10 Biggest Reveals From Action Comics (So Far)

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Action Comics has been one of DC Comics’ best titles for over a year now. Most of that is down to work being done by writer Philip Kennedy Johnson. Johnson has turned Action Comics into a must-read Superman comic, thanks to his sweeping space epics that remind fans why Superman is the best superhero.

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Though Johnson’s only been on the book for two years, there have already been some pretty exciting reveals thus far. Even better, judging by the looks of the most recent issues, things are just getting started. The rest of the Super-Family is coming to Metropolis, giving fans of characters like Conner Kent and John Henry Irons a place to go to read about their favorites.

10 The United Planets Worked With Mongul Out Of Fear

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After making a big deal of Earth becoming a new member of the United Planets, “The Warworld Saga” quickly showed how little that meant in terms of protection. When Superman and the Authority attacked Warworld, the United Planets held a discussion on whether to aid him or not.

The group was talked out of their decision by Lord Premier Thaaros, who wondered what would happen if they helped and Superman lost. This spoke to the level of control Mongul had over the United Planets already, that he’d already put fear into the minds of some of the members of the group.

9 Superman Was Stripped Of His Powers

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At the very beginning of Philip K. Johnson’s run, the story “The Golden Age” featured both Superman and his son, Jon, going up against creatures from outside their dimension. The creatures came from the Breach, and the unique radiation they hit Superman with erased a large portion of his strength.

Though Superman seemed to be fine, it was all a ruse. Thanks to Manchester Black and Enchantress, Superman was still allowed to appear strong to those around him. When Superman and the Authority appeared on Warworld, Mongul had one of his associates strip Superman of his false strength. At the moment he needed to appear strong, Mongul was able to reveal how weak Superman was to the people of Warworld.

8 Manchester Black Was A Traitor

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Most people know Manchester Black as the villain who worked with the Elite. He battled Superman during “Whatever Happened To Truth, Justice, and the American Way?” and was defeated. Since then, he’s made only sporadic appearances. Black felt like the strangest member of Superman’s new team, someone who’d never believe in Kal-El’s cause.

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Eventually, though, it was revealed that Black only joined the team because he was paid to be Lex Luthor’s informant. In the end, though, Lex’s plan didn’t work the way he thought. Manchester spent enough time around Superman to believe in his cause and refused to work for Lex any longer.

7 The Existence Of An Old God Split Across The Multiverse

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Within the pages of Action Comics, fans have learned of one of the legendary “old gods” often spoken of by New Genesis and Apokolips. Known as Olgrun, his power made him stronger than all the other old gods, who battled him to keep the universe safe.

They split his power apart into seven aspects and spread it across the universe. During “The Warworld Saga,” there was a prophecy that suggested all seven aspects must be awakened by someone righteous, lest Olgrun return and return the universe to darkness. Superman has uncovered one aspect in the Fire of Olgrun, but doing so seems to have convinced the New Gods that Olgrun is beginning to awaken.

6 The Phaelosians Are Cousins Of Kryptonians

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For some time, Superman has believed himself to be one of the last Kryptonians, alongside his cousin, Kara Zor-El. In “Warworld Rising,” though, Clark and the rest of his family learn about the Phaelosians. Cousins of the Kryptonians, the Phaelosians were followers of the greatest scientists of Krypton’s past.

A collection of them abandoned the planet Krypton and lived on another planet, New Phaelosia, for years until Mongul came and forced them to become part of Warworld. The few remaining Phaelosians represent a missing piece of Krypton’s history and became a major reason Superman came to Warworld.

5 Superman’s Adopted Two Children

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The Superman Family was busy enough as it was, but things have officially gotten busier. The ending of “The Warworld Saga” saw Superman free the entire planet of Warworld. While many of them sought to find places of their own, Superman took in two young children who had nowhere else to go.

Osul-Ra and Otho-Ra are two Phaelosian children who believe in Superman’s ability to save them from Mongul. Though Osul-Ra contains the Fire of Olgrun, Clark still intends to protect them and help them as best he can. This means he’s taken on two more children aside from his own son.

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The Warworld Saga featured Superman dealing with one of his most dangerous villains in Mongul, but he ended the story with an entirely new villain. His Phaelosian ally, Kryl-Ux, changed sides on him at a pivotal moment, aiming to gain the Fire of Olgrun.

Though Kryl-Ux had been the first person to work with Superman, his true aim had been the Fire the entire time Superman was there, aware he was the only person capable of retrieving the Fire at all. Though he failed to attain the Fire of Olgrun, Kryl-Ux instead gained Kryptonian-like powers after being treated with yellow solar radiation. With that power, he finished Mongul off and made it plain his next target was the United Planets themselves.

3 Clark & Jon’s Secret Identity Have Been Restored

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One of the more contentious changes to the Superman legacy has been the character surrendering his secret identity. In Action Comics #1050 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Tom Taylor, Joshua Williamson, Mike Perkins, Clayton Henry, Nick Dragotta, Frank Martin, and Dave Sharpe, though, this massive change to Superman’s legacy is undone.

After multiple major events, Lex Luthor acknowledged how important Superman is to Earth. To make people believe Superman was more than human again, Lex Luthor has the memory of Superman’s identity psychically erased. Once again, nearly everyone has forgotten Superman and his son’s real identities. With their privacy restored, fans once again get to enjoy a Clark Kent who has to balance his life between civilian and hero.

2 Superman Is More Powerful Than Ever

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To start off this new era of Superman, it appeared the Man of Steel was weaker than he’d ever been. A battle with Lex Luthor, however, revealed things are going to be a bit different in the aftermath of The Warworld Saga.

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In their fight, Lex Luthor gets fed up and attempts to teleport Superman to an entirely different galaxy several light-years away. Moments later, Superman reappears and reveals his exposure to a white sun has made him stronger than ever. These days, everything from distance to weight and heat have no meaning to him.

1 Orion Is Part Of Apokolips Now

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In the aftermath of Dark Crisis, it seems that Apokolips is missing its usual ruler. Unfortunately, though, Orion has taken Darkseid’s place and doesn’t seem to have changed much. The son of Darkseid but raised by Highfather and the people of New Genesis, Orion works alongside Kalibak and Desaad these days.

Orion appeared in post-Warworld Saga issues to try and take the Fire of Olgrun back before it grew out of control. With his newfound power, Superman was easily able to stop him and save his adopted son. However, it is unfortunate that Orion hasn’t managed to change his fate of growing into what he always hated.

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