10 Best Things About Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has enjoyed huge success since its release in December 2022. Its poignant story and familiar characters have helped solidify it as a worthy sequel to 2011’s Puss in Boots. The updated animation style has also helped to make the Shrek franchise feel fresh.

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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish takes its time to reveal key elements, so the movie successfully captivates viewers until the end. Plus, it has one of the best and most compelling animated villains in the evil Jack Horner. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is a triumph all around for many reasons.

10 The Animation Is Fresh And Beautiful

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The Last Wish’s animation is a much-needed and gorgeous update to the hyperrealistic style that was seen in previous movies. Not only are the colors richer, but the overall aesthetic makes the movie seem more like a comic book than a film. Though the animation is more stylized than in previous films in the franchise, it does not detract from the story. Rather, it improves the characters and allows for creative ways to incorporate magic.

As magic is a major part of The Last Wish, the chosen animation style helps it pop. Not shying away from color and intense saturation; the magic and settings are some of the most visually pleasing aspects of the whole movie.

9 A Unique Premise Revitalizes The Franchise

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Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is quite unique for its premise. Not only does it focus on the fear of death, but it also presents audiences with a hero who is not brave all the time. Puss is selfish and cowardly for most of The Last Wish, which is an interesting and nuanced portrayal of an animated protagonist.

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Audiences need to see their characters win, but it is even more satisfying when the characters grow. DreamWorks movies are often filled with inspiring messages and worthy life lessons, so watching Puss overcome his fears with the help of his friends is an important lesson for viewers.

8 World-Building Helps Viewers Learn More About The Characters

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The Shrek franchise has always had interesting world-building. The more mature take on fairy tale characters mixed with modern conveniences like coffee shops and television made for a humorous and fun story. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish retains this same ingenuity.

The Last Wish has the same satirical look at fairytales while adding the mystical and somewhat terrifying spectacle of the Dark Forest. Since the Forest changes with each person who looks at the map, the terrain has to transform so it can speak to each person’s strengths and weaknesses. The way the setting changes tells audiences about the characters while providing dynamic and gorgeous settings. The world-building in The Last Wish adds to its own story and the Shrek universe as well.

7 Puss In Boots’s Rapier Wit Remains Intact

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Puss’s signature wit is fully on display in The Last Wish. Though he is plagued by fear for much of the movie, Puss still offers his unique brand of sarcasm, which instantly made him a fan-favorite character when he first appeared in Shrek 2.

Aside from Puss in Boots’s comedy, the rest of humor in The Last Wish is smart and dry. It is silly enough for kids to enjoy, while also featuring some subtle and mature jokes that adult audiences would appreciate. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish appeals to fans of all ages, ensuring that kids and adults will be laughing throughout the movie.

6 Each Character Has A Purpose And An Arc

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Even in the realm of animated movies, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish stands out for its compelling character arcs. Though Puss is the main character, the deuteragonists and tetragonists are just as important to the story. In particular, Kitty Softpaws and Goldilocks add to the story, with Goldilocks and the three bears also serving as interesting secondary antagonists.

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Although Jack Horner doesn’t grow in The Last Wish, his linear “arc” is an important piece to the story. Jack represents an unnerving yet real truth that not everyone is morally good. Fans were glad to see that every The Last Wish character was fully fleshed-out and explored.

5 The Last Wish Has A Great Voice Cast

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While most aspects of The Last Wish are great, the voice acting is what brings it all together. Antonio Banderas delivers another stellar performance as the titular feline, while Salma Hayak, Florence Pugh, and Wagner Moura give moving performances as well. Also, Harvey Guillén’s Perrito arguably gives the movie its heart.

The talented voice cast brings their characters and the story to life. From Banderas’s realistic representation of fear to Moura’s quiet but menacing personality, the actors gave great performances and made a movie about a cat’s nine lives more entertaining.

4 The Last Wish Displays An Accurate Portrayal Of Fear

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Two of the main themes of The Last Wish are anxiety and the fear of death. As Puss learns that he is in his last life, he is plagued by the knowledge that any further risks could result in his permanent death. Though he tries to run, Death is lurking around every corner, waiting to strike.

Puss represents a vivid picture of fear and anxiety. His desperation is clear at every close encounter, and the thumping heartbeats are so effective that the audience palpably feels Puss’s panic. The Last Wish expertly creates tension and gives an interesting exploration into fear and mortality.

3 The Last Wish Leans In To Death

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Although The Last Wish is a kids’ movie, it does not shy away from death. Not only is the main antagonist the embodiment of death, but numerous deaths are depicted in the film. While some audiences may find it over the top, the movie would lose its edge without these themes.

The Shrek franchise has always been more mature. Therefore, in a movie where Puss is trying to escape death, it makes sense that other character deaths would be included. Plus, the characters’ demises add to the stakes of the story, making Puss’s journey to the last wish even more vital to his survival.

2 The Wolf Is The Most Terrifying Animated Villain In Recent Memory

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While all the characters make a lasting impression, special mention goes to The Last Wish’s main antagonist: the Wolf. The Wolf’s overall appearance is enough to strike fear in audiences, but his piercing red eyes are even scarier. The Wolf is quietly menacing, and his eerie whistle bristles audiences as well as Puss.

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The Wolf is so terrifying because he is Death. Unlike other movie antagonists, death comes for everyone in the end, making his presence all the more tangible throughout The Last Wish. As the Wolf slowly stalks Puss, the tension builds until Puss finally faces him. To the movie’s credit, the Wolf is one of the most terrifying villains in animation history.

1 There Could Be More Movies

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Because The Last Wish was an excellent follow-up to the beloved Shrek franchise, the promise of more to come excited fans all over again. As Puss, Kitty, and Perrito sail upon an island in the mist, fans are elated to see the “Far Far Away” sign that they have come to know so well.

This scene left room for more Puss in Boots films to come and also hinted that Shrek and his family might return in future installments. Hopefully, any potential sequels will live up to the magic and poignancy of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

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