10 Bravest Characters in Bleach’s Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

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Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is the Bleach anime’s final story arc, depicting the all-out war between the Soul Reapers and their longtime enemies, the Quincy tribe. In this great conflict, only the most skilled, daring, and bravest warriors on either side can triumph on the battlefield and live to see another day.

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A truly brave shonen character may not lack fear, but they have the resolve, motivation, and discipline necessary to fight through their fear and risk their lives in battle. The TYBW story arc features plenty of heroes and villains alike who won’t let fear or hesitation get in the way; instead, they will throw themselves right at the enemy, no matter the danger, and either win or die trying.

Bleach manga spoilers ahead!

10 Ichigo Kurosaki Has Conquered His Fear

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Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki was actually rather fearful in some Bleach arcs, often because he got in over his head or was struggling with his own inner Hollow. Ichigo was terrified of Kenpachi when they first met, for example, and he feared Ulquiorra Schiffer more than he’d like to admit.

By now, in Bleach: TYBW, all fear is gone. Ichigo has fully mastered his powers, including his inner Hollow, and he knows he’s one of the strongest warriors around. He can charge right at the Quincy with confidence, even when outnumbered, and fight his way to victory.

9 Captain Byakuya Kuchiki Fears No Enemy

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Captain Byakuya Kuchiki of squad 6 is an immensely confident, even conceited, Soul Reaper commander who knows he can defeat most Hollows and Quincy with ease. He’s used to being one of the best, and he didn’t hesitate to face Sternritter F, As Nodt, during the Soul Society invasion.

Byakuya finally felt afraid when As Nodt used his words and The Fear, but that didn’t last long. Byakuya returned to face As Nodt again alongside Rukia, and he didn’t even slightly fear his creepy Sternritter foe as he helped Rukia crush him once and for all.

8 Yoruichi Shihoin Faces Death With A Big Smile

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Yoruichi Shihoin is an elite assassin who once commanded squad 2, and now she is Ichigo’s and Kisuke’s best ally. Never once in Bleach does Yoruichi fear her enemies, nor will she falter or hesitate when her foes demonstrate their incredible powers.

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Yoruichi bravely rescued Kisuke from Central 46’s chambers despite the cost, and she boldly took on Yammy Llargo in Karakura Town, too. Yoruichi also bravely faced deadly Sternritter like Askin Nakk Le Vaar, using her enhanced shunko to give herself the edge.

7 Grimmjow Jaegerjaques Treats War Like A Sport

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Grimmjow Jaegerjaques is an Espada who hits first and asks questions later, always resorting to aggressive action without any fear, even if he’s outnumbered. Grimmjow even fought Ulquiorra at one point and quickly got over the initial shock to bravely face the other Espada.

Grimmjow was also rather bold in the TYBW arc, ferociously attacking a fully powered-up Quilge Opie from behind to finish him off. Next, Grimmjow recklessly went after the other Espadas like Askin, though Askin sometimes used Grimmjow’s reckless courage against him.

6 Lieutenant Renji Abarai Will Win Or Die In The Attempt

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Lieutenant Renji Abarai belongs to squad 6, but he used to serve in squad 11, which says a lot about his combat style and attitude as a warrior. Renji bravely faced his own Captain in the Soul Society arc, then boldly took on Szayelaporro Grantz in Las Noches as well.

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Renji is always eager to fling himself into any battle and make a difference no matter the danger. He did that again in TYBW when he fought As Nodt first, then later battled the mighty Mask de Masculine with his new and improved bankai. Not once in that fight did Renji show any fear or awe in the face of Mask’s immense power.

5 Captain Kensei Muguruma Is A Tough Guy

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Captain Kensei Muguruma of squad 9 is an experienced commander and one of the eight Visoreds, or Soul Reapers who gained Hollow masks. Kensei is a tough guy with a drill sergeant personality, sternly barking at his fellow Soul Reapers to shape up and get the job done.

Kensei knows when he’s outmatched, but that doesn’t mean he will back down. Kensei bravely engaged Mask in battle even though Rojuro lost badly to him, and Kensei kept up the pressure with his bankai until Mask finally overwhelmed him with brute strength.

4 Gerard Valkyrie Is A Fearless Warrior Of God

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Sternritter M, Gerard Valkyrie, bears a strong resemblance to the thunder god Thor, and he’s got an attitude to match. Gerard is one of Yhwach’s most elite Sternritter, striding confidently into battle to take on all comers without any fear whatsoever.

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Gerard is enormously powerful, and he also feels motivated to fight for God’s sake, being a tireless warrior of God. Most of all, the war-loving Gerard can use his special ability, The Miracle, to become even stronger or recover his health when facing a superior foe.

3 Captain Sajin Komamura Will Risk It All For Duty’s Sake

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Captain Sajin Komamura commands squad 7, and he sets an example for all Soul Reapers who follow him. Sajin is a tough, brave, and noble Captain who believes he owes Yamamoto his very life, so he will gladly risk or sacrifice that life for duty’s sake.

Sajin bravely faced the explosive Bambietta Basterbine twice, and even after losing bankai to her, he didn’t lose faith in himself. He even used an all-or-nothing technique to defeat Bambietta for good, even though Sajin knew he’d lost almost everyone afterward.

2 Mask De Masculine Has James To Cheer Him On

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Mask de Masculine is Sternritter S, or The Superstar, and he indeed acts like a flamboyant wrestling champion in every fight. Mask even has a little friend named James to cheer him on, and James’ loving cheers will greatly boost Mask’s powers.

Mask believes he is a superstar hero who must triumph over the Soul Reaper “villains” at all costs, and he genuinely believes that as a hero, he cannot lose. This means Mask will fight ferociously without fear, though he did grow frustrated when Renji kept pace with him in their fight.

1 Captain Kenpachi Zaraki Lives For Battle

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Captain Kenpachi Zaraki of squad 11 is a famously brave and bloodthirsty Soul Reaper who thinks mortal danger is a game, not something to be afraid of. For him, war is a way of life, and he only fears having no worthy opponents to fight and keep his blade satisfied.

Kenpachi was glad to face Ichigo at his full strength in the Soul Society arc, and later on, he savored his deadly duel against Nnoitora Gilga, or Espada #5. In Bleach TYBW, Kenpachi didn’t hesitate to fight the fake Yhwach, and he also bravely faced Gremmy Thoumeaux’s titanic power with a bloodthirsty grin on his face and a shikai in his hands.

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