10 Blue Lock Players Who Wouldn’t Be Good At Real Soccer

Blue lock players who wouldn’t be good at real soccer

Blue Lock‘s references to real soccer by mentioning famous soccer stars and its unique “weapon” ability system have propelled it to one of the most popular series running. Though its characters show incredible feats of soccer skill and athleticism, those same feats can get a little too incredible at times. In fact, some of those abilities are so extreme that they’d be impossible in reality.

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Players in Blue Lock are known to have pinpoint precision with every shot and seemingly supernatural senses on the soccer field. While this all makes for an extremely entertaining series, it also highlights the fact that many of Blue Lock‘s best players wouldn’t actually be good at soccer in real life.

10 Jingo Raichi Is Too Confrontational

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While Jingo Raichi’s episodes of explosive anger tend to contribute to his ability on the field in Blue Lock, in an actual soccer match it would likely just get him ejected from the game. Even if Raichi could avoid getting carded, he would still likely be more of a liability on the field for his teammate than anything else.

The only way Raichi could redeem himself is if he were to learn to channel his anger productively. Being that he has been known to fight with his teammates on more than one occasion, it’s likely that a more contact-oriented sport like football or hockey would be better suited to his personality.

9 Okuhito Iemon Should Stick To What He’s Good At

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Okuhito has a somewhat unfair disadvantage compared to other players in Blue Lock because he’s playing outside his position. While he would normally be a striker, he was stuck with playing goalkeeper throughout his time on Team Z.

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While he did his best at the position and made a few good saves, Okuhito was nevertheless a pretty poor goalie. Some soccer players pride themselves in being able to play any position, but Okuhito was undoubtedly outside his element at the goalkeeper position.

8 Barou’s Talent Is Overshadowed By His Selfish Play Style

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Barou was definitely one of the most feared players that Isagi had to face early in his Blue Lock journey. Barou is fast, strong, and has exceptional ball skills, making him a great individual player — and he knows it.

Despite all his talent, Barou’s selfish playstyle would not translate well in a real soccer match. While Blue Lock is all about egotistical strikers, real soccer is definitely a team sport first, making any player who’s more about themselves than the team a liability on the field.

7 The Wanima Twins’ Weapon Doesn’t Translate Well To Reality

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The Wanima Twins were a real threat for Isagi and Team Z. Their unique ability to read each other’s thoughts without saying a word helped them to gain the upper hand on the defense and make them a force to be reckoned with.

While communicating quasi-telepathically is an awesome weapon to have in Blue Lock, this capability doesn’t really translate well into real life. Psychics are hard to come by in reality, and finding a good telepath that also knows how to play soccer is even rarer. In real life, the Wanima Twins would probably be better off being mediums than midfielders.

6 Nagi Just Started Playing Soccer Recently

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Nagi has only been playing soccer for about six months, and during that time hasn’t even taken it very seriously at all. While that kind of plot device makes for an interesting backstory in an anime, someone with no prior experience playing soccer would have very little chance of being good enough to join the Japanese National team.

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Nagi does turn his work ethic around after meeting Isagi, and the effort he puts in after he realizes he actually likes soccer is commendable. Still, he got started a little too late in the game to have hopes of becoming a great player in real life.

5 Reo Never Had To Work A Day In His Life

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Similar to Nagi, Reo has barely been playing soccer for half a year and hadn’t had any practice before that. For him to be as great a player as he is in Blue Lock is already unrealistic, and it doesn’t help that he is often outranked by Nagi. If Nagi wouldn’t even be a great player in real life, it’s even less likely that Reo would.

It’s not out of the ordinary for a kid with everything like Reo to truly believe he can be great at something without putting any work into it, but that’s something that only happens in television, not reality. Regardless, Reo’s family was already extremely wealthy before he had dreams of being a soccer star, so he doesn’t need the money.

4 Tokimitsu’s Abilities Are Too Unstable

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Tokimitsu’s play style involves using his neurotic tendencies to his advantage on the field. He fixates on his insecurities until they drive him to his breaking point, which leads to him making an unbelievable goal by sheer force of will.

While something like this may be possible in real life, the degree to which Tokimitsu uses it as his weapon in Blue Lock is definitely unlikely. All great soccer geniuses have to be more fixated on their goal than others in order to be the best, but having an intense inner conflict in the middle of a match definitely seems like more of a detriment than anything else.

3 Yudai Imamura Has A Bad Relationship With Soccer

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Yudai Imamura’s greatest weapon is his speed and his technique. At least, that’s what it is according to him. However, not much of that speed and technique is ever actually shown in the series, unfortunately.

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One aspect of Imamura’s game that has been shown though is his eagerness to compare soccer to women. While most women would likely disagree with his assessment, Imamura will likely never find out personally if he has the same kind of bad luck with women as he does with soccer.

2 Aryu Isn’t As Great As He Appears

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While it certainly helps to have long limbs and a great reach in soccer, simply having those attributes typically isn’t enough to be a great player. In Blue Lock though, Aryu can use that as his weapon to completely take over a game from his opponents.

There’s no question that Aryu’s the most “glam” character on the field, but that doesn’t really do much in terms of winning games. Soccer is more about substance than style, and Aryu doesn’t seem to have any desire to make that distinction.

1 Isagi Thinks Too Much

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As the series’ main protagonist, Isagi was bound to have some characteristics that put him over and above other characters to be the best in the series. Isagi’s main weapon consists of “smelling a goal,” and his abilities often include other such airy, borderline-telepathic methods which just don’t happen in real life.

While it’s possible to pinpoint concepts that somewhat mirror those skills in real life, they definitely don’t have the supernatural quality that seems to give Isagi an edge in most of his matches. Even if he were able to actually smell goals in real life, Isagi’s long-winded inner dialogue which often occurs mid-play would give his opponents ample time to steal the ball in real life.

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