season 7 slated for June 16, 2023, Outlander is currently Starz’s flagship drama. With 88 episodes and counting, the story involves Clair Randall, a married English nurse in post-WWII who is mysteriously sent back to the year 1743. The series blends tropes from detail-rich period dramas, war films, science fiction, and romance to create an unforgettable new experience.

Much of the conflict in Outlander revolves around Claire’s forced marriage to a dashing Scottish soldier and how she cannot let go of her husband’s memory in 1945. While some IMDb voters have expressed that the show has overstayed its welcome, many have praised how intriguing the time-travel conceit is and faithful the show remains to Diana Gabaldon’s source novels.

2 Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena (2011)

IMDb Rating – 8.5

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In a miniseries that served as a prequel to the official Spartacus series, Gods of the Arena chronicles the rise of Gannicus, the original champion of the House of Batiatus, before Spartacus arrived. Viewers flocked to the TV event, with many IMDb users favoring the series over the dark ending of HBO’s Rome.

Created by Steven S. DeKnight, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena is currently ranked #218 on IMDb’s Top 250 TV Shows. Most of the show’s plaudits derive from the breathless action, elaborate set pieces, and visceral world-building that transports viewers back to ancient Rome. Some even believe the story is more compelling than the main Spartacus series, which remains Starz’s crowning achievement, according to IMDb.

1 Spartacus (2010-2013)

IMDb Rating – 8.5

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Also known as Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the massive gladiatorial epic marks the height of Starz’s TV storytelling in the view of IMDb. The plot concerns the titular slave turned spectacular fighter who climbs the ranks of brave gladiators working towards their freedom.

Far more brutal, realistic, and historically accurate than the 1960 Stanley Kubrick movie, Spartacus delivers kind of thrills on par with Ridley Scott’s Gladiator. As such, the show currently ranks #202 on IMDb’s TV Top 250, with the word “masterpiece” appearing several times in the comments. In terms of marking the height of historical epics on TV, Spartacus remains Starz’s shining example of how to depict action and adventure for repeat viewings.

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