10 DC Comics Characters Who Don’t Respect Authority

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DC Comics’s heroes and villains have battled for control for years. While many DC characters respect authority, many have no respect for it at all. This is quite common with the highest ranking villains, but even some heroes are known for having a hard time with authority.

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These DC heroes respect no one but the innocent and don’t listen to anyone, something that defines their battle against evil. Many well-known DC characters, including the most iconic, hate authority and prefer to walk to their own beat. Whether they want to do things their way or prefer to be the one giving orders, these individuals don’t want anyone telling them what to do.

10 Perpetua Wanted To Destroy Her People So She Could Be The Only Hand

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The Justice League faced terrible threats, but none could match Perpetua. She was a Hand, a race of being who created multiverses. As the creator of the DC Multiverse, she weaponized her creation, because she had a plan for it. Perpetua wanted to destroy the Hand’s multiverses and then the Hand themselves.

Perpetua aimed to become the last being in the omniverse who could create multiverses. She wanted to be the greatest authority, one who could create or destroy based on her own whims. Perpetua didn’t want anyone to tell her what to do or to have power over her. Nothing mattered to her but her own will.

9 The Joker Is Anarchy Personified

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The Joker has never met a source of authority that he didn’t want to destroy. If Batman is all about order, the Joker is walking chaos and anarchy. The Joker hasn’t met a power structure that he wouldn’t destroy just for kicks. Telling the Joker what to do is a surefire way to get hit by some kind of lethal attack.

There have been times when the Joker has done what he’s told of his own volition, but that’s not because he’s suddenly decided to respect authority. It’s because he chose to listen. Everyone who works with the Joker knows that there’s no authority he truly respects. At any point, the Joker can decide that it’s time to break everything, and that’s all there is to it.

8 Red Hood Was Long The Bat-Family’s Biggest Rebel

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Jason Todd’s return as the Red Hood saw him comeback with a huge chip on his shoulder. While he definitely hated the Joker for killing him, he also hated Batman. The Dark Knight was the ultimate authority figure in Jason’s life, and he didn’t even try to avenge his former sidekick. Authority became meaningless to the man who became Red Hood.

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As a villain, Red Hood was all about destroying every source of authority in front of him, whether it be Batman, the police, or crime bosses. Even after he reformed, he was still a rebel. Red Hood didn’t listen to anyone, doing whatever he wanted and following his own rules. He lightened up in recent years, but he’s always ready to tell someone off.

7 Batman Respects No Authority But His Own

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Batman is DC’s greatest vigilante, and a leader of the superhero community. He also hates authority. Batman loves justice, but he knows those in power can’t be trusted in that area. Batman fights to keep the people safe and to keep Gotham going. He’s seen too many people in authority aggrandize themselves instead of helping the people.

As far as the superhero community goes, Batman is known for doing what he wants, when he wants. In that case, it’s more about his certainty in himself. In the Dark Knight’s mind, he’s the only one who’s qualified to make the hard decisions.

6 Vandal Savage Has No Respect For Anyone But Himself

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The Justice League has battled some iconic foes, but few are as old as Vandal Savage. He’s existed as long as humanity has and was granted superhuman strength, intelligence, and immortality by a radioactive meteor. Since the beginning, he’s been all about doing whatever he wanted.

Vandal Savage is a raider, a person who will take whatever he wants whenever he wants it, regardless of who is in charge. Savage respecting authority is laughable because he doesn’t respect anything. To Vandal, the only law of the land is strength, and he’s the strongest. He’ll battle anyone who tries to put themselves above him.

5 Darkseid Wants Control Of Everything

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DC villains and greed go hand in hand, but some are greedier than others. The greediest villain in the DC Multiverse is easily Darkseid. There is no authority in existence that he respects, no power that he believes is greater than himself. The only authority Darkseid wants to exist is his own.

That’s why Darkseid wants the Anti-Life Equation; so that he can be the guiding will of existence. Darkseid will fight against anyone in order to prove he is greater than him. Darkseid usurped his father’s throne, and since then, no one is above him. On Apokolips, there is no greater power than Darkseid. That’s his vision for all existence.

4 Conner Kent Was A Rebel From The Beginning

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Superboy is a venerable mantle, but one of them didn’t want anything to do with the name for ages. Conner Kent was a clone created by Cadmus to be their Superman, but the Newsboy Legion freed him too early. A perpetual teenager, his rebellious phase was basically his life. While he eventually took the name Superboy, he didn’t like to listening to anyone.

Conner lightened up as the years went on, but he hasn’t suddenly become a person who loves being told what to do. For Conner, it’s about whether those in authority respect him. If they have respect for him, he’ll treat them well. If they don’t, he’ll rip them apart.

3 The Batman Who Laughs Combined The Anti-Social Tendencies Of Batman And The Joker

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Batman and the Joker both have a deep disrespect for authority for entirely different reasons. Combine the two of them and The Batman Who Laughs is what comes out. He’s chaotic, yet he’s smart enough to make a plan and stick to it. He wants to destroy everything he can, but he understands that sometimes a little thinking goes a long way.

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The Batman Who Laughs has no problem pretending to respect authority in order to get what he wants. He pretended to work with Perpetua in order to get to a point where he was powerful enough to destroy her. He’s more than willing to play the game in order to get to a place to destroy any authority.

2 Lex Luthor Hates Authority Like Few Others

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Lex Luthor is DC’s most iconic villain. His hatred of authority that comes from his childhood. Lionel Luthor abused Lex and his sister Lena, treating them terribly for years. This made Lex hate authority more than anything else. To him, authority is about being the abuser, the one who can do whatever they want.

Lex Luthor decided he would allow no one to exercise authority over him. The few times Lex has kowtowed to someone has been for the promise of greater power. He doesn’t trust anyone who tries to put themselves above him and will do his best to figure out how to put himself on top. To Lex, anyone’s law but his own is barely a suggestion.

1 There’s A Reason Lobo Calls Himself The Main Man

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DC is full of cool heroes, and many don’t respect authority one bit. Of that number, Lobo is definitely the most anti-social. He’s the last Czarnian because he killed everyone else. He’s never met an authority figure he didn’t want to stab. As far as respecting other lifeforms, Lobo only cares about the space dolphins. Everyone else is just meat.

Lobo has, on occasion, listened to others, but it’s only because it was in his best interest. He’s a nearly unstoppable force of carnage, and anyone who gets in his way is angling for a hurting. If they try to tell Lobo what to do and get in his way, it’s even worse.

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