10 Best Things About My Hero Academia’s Worst Heroes

Inasa and Minetta infront of Principal Nezu

First starting as a manga written by Kohei Horikoshi in 2014, My Hero Academia sets viewers and fans in a world of heroes that is a profession many can only dream of attaining. However, despite it being a dream job, there are those who wouldn’t normally be considered for the position.

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With great flaws, however, come great qualities that are sometimes redeemable, but not always; despite some appearances, most of them are still human. Each hero’s good qualities vary since it’s sometimes just something basic, such as their powers, or even their personality.



10 Izuku Is Very Passionate

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Despite being the main protagonist of the series, Izuku Midoriya—hero name “Deku—isn’t a particularly good hero. By taking habits and skills from his mentor, All Might, Izuku will constantly leave everything to himself to solve rather than get aid unless it is forced upon him by his friends or other heroes.

Regardless of his actions with other heroes, Izuku is a very passionate kid who steadily moves toward whatever he puts his mind to, whether it be becoming a hero or becoming friends with Katsuki Bakugo. Even if he gets hurt in the process, if Izuku wants to achieve something, he will.

9 Nezu Is One Of The Smartest Characters

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As not only one of the teachers of UA High but also its principal, Nezu is a hero with a support and command style. However, because of his disdain towards humanity due to his past, he is also very cruel and sadistic when he gets down to combat, as seen during the final exams against Denki and Mina.

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Despite his frustration toward humans, Nezu is one of the smartest characters in the series, putting his malice for humans aside for the better good of society. His intelligence—included in his Quirk, High Spec—allows him to not only act as a human but operate human tools and strategies.

8 Bakugo Is Very Observant

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Despite being an aggressive, unheroic-like person, Katsuki Bakugo is another one of the main protagonists of the series, serving as an ally and motivation for his classmates. With his aggression though, he makes people more often dislike him when he insults not only other heroes but civilians as well.

However, Bakugo is one of the more observant characters in the show, noticing when others are down or in need of something and finding his own way to provide said need, even if it is in a roundabout way. An example of his observance is after his rescue from the League when he makes his classmates laugh with Denki.

7 Monoma Is Quick On His Feet

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Despite his powerful Quirk, Neito Monoma is one of the more obnoxious characters in the series, as he constantly demeans Class 1-A and constantly compares his class with them. It even became a running gag in the series for one of his classmates to shut him up whenever a member of 1-A is around for him to insult.

However, aligning with Quirk-copying Quirk, Monoma is quick on his feet to adapt to the situations around him and work around the issues. This also goes along with his ability to quickly come up with words of affirmation or insult to others around him.

6 Inasa Has An Upbeat Personality

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Having been introduced during the hero licensing exams, Inasa Yoarashi is a character set to antagonize Shoto Todoroki. As such, while he will give a chance, there is still the chance that more negative situations will greatly influence his ability to be a hero, just like in the licensing exams.

Despite his coldness toward Shoto, Inasa is still a very upbeat person and tries to be as warm as he can be as he strives to be a hero others can look up to. Like All Might, Inasa strives to do his hero work with a smile on his face and stay as passionate as he can as he goes.

5 Mt. Lady Can Use Her Quirk Well

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Despite being one of the first heroes seen on the show, Mt. Lady will not shy away from stealing the spotlight from other heroes. Along with her vain personality, that hubristic quality can make her not only difficult to work with but also work for, as seen when Mineta interned with her.

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Mt. Lady masterfully uses her Gigantification Quirk in her work to not only perform attacks but also defend. She also knows when to not use her Quirk to avoid as much damage as she can, as one slip-up could mean the loss of an entire building—and all the people inside.

4 Sir Nighteye Was A Master Strategist

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Regardless of having been one of the two sidekicks All Might had, Sir Nighteye is one of the coldest characters presented in the series. Because his Quirk lets him see the future of anyone whom he looks in the eyes, he rarely gives a chance to others unless they make him laugh beforehand, making him standoffish to not only civilians but other heroes as well.

However, Sir Nighteye was constantly able to strategize around all scenarios that he saw based on the actions he foresaw in another’s eyes. To save Eri, he was able to determine the placing and movements best suited to save the little girl from the yakuza.

3 Endeavor Has A Lot Of Experience

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Despite being the number one hero of Japan after All Might retired, Endeavor is one of the hardest heroes to get close to—and it’s not because of his fire, though it can be intimidating. Endeavor is a very cold person and has acted in ways where others have adamantly tried not to be like him or, like with Dabi, become a villain instead.

Regardless of his personality, Endeavor has much experience in fighting and being a hero, so much so that not only did his own son decide to intern with him, but so did Izuku and Bakugo as well. Many respect him because of his experience and wisdom in the line of duty.

2 All Might Wants To Protect Everyone

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Despite having been the number one hero of Japan before his retirement, All Might set a standard for heroes across the world that not even he could meet in his later years. Even as a teacher at UA High and a personal mentor to the protagonist, Izuku, he tries to make sure everyone meets his standards to become the best.

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However, regardless of his horrendous teaching methods and standards, All Might constantly tries to protect everyone that he can, including the other heroes around him. His passion to protect everyone is what fuels his need to teach his students the way he does to make them the best they can be.

1 Mineta Is Very Smart

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From the moment he first opened his mouth on the show, Minoru Mineta has been one of the most hated characters at UA High. With his reason to become a hero being to get more women to like him, he has let his perverted nature lead him in his internships and heroic moments.

Despite his nature, however, Mineta is one of the smartest characters in class 1-A, having placed ninth in his class during midterms. It is because of his intellect in using his quirk that he was able to not only defeat Midnight during the final exams but also make it through the first round of the sports festival.

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