10 Biggest Mistakes In Blue Lock

Biggest Mistakes In Blue Lock Anime

In Blue Lock, as in any soccer match, every play counts in seizing the moment to win the game. Even the smallest mistake can mean a lost opportunity or worse, a lost match. Given the seriousness of the stakes in Blue Lock, losing isn’t an option, and making a mistake can cost everything.

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Whether it’s making a misjudged pass, underestimating the opponent, or simply getting too cocky, players in Blue Lock make mistakes as any soccer player would. However, unlike losing most regular soccer matches, losing in Blue Lock means losing the opportunity to play for the Japanese World Cup team ever again.

10 Isagi Should Have Taken The Shot Himself

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In the opening match of the series, Isagi has the ball on a breakaway with only a few opposing players between him and the goal. Instead of selfishly taking the shot himself, Isagi decides to pass it off to his teammate, who ends up missing the shot.

This moment proves devastating for Isagi and is a huge shot to his confidence. Ultimately, by underestimating himself and his own abilities, he learned a valuable lesson that made a huge impact when he would face off against the egoists in Blue Lock.

9 Ryosuke Kira Never Should’ve Taken His Eye Off Isagi

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In the beginning phase of Blue Lock, the players were tasked with playing a simple game of soccer tag. The result: the player that’s it at the end is eliminated from Blue Lock, along with their chances of ever representing Japan on the world stage.

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With the stakes that high, every player was set on avoiding getting tagged at all costs. However, Kira made a big mistake when he counted Isagi out after Bachira took the ball from him. Misjudging Bachira’s pass for a bad shot at him, Kira didn’t even realize Isagi was set up perfectly right in front of him, and it cost him his position at Blue Lock.

8 Team Z Played Too Selfishly Against Team X

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In their first match in Blue Lock, Team Z completely threw the traditional style of soccer aside and fought for the ball individually instead of playing as a team. While this method works great for Team X with Barou on their side, Team Z quickly found themselves five goals down with no chance of victory.

While it didn’t lose them the game considering they were going to lose anyway, Isagi made one final mistake at the end of the match that put him in an even more precarious position than before: he passed the ball to Kunigami. If Isagi had taken the shot and scored himself, he could have ended up with two goals at the end of the next match against Team Y.

7 Isagi Underestimated Team Y’s Defensive Strategy

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At the start of their second match, Team Z went in with a viable strategy to win. However, they didn’t consider the fact that Team Y came into the match with a strategy of their own. After studying Team Z’s weapons, Team Y came up with an incredibly solid plan to win.

By locking Team Z down in their own defensive zone, Team Y was able to leave their striker open for a long pass and get a reliable breakaway. By ignoring their competition from the start, Team Z put themselves in an extremely tight position at the end of the match.

6 Niko Made The Same Mistake Isagi Did

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Though they had the upper hand for the majority of the game, Team Y made some fundamental mistakes that cost them in the long run. However, the one that was the most to blame on Team Y was unquestionably Niko.

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Niko’s underestimation of Isagi’s ability to read the game already cost him heavily. However, his worst mistake was his poor decision to make the pass when he was on a breakaway, giving Isagi the perfect opportunity to steal the ball — and the game — from Niko in an instant.

5 Team Z Was Mistaken For Trusting Kuon

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After Kuon goes on fire early on with a hat-trick in the first half, Team Z begins to drop their guard thinking they have the game in the bag. However, they have no idea of the sad truth that lies ahead of them. After scoring his three goals, Kuon switches sides to play against his team, making the match an uneven 12 against 10.

This puts them in a horrible situation and at risk of getting eliminated thanks to Kuon’s selfish decision. Though they were able to turn things around by sheer force of will, Isagi and the others should have considered the selfish nature of the egoists they’d be surrounded with in Blue Lock.

4 Kuon Underestimated His Own Team

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After gaining Kuon as a traitorous teammate, Team W thinks they have an easy victory ahead of them. Unfortunately, they underestimated Isagi and the rest of Team Z.

Isagi is at his best with his back against the wall, and no one should have known that better than his own teammate, Kuon. Instead, Kuon thought that joining up with the enemy would open an easy path for him to progress to the next round, a mistake that could’ve cost him big in the second selection.

3 Overlooking Rin & His Team’s Weapons Cost Isagi A Teammate

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After Isagi, Bachira and Nagi took a two-nothing lead early on in their match against Rin’s 3, they began thinking they had the match in the bag. Letting down their guard proved to be a mistake that ultimately cost them the game in the long run.

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Not only did they lose the game, but Isagi ended up losing Bachira, one of his best allies throughout Blue Lock thus far. This was a devastating blow for Isagi, as Bachira was one of the first players that recognized Isagi’s potential in Blue Lock and brought out the best in him as a player.

2 Kuon Could’ve Helped Team Z In Their Match Against Team V

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Even with only 10 players against V’s 11, Team Z was still able to match Team V’s play to tie up the game. Through all this, Kuon simply stood by in an attempt to sabotage his team so he could ensure his own advancement in Blue Lock. It just goes to show that if Kuon had been willing to contribute throughout the entirety of the match, they could have easily won the game.

In the end, Kuon had a change of heart and decided to sacrifice himself to help the team at the last second. Still, if he had actually played throughout the entirety of the game, he could have helped his team win while also remaining in Blue Lock himself.

1 Naruhaya & Barou Miscalculated Isagi’s Ability To Adapt

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In their 2-v-2 match-up, Barou and Naruhaya make it clear that they wanted to face Isagi’s team for two reasons. First, they wanted to take Nagi onto their team when they won. Second, and perhaps more importantly, they truly felt that they could beat Isagi.

Seeing Isagi as the weak link, Barou and Naruhaya essentially thought they’d be playing a 2-against-1 match-up versus Nagi. However, as every anime fan knows, underestimating the main character is always a huge mistake.

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