10 Biggest Reveals From Dark Crisis (So Far)

Red Canary, The Supermen, and The Justice League in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths

DC’s Crisis events have included some of the most dramatic and iconic moments in DC’s history. With the most recent Crisis event Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths having wrapped up, the DC Universe has been left changed once again forever.

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With Pariah’s attempt to re-shape the Multiverse in his image was foiled, there were many different things to take away from the end of Joshua Williamson’s event. From deaths, new powers, and changes to the DC Universe as a whole, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths has many shocking reveals.

10 The Justice Society Is Still Incredibly Important

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When the Justice League was believed to be gone, it created a vacuum in the meta-human community. When Jon Kent’s attempt to rebuild the Justice League fell short, and Black Adam’s attempt to whip them into shape made things much worse, it was the Justice Society that stepped in to instill hope in the new generation of heroes.

The Justice Society’s guidance and experience proved to be invaluable to the heroes’ victory in Dark Crisis. Despite their lack of activity in the recent DC continuities, fans saw just how valuable and still relevant the Justice Society is.

9 Nightwing Is The Voice Of The Next Generation Of Heroes

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Dick Grayson is one of DC’s most iconic characters. The Boy Wonder has been a symbol for as long as Batman has but represents completely different things to his father. While Batman has always represented vengeance, Nightwing has always been a source of optimism.

That optimism was called into serious question over the course of the event, but of course, Nightwing answered in force. With so many people wondering who could even begin to fill the shoes of the Justice League, the first person anyone would think of to lead the new generation of heroes was clear.

8 Jon Kent Still Has A Ways To Go

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Since returning from his adventures with his grandfather as a young man, there’s no doubt that Jon Kent has had a rollercoaster past few years. Sharing the mantle of Superman with his father, Jon has shown the DC Universe how much he has to offer, and that he truly is the best of both of his parents.

However, Dark Crisis showed that though he may very much have earned the title of Superman, Jonathan Kent still has much to learn about being a leader, and being a Man of Tomorrow. His attempts to hold the metahuman community together may have been optimistic and with good intentions, but he quickly learned that he alone was not able to inspire hope.

7 The Justice League Will Be Going In A Different Direction

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At the end of the event, after the Multiverse had been saved and the recovery from the final battle was beginning, Batman revealed a huge piece of news to Nightwing: the Justice League was going to be taking a temporary hiatus, and when they returned, they were going to be doing things differently.

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It’s still yet to be seen what this means for the future of the Justice League and will be interesting to take note of how this changes the status quo in DC’s upcoming Dawn of DC era. However, if the Justice League is looking to change things up, perhaps that means they may open their ranks to new membership.

6 The Great Darkness Is Non-Violent

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For much of the Dark Crisis event, it was believed that the Great Darkness had corrupted Pariah, and was controlling him into waging war on the Multiverse. Unsure of this theory, Justice League Dark decided to investigate the matter themselves, sending a task force to the Starheart in order to learn more.

They investigated the Great Darkness and realized that it was neither inherently good nor bad. In reality, it was Pariah’s own determination and malice that had corrupted the Darkness, and not the other way around.

5 Oliver Queen Is Missing

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Every Crisis event has come with huge loss and death, raising the stakes of the events and putting fans through agony. While many might have feared for Beast Boy after Garfield’s near-fatal injury at the hands of Deathstroke, it was not Beast Boy who perished.

Green Arrow appeared to be the only one in the Justice League who didn’t manage to make it back to Earth in time for the final battle. The last few panels of the event showed Black Canary and Roy Harper searching for him, although they may find him soon enough, with the Emerald Archer set to star in his own series in 2023, headed by Joshua Williamson and Sean Izaakse.

4 Amanda Waller Is Coming

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The epilogue of Dark Crisis set the next potential threat to the Justice League — and all metahumans — in motion. In a private meeting with the Council of the Light, it was revealed that Amanda Waller, the head of Task Force X, was given full authority to eliminate any metahumans she saw as a threat.

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What Waller plans to do in order to deal with the metahumans is still yet to be seen. In the impending era of DC Comics, however, it seems that Waller, along with her Suicide Squad and the mysterious Council of Light, may prove to be built up as major villains.

3 Dr. Light Is Connected To The Multiverse

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Originally powered during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, Kimiyo Hoshi was given her powers by the Monitor himself, making her connected to the opposite of the Great Darkness, the Light of The Source. This means that Hoshi is connected to the energy of creation in all things, and is connected to the Multiverse itself.

With his huge new upgrade, Dr. Light was able to remove the Great Darkness from Pariah’s Dark Army, freeing everyone from his control. Now with her new powers, Dr. Light is able to protect the whole Multiverse from new threats, making her one of the most powerful metahumans around.

2 Red Canary Joined The New Generation Of Heroes

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Dark Crisis was meant to place many of DC’s legacy heroes front and center, showing their value to the DC Universe, and also their ability to lead and inspire a new generation of heroes, even with the Justice League out of the picture. A standout new character from Dark Crisis was the introduction of Red Canary.

One of the most exciting moments of the event was the introduction of the Red Canary, a heroine who is inspired by Dinah Lance, the Justice League’s Black Canary. How Red Canary is connected to Dinah (if at all) is still yet to be seen, but the interactions between Black and Red Canary are sure to be highly anticipated in 2023.

1 A New Multiversal Status Quo

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Pariah’s attempt to rebuild the Multiverse and bring back the 52 Earths from the previous DC continuity threatened to destroy all reality. Believing it would regulate the Multiverse, Pariah instead caused instability across reality, and by the end of the event, a new status quo in the Multiverse was created.

Along with the help of Dr. Light, the Flash Family was able to connect the Orrery of Worlds to the newly restored infinite Earths. This helped create a new, stable infinite multiverse that exists in cohesion, which offers a whole new variety of stories to be told across these multiverses.

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