10 Biggest Reveals From Nightwing (So Far)

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Though Nightwing is one of DC’s most recognizable heroes, he’s also had some of the worst comics in DC history. Writer Tom Taylor has taken it upon himself to show everyone that Nightwing is the lynchpin of the DC Universe – the one with the most connections, and the one more heroes will show up to help than anyone else.

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Much of Taylor’s story has been about Dick Grayson’s battle to save Bludhaven, a sister city to Gotham. Along the way, Dick has found himself challenged by several enemies, ranging from classic supervillains from his rogues’ gallery to the authority figures in Bludhaven.

10 Dick Grayson Has A New Puppy

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For years, Superman has had Krypto, and Batman has had Ace. But for some reason, the other Super Family and Bat Family members have never kept their own pets. With Nightwing #78 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott, though, that finally changes.

The first issue of the new run sees Nightwing rescue a tiny pitbull puppy from some bullies. Though Dick meant to put her up for adoption, it didn’t take long before he realized he couldn’t give her up. Since then, he’s given her the name Haley, named after the circus where he was raised.

9 Nightwing Has A Sister

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Is anyone really a superhero without a long-lost relative? Early in Tom Taylor’s run, readers learn that Dick has a sister named Melinda. While Dick is surprised, Melinda explains that her mother escaped from Tony Zucco’s clutches and into the arms of the Flying Graysons.

Before Richard and Mary began dating, Richard had a brief fling with Meilin before she was kidnapped by Zucco’s people again. Since then, Melinda has pretended to be the daughter of Tony Zucco, taking advantage of his name to give her a leg up in the world of politics. After learning Dick’s identity, Melinda and Nightwing agreed to work together to bring down Blockbuster once and for all.

8 Dick Grayson Is A Billionaire

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At the start of his run, Dick Grayson earns some startling news. Thanks to Alfred’s connection to Bruce and the proper investments, he’d become a billionaire. In his passing, Alfred gave away his entire fortune to Dick, making him one of the wealthiest men in the world. Though Dick could easily have become the next Batman with those resources, he went a different route.

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Since Bludhaven isn’t under multiple magical curses, Dick decides to spend all of his money to aid the people of Bludhaven. He’s chosen to give away the majority of his fortune to make his home city a better place.

7 Mr. Terrific Designed Nightwing’s New Costume

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While Nightwing usually isn’t a slouch, his outfits have always been considered slightly more low-tech than other members of the Bat Family. That appears to have changed in Nightwing #88, by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, and Adriano Lucas. There, Dick Grayson announced his plans to help save Bludhaven, but he found himself attacked by Gunhawk and Gunbunny.

Thanks to the Titans, Grayson was saved from the attack and sped off to Mr. Terrific. While with Michael, Flash introduces Nightwing to his new costume, which is the most advanced suit he’s ever had. This was a modest upgrade, light enough to be worn underneath clothing, but durable enough to resist both bullets and bladed weapons. Best of all, fans haven’t even seen all of Nightwing’s cool gadgets in the suit yet.

6 Nightwing Has His Own Fifth-Dimensional Imp (98)

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In one of the fun “breather” issues following Blockbuster’s defeat, Nightwing learns something surprising. Much like Superman and Batman, Nightwing has gotten his own fifth-dimensional imp as a fan. Pronouncing himself Nite-Mite, he’s become Dick Grayson’s biggest fan.

Rather than using his powers to make trouble for Dick, he gives Dick the power necessary to fight against some of the agents of Neron. With those powers, Nightwing was able to save Blockbuster’s daughter, whose soul had been promised to Neron. Recognizing how helpful Nite-Mite can be, Nightwing asks for the imp’s secret identity, promising to be friends with him.

5 Blockbuster Discovered Dick Grayson’s Identity

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The battle between Blockbuster and Dick Grayson made up the better part of Taylor’s run. After Blockbuster saw several aspects of his organization brought down by the police, though, he snapped. He directly attacked Grayson’s new community center Haven, causing Nightwing to have to battle him directly.

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Though Nightwing is a talented fighter, Blockbuster put a child’s life at risk to ensure Nightwing wouldn’t fight back. After a few devastating blows, Nightwing’s identity was revealed. Not that it did anything to help Blockbuster win the battle. Though Blockbuster believed knowing Grayson’s identity would lead to an advantage, he was still defeated and forced to run away.

4 The Existence Of The Hold

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After Nightwing and Melinda Zucco successfully brought down Blockbuster, it wasn’t long before someone else appeared to try and take his place. Melinda’s “father,” Tony Zucco, returns, having gotten out of jail on good behavior.

Wanting to make a play to take over, Zucco tries to break into a location known as “The Hold.” The Hold is a secret location that contains all manner of hidden objects for criminals and others. Nightwing foiled Zucco’s attempt to rob the Hold, but the Hold apparently has plenty of protectors to keep the place safe. Perhaps even more interesting than the Hold’s existence, though, is a secret container in the Hold for Nightwing.

3 Heartless Takes Out Blockbuster

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Blockbuster’s climactic battle with Nightwing ends with him being soundly defeated, but Blockbuster escapes. He knew Nightwing’s secret identity, which meant he’d be able to ruin Dick’s life once he got back on top.

Or at least, he would have if he hadn’t run into Heartless while on the run. As Heartless realized Blockbuster’s time as the strongest person in Bludhaven was done, he finally took his revenge on the mobster. Heartless took Blockbuster’s heart with a specialized weapon, leaving the city without the person who’d been endangering it for years.

2 The Justice League Asks Nightwing To Lead

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In the aftermath of DC’s most recent event Dark Crisis, everyone’s learned that the Justice League needs to be more than what it is. And after Dick and the Titans successfully stop a prison riot, Nightwing is approached by Superman and Wonder Woman.

Rather than asking him to join the Justice League, they acknowledge his capability and talent to always see the good in everyone. Though exactly who the Justice League is going forward is undecided, Diana and Clark agree Nightwing should lead while they figure out what that future is. What that means in the future is unclear, but Nightwing’s position in the DCU is bigger than ever.

1 Titans Tower Is Being Built In Bludhaven

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While Bludhaven’s future seems brighter than ever, it’s clear things aren’t fixed yet. Just barely fighting off a prison riot, Nightwing decides the next step needs to be building the city up. To begin, he buys the Bludhaven Private Prison. Rather than re-constructing it, he tears it down for the purpose of creating a symbol for the people.

He uses his resources to rebuild the building, transforming it into the newest version of Titans Tower. For now, Bludhaven has become the home of the original New Teen Titans, putting the superhero group directly in the city’s own backyard.

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