10 Blonde Anime Waifus

Violet Evergarden looking somber from Violet Evergarden; Darkness looking flustered and horrified from Konosuba.

Girls and women in anime are portrayed in various ways. Some are quiet and shy, while others would not hesitate to take the first strike in battle. Anime females with blonde hair are especially known for being more courageous than their non-blonde counterparts.

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While there are many blonde women and girls, some are better than others. Not only are they fan favorites, but they have the hearts and courage of true heroes. Whether they are in combat or not, these girls and women never fail to do what is right, while also standing up for themselves and others. Their blonde hair not only separates them from most anime characters but also signifies their integrity and spark.

10 Irina Jelavic Teaches English

Assassination Classroom

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Irina Jelavic is an assassin turned English teacher in Assassination Classroom. She uses her charms to lure her targets into her traps with ease – except when it comes to Korosensei and her crush, Agent Tadaomi Karasuma.

Irina has a troubled past that she is still trying to overcome by the time she meets Class 3-E, but she uses her experiences to pass knowledge down to her pupils. Overall, Irina is a surprisingly relatable waifu whose cunning and social skills are practically unmatched.

9 Darkness Yearns For Battle


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Darkness is one of the more ridiculous members of the core group from KonoSuba. Although she is a skilled fighter, she often gets lost in the thrill of battle, causing her to make mistakes.

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Darkness is from a noble family but joins Kazuma’s gang to be a part of the action. Their team may not always come out on top, but Darkness still enjoys experiencing combat for herself. Her swordsmanship and personality are only some of the reasons why fans love her.

8 Lucy Heartfelia Grows Into Her Abilities

Fairy Tail

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Lucy Heartfelia is not the most experienced mage when she first joins the Fairy Tale Guild. However, her powers improve greatly the more she encounters various enchanted beings to fulfill her guild requirements. Not to mention that Natsu Dragneel often drags her into precarious situations – forcing her to improve her skills.

Lucy focuses mainly on Celestial Magic, often conjuring the human forms of each of the twelve zodiac signs (however, she does summon more than just the Zodiac). Although Lucy begins Fairy Tail as a weaker mage, fans appreciated her rise to the top as she climbs her way to being a renowned mage.

7 Android 18 Joins The Heroes

Dragon Ball

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Android 18 is initially a villain created to destroy Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, curiosity supersedes the commands Dr. Gero gives her, which leads not only to his downfall but her conversion to the heroes’ side.

Android 18 remains cool and collected no matter the situation. Because of this, she tends to offer scathing rebuffs to those who try to offend her or ask her pointed questions. Though her curiosity and remarks can sometimes lead to trouble, Android 18 is an overall beloved character for her love of family and impressive martial arts skills.

6 Chisato Nishikigi Never Shoots To Kill

Lycoris Recoil

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Chisato Nishikigi is one of the employees of Café LycoReco in the anime Lycoris Recoil. Although she is young, she is already one of the best members of the Lycoris program – even while using non-lethal weapons.

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Chisato is always outwardly smiling and happy, even in the most dangerous situations. She may prefer to work alone on her assignments, but she values her friends – especially those working in the Café. Chisato is a lovable blonde waifu for her tenacity in battle and effervescent personality.

5 Historia Reiss Is The Rightful Heir

Attack On Titan

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Historia Reiss (originally known to fans as Krista Lenz) is one of the members of the 104th Cadet Regiment in Attack On Titan. While she is small in stature, she’s courageous when it is most needed. She may not be the best scout, but she never hesitates to do what is needed to win the day.

Historia later discovers that she is next in line for the throne and becomes the Queen of Paradis. As Queen, she strives to bring everyone closer together to help win the war against the Titans and finally discover what lies beyond the walls. While she has not been in the show as much recently due to her pregnancy, Historia remains an uncommonly brave and level-headed character despite the turmoil that surrounds her.

4 Usagi Tsukino Is A Relatable Hero

Sailor Moon

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Usagi Tsukino is a middle schooler who discovers she is the long-lost Sailor Moon – guardian of the galaxy and Princess of the Moon Kingdom. Sailor Moon has become a much-beloved waifu not only for her incredible powers but also for her relatability.

Unlike many heroes, Usagi is exceedingly clumsy and oftentimes forgetful. Thankfully, she has her friends by her side to help her. Yet, it is her flaws that make her so lovable. Additionally, Usagi has a big heart that she willingly shares with everyone, and she always does what she has to in order to protect those closest to her in Sailor Moon.

3 Violet Evergarden Learns About Love

Violet Evergarden

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It was not until she was a teenager that Violet Evergarden experienced kindness. Up until that point, all Violet knew was how to follow orders and how to be a weapon. Yet, once Major Gilbert Bougainvillea took her under his wing, Violet finally learned that her life could be her own if she wanted in Violet Evergarden.

Though she and Gilbert are separated after the war, Violet never ceases to learn all she can about life and love. Violet solidifies herself as a fan-favorite anime waifu due to her unending willingness to help, and the power of her capacity for love.

2 Saber Is A Chivalrous Knight

Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Bladeworks

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Saber is one of the seven Heroic Spirits in the fifth Holy Grail war in Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Bladeworks. Saber is valorous and moral – always trying to do right even by her opponents. Saber is also loyal to a fault, a characteristic that gets her in trouble at times.

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While there are many amazing characters in the franchise, Saver has become the face of the series. Not only is she a waifu for her chivalry and swordsmanship, but she also is one of the best characters in the show. Saber is a protector through and through who would stop at nothing to guard her friends against danger.

1 Olivier Armstrong Will Not Back Down

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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Olivier Mira Armstrong is the head of the Armstrong family and a commander in the Amestrian army in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. She commands all units at the northern stronghold, Fort Briggs, and is known for being merciless to those who cross her.

Olivier values honesty and loyalty above all else, and loves her family – in her own way. Her ruthless nature and commanding presence solidify her place as one of the favorite anime waifus. With her strength and tenacity, Oliver ensures that no one gets past her.

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