10 Best Superhero Movies That Deserve A Remake

Split image showing scenes from Hancock, The Toxic Avenger, and X-Men: Apocalypse

The “leave the classics alone” lamentation has grown even louder because of the recent trend of remaking critically-acclaimed movies. This makes sense, as remakes are always more likely to flop than to turn out better than the original. However, there are instances where there’s truly room for improvement, especially in the superhero genre.

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A couple of past superhero offerings revolving around people with powers had great premises and characters but were disappointing. This can easily be fixed with bigger budgets, better screenplays, and different directors. Additionally, some superhero movies were ahead of their time with their themes and tones, and they’d likely find success if they were remade today.

10 Condorman Blends Spycraft And Superhero Work

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Condorman blends both the superhero and spy genres by featuring a comic book writer who finds himself entangled with the KGB. The protagonist, Woody, also has dreams of being a superhero because he feels the existing ones are unrealistic.

Condorman’s concept is interesting because there are very few superheroes who double as spies. Regrettably, Condormanwasted its great premise because of poor production values. For example, the harnesses are visible in the flying scenes, which is surprising for a Disney movie. However, the studio would never be caught with such mistakes in 2023 and beyond.

9 Hancock Is The Perfect Hero For The Current Era

It’s been 15 years since Will Smith’s Hancock came out, so the movie is ripe for a remake. This is because the reckless hero and the themes he represents would fit well in the current superhero landscape that has shows like The Boys and Peacemaker.

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Hancock addresses serious issues like alcoholism, which would be perfect to examine again in the current age where addiction and mental health are more discussed. That aside, the second half of Hancock has always been criticized for being lackluster, so a remake could fix these flaws.

8 Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Could Still Go The Comic Route

A duel between Batman and Superman is too important for it to turn out as uninspiring as it did in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie feels convoluted because it attempts to adapt too many of the popular events in DC comics. A remake that specifically focuses on “The Dark Knight Returns” storyline from 1986 could work.

Though the comic storyline pits elderly versions of Batman and Superman against each other, Batman V Superman could still focus on younger versions of the character while maintaining the same plot. Alternatively, an older Batman played by Michael Keaton could still face off against Dean Cain’s Superman, since both actors are past 50.

7 The Toxic Avenger Has An Incredibly Powerful Hero

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Stories about bullied individuals getting the upper hand are always fascinating and that’s the kind of premise that The Toxic Avenger rides on. In the movie, a janitor who frequently gets harassed by members of a health club becomes a mutant after falling into a tank full of toxic waste.

A peculiar hero, The Toxic Avenger would be an ideal protagonist for an R-Rated superhero movie as he looks more like a slasher movie villain. He doesn’t have the cliché no-kill rule either, so criminals get subjected to bloody street justice on the regular. One scene where he rips out a villain’s organs to see if he has any “gut” would especially be interesting to recreate.

6 Sam Raimi’s Darkman Is A Perfect Alternative To Marvel And DC Projects

The superhero genre is currently populated by Marvel and DC offerings, so it would be refreshing to see more independent projects. A remake of Sam Raimi’s Darkman would be a great idea, as the movie follows a scientist who develops special abilities after being left for dead by a mobster.

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Sam Raimi’s reputation is currently better than ever, thanks to his work on the Spider-Man trilogy and Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness. Therefore, fans would be very interested in seeing more superhero movies from him. Remaking Darkman would not only be easy for Raimi, but it would also work well as the original movie is more than 30 years old. Not many people are aware of its existence.

5 Spawn Deserves Another Chance

A resurrected US marine known as AI Simmons has been at the center of some of the best Image Comics for several years, which makes him deserving of the big-screen treatment. The character was previously portrayed by Michael Jai White in the 1997 Spawn movie, but it was poorly received.

Spawn’s issues, such as poor CGI and cheesy dialogue, weren’t unique as they were evident in other superhero movies of the era. There’s no doubt that both the movie and Al Simmons would look much better if Spawn was produced by a major studio today.

4 Fans Are Still Interested In The Masters Of The Universe

The recent success of the Netflix animated series She-Ra and the Princess of Power proves that there’s still strong interest in storylines relating to the He-Man mythos. As such, now is the best time for filmmakers to remake the 1985 Dolph Lundgren movie, Masters of the Universe.

Today, He-Man remains a pop culture icon thanks to his adventures on the pages and animated shows, yet he has mostly been ignored in live-action. If handled right, he’d be a perfect pop culture rival to Thor, who appears to be falling out of favor with fans recently.

3 Ben 10: Race Against Time Has The Perfect Child Superhero

Ben 10 is yet another character who is too good to be ignored on the silver screen. While the failure of Ben 10: Race Against Time was heartbreaking, there’s still a strong chance that a story involving the child superhero would be a hit if handled by the right filmmaker and helmed by a popular child actor.

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Any studio that takes up the challenge of remaking Race Against Time would be guaranteed high box office returns from younger audiences, especially since the character’s popularity has doubled over the past decade. Some of the popular storylines from the animated series could be adapted and intertwined to make a satisfactory motion picture.

2 The X: Men Apocalypse Villain Can Do Much More

Apocalypse has always been one of Marvel’s most formidable villains, yet X-Men: Apocalypse wastes his potential. This is all because of a weak storyline, excessive action sequences, and poorly constructed CGI.

With the X-Men now scheduled to appear in the MCU, a battle between the superhero team and the villain could be revisited. Most importantly, Wolverine ought to feature since he is the most popular X-Men member, yet he was missing in the original movie. A remake could also ensure that Wolverine is portrayed by Hugh Jackman, since the actor has signed up for the next Deadpool installment.

1 There’s Still Plenty Of Potential In Power Rangers

The Power Rangers have remained popular over the years, thanks to merchandise and the syndication of the ‘90s series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Interestingly, the 2017 movie about the team wasn’t well received, but that’s no reason to let go of the superheroes.

Power Rangers was hurt by the same problems faced by Fantastic Four: a weak storyline and not enough action sequences. If these are fixed, there’s hardly a doubt that fans will see a modern masterpiece. Avoiding blatant product placement could also go a long way in improving the quality of a Power Rangers remake.

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