10 DC Characters Who Could Benefit From Lazarus Planet

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Lazarus Planet is currently shaking up DC Comics. The eruption of the Lazarus Volcano has already begun to make a difference. Magic is wonky, heroes and villains alike are getting new powers, and ancient forces are awakening. DC’s heroes are doing their best to stave off the chaos, with heroes and villains alike discovering just how different the Lazarus rains have made the world.

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Looking at the current events and what is announced for the end of the story, Lazarus Planet is going to have a huge effect on things before the end. It will leave some in better places than they were.

10 Batman Always Prospers

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Batman is the world’s greatest vigilante and DC’s biggest hero. He appears in more comics per month than anyone and was a co-star of Batman Vs. Robin, the book that kicked off Lazarus Planet. Currently, in the story, the character is convalescing, but this is DC in the 2020s; Batman will definitely be up and about by the end and ready to help.

If there’s one bet that can always be made about DC in the 2020s, it’s that Batman will benefit from whatever is going on. The publisher does everything it can to put Batman front and center as much as possible. There’s no world where Batman doesn’t walk out of Lazarus Planet in a better position.

9 Red Canary Keeps Getting Pushed

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Red Canary debuted in Dark Crisis. She appeared in several of the tie-ins and was teased for Lazarus Planet in the house ads. She hasn’t appeared in the last two one-shots — Assault On Krypton or We Once Were Gods — but DC is definitely going to pull her out at some point. She feels like a character that DC wants to push, so putting her in Lazarus Planet is a shrewd move.

It’ll be interesting to see what the company does with her. Dark Crisis saw her meeting her hero, Black Canary. Lazarus Planet looks to lead her to her next step. DC has done a lot with her lately, and it will be interesting to see where she goes next.

8 Lilith Has Gotten Her First Big Role Since Rebirth

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Lilith Clay is one of the lesser Teen Titans, joining the team in the era before New Teen Titans came out and revolutionized the brand. She’s mostly been a C-list character, recently in 2016’s Titans series. She eventually left the book and then was gone until her appearance in Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton.

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This story kicked off Lilith’s tenure with Power Girl, teaching the Kryptonian about her new psionic powers. It’s her biggest starring role in a couple of years. She’s joined Power Girl in her Action Comics feature, so Lilith is already doing better than she’s done in a while.

7 Jon Kent’s Power Change Means Big New Things For Him

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Jon Kent took his place among DC’s best heroes in 2022, defeating Henry Bendix and freeing Gamorra. He also stepped up during Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths, doing his best to give the same kind of leadership Superman would. He ended the year reunited with his Dad, the two of them spending a lot of time together to make up for Superman’s time on Warworld.

The Lazarus rains have already had an effect on Jon, changing his powers to the energy-manipulating side of his Kryptonian heritage. This power change kicks off a new time in his life, one that looks to be rather exciting. It’ll be interesting to see where his new powers take him.

6 Damian Wayne Is Finally Getting A Real Chance To Lead

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DC’s been getting Damian Wayne ready for years. Slowly but surely, the publisher has built him into a bigger and bigger character, and Lazarus Planet might finally be his graduation. After being manipulated by Nezhu and Mother Soul, Damian stepped up big time, leading the efforts to stem the chaos of the Lazarus rains and stop the threat behind it all.

Damian has long been the brat prince of the DC Universe, but Lazarus Planet feels like it’s finally showing the other side of him. Having him take a serious role in cleaning up his own mess will let readers see him in a whole new light. It’s just the push he needs.

5 Shazam Is Ready For Another Closeup

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Shazam is a comics legend, but things haven’t been great for him in the 21st century when it comes to comics. He lost his original name — Captain Marvel — and was a part of the New 52 Justice League as its popularity started to fade. The Rebirth years saw him get a new series, but it was plagued with delays and never found too much of a market.

Lazarus Planet: Once We Were Gods saw him freed from the Rock of Eternity by Mary Marvel and Malik, Black Adam’s new protégé. Shazam is about to get a massive new series from writer Mark Waid and artist Dan Mora. The story has already done everything it needs to him, and it’s not even over yet.

4 Martian Manhunter Deserves To Be Pushed Again

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Many of the greatest DC heroes aren’t humans. Superman and his family and Wonder Woman are the two biggest examples, but right behind them is Martian Manhunter. The Justice League stalwart has been a part of the heart of DC for decades, but his place in things since the New 52 has been pretty lackluster. Every DC fan has lamented what the publisher has done with him since.

Martian Manhunter is beloved by DC fans, but there’s been little to love for a long time. For many, Lazarus Planet will feel like a failure if he doesn’t come out of it in a better position. There’s no Justice League for him to join, but hopefully, something good will come out of Lazarus Planet for him.

3 Monkey Prince Is A Key Part Of Lazarus Planet

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Monkey Prince is a strange choice for a big-time DC character, but Lazarus Planet may make it happen. The son of the Monkey King, Monkey Prince has been a surprise smash for DC fans, and it’s playing a role in Lazarus Planet. Chinese mythology plays a big role with the villains of the book, like Nezha and King Fire Bull, which is right up Monkey Prince’s alley.

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If DC plays their cards right, they can have a breakout star with Monkey Prince. Putting him up front for the first event of Dawn Of DCU is very smart. He’s a fun character, and hooking readers on him now will pay off in the future.

2 Power Girl Is Back

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DC’s Golden Age legacy heroes play many roles in the Multiverse, but recent years have seen Power Girl slip through the cracks. Power Girl has been a fan favorite for decades, but she’s gone through a lot of ups and downs. Post-New 52, she was basically completely gone from the DC Universe for a while. Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton changed that.

Granted psi-powers from the Lazarus rain, Power Girl teamed up with Lilith to train, and the two have already started their feature in Action Comics. Fans have waited for this sort of role from her for a long time. Hopefully, this feature will be the beginning of a return to prominence.

1 Cyborg Might Finally Shake Off The Doldrums Of The New 52

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Some DC heroes need a break in 2023, and Cyborg deserves one the most. His stint in the Justice League was supposed to be his big ticket during the New 52, but the character was completely misused. Since then, nothing has worked out for the character at all. 2023 looks to change that, as he’s been teased with a role in Lazarus Planet, a berth in Titans, and his own series.

Cyborg is a character that everyone wants to root for, but rarely has had a reason to in years. He’s been so misused that many fans have lost hope. Lazarus Planet is hopefully going to change all of that, making him the A-lister he should have been for years.

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