10 Best Superpowers In DC Comics

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DC Comics has a variety of super powered characters, whether they be heroes or villains, or something in the middle. Some powers are generic, across the board, like strength and agility, and they don’t really get fans and readers excited. Being strong is great, but it isn’t the power that keeps pages turning.

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However, some characters showcase some really cool powers. The spectrum of abilities in DC is vast, from flight to plant manipulation, anything that can be imagined has been turned into a power. Whether they give them great advantages in combat or just life in general, these superpowers are some of the best in the DC Universe.



10 Invisibility

Characters With Power: Phantom Stranger And The Spectre

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Invisibility is one of the more popular, commonly known superpowers. When asked what superpower a person would love to have, invisibility is one that regularly crops up, and for good reason.

There are many advantages to invisibility for both a hero and a villain. Being able to move undetected, for the most part, and being able to spy on their enemies makes invisibility a great power to have. The Spectre is unique in that he can make himself invisible to certain people, while still being visible to those he chooses, which is a major ability used in Kingdom Come‘s narrative.

9 Probability Manipulation

Characters With Power: Major Disaster And Cain

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Manipulating the world into being one of the “luckiest” people on the planet is a brilliant power to have. Major Disaster is known to use his power to cause literal disaster and chaos whenever he pleases, hence the name.

While this power can be used to cause destruction, probability manipulation can be used to manipulate the world to do exactly as one pleases, which is why it is one of the best powers a hero, or a villain, can have.

8 Animal Mimicry

Characters With Power: Beast Boy And Vixen

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Beast Boy is the most popular hero with the ability to mimic and transform into different animals. While his power has the slight disadvantage of all the animals he transforms into being bright green, reducing his ability to stealth, it is still a very cool power.

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Beast Boy can transform into literally any animal. As such, his power comes with a few other powers, such as flight if he were to become a bird. He could turn into small animals to hide, or large animals to scare and threaten. Animal Mimicry has so many possibilities, and is one of the best powers, with the most potential.

7 Necromancy

Characters With Power: Nekron And Black Hand

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Necromancy is the ability to summon the dead. This could manifest in the form of zombies and spirits, and is a form of divination, although is different from resurrection in that it isn’t ritualistic.

Necromancy is a great power, and while often misunderstood, can be used in brilliant ways. Nekron often uses necromancy to conjure entire armies of the dead to do his bidding, and John Constantine has been known to perform necromancy to allow the dead to hunt those who wronged them. It’s an interesting power, and while it can be used for evil undead armies as it was in Blackest Night, it is one of the best a person could have.

6 Chlorokinesis

Characters With Power: Poison Ivy And Swamp Thing

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Chlorokinesis is the power over all plant life. While this power may seem a little mundane at first glance, it has a lot of potential possibilities, and is most popularly the power of villain Poison Ivy.

Chlorokinesis is a connection to plant life in its deepest form, and grants the holder the ability to use plants whichever way they please. This could be enlarging, capturing people, killing people, and rapidly growing whichever plant they need at that moment. Considering nature is all around us, Chlorokinesis can grant great power, and cause mass destruction.

5 Power Replication

Characters With Power: Amazo And Martian Manhunter

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Amazo was an android, often considered the world’s first in DC Comics, and was built specifically with the power to replicate any other superpower he comes across. This made Amazo one of the most difficult villains the Justice League had to face; a formidable foe for any powered being.

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Power replication is really the power of all powers. The ability to replicate any power you come across essentially means the beholder has every power in DC’s universe. While it could have the downside of having to learn how to use said power quickly, it is still easily one of the best.

4 Intangibility

Characters With Power: Doctor Manhattan And Martian Manhunter

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Intangibility results in a lack of physical presence, and as such, nobody would be able to touch an intangible person. Objects would pass through them, and they are able to travel through anything physical, as well as levitate upwards.

Intangibility is often a natural power, and is especially impressive if it can be done so on a whim. This makes it near impossible for any potential enemy to harm the intangible person, as they are not able to physically touch them in any way. One of the best powers a person can have, especially a person often under attack.

3 Fatal Touch

Characters With Power: Nekron And Black Flash

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Fatal touch, also known as the “Death Touch,” is often perceived as quite a dark power. Fatal touch is as the name suggests, the ability to take another’s life through physical contact, and often doesn’t require any exertion of power or manipulation.

Fatal touch could have its downsides, being that it is a high risk when coming into contact with loved ones. However, with high risk there is high reward, as fatal touch would make it easy to overcome enemies and ensure safety and survival. This power would certainly have any character feared across DC’s universe.

2 Astral Projection

Characters With Power: Raven And Doctor Fate

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The ability to project oneself onto the astral plane is called astral projection, and it is one of the best powers any hero or villain could have in DC Comics. Shown in heroes with magical abilities like Raven and Doctor Fate, this power has many advantages.

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Raven calls her astral projection her “soul self,” as this ability allows the user to project their soul from their physical body. This has the advantage of not being physically present wherever the projected self is, and as such the body cannot be harmed. Also, often the soul projection can do many different things itself, including possession.

1 Flight

Characters With Power: Superman And Wonder Woman

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The power of flight is one of the best superpowers a hero or villain can have, and is often shown in some of the most powerful DC Comics characters. Superman and Wonder Woman both have the ability to fly, which only increases the power’s cool factor.

Flight has many advantages, and very few disadvantages. Being able to travel across the world easily, without much effort, and on a whim. Making quick escapes, pursuing enemies. Plus, it provides a pretty nice view.

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