10 DC Heroes Who Would Make Better Bodyguards

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The heroes of DC Comics are very good at their jobs. They’ve thrown themselves into the most dangerous battles ever and always win in the end. They’ve risked their lives multiple times to save the day, and have no qualms about helping the innocent. Many heroes have made it a big part of their jobs to patrol their respective cities and save people’s lives.

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Many heroes have powers and skills that make them perfect at saving lives, and would make excellent bodyguards. Many of them basically do that anyway. With their attributes and experience, from super strength to battling gods and monsters, they would make most excellent bodyguards.

10 Wonder Woman Would Relish Being A Bodyguard

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Wonder Woman is a brilliant warrior, but she doesn’t fight because she enjoys the battle. Wonder Woman is a person who loves to protect others. To her, that’s the only reason to ever fight, to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Wonder Woman would love to be a bodyguard and would be amazing at it.

Her training in battle has made her extremely vigilant, so she’d do good at watching for threats. She’s superlatively strong and durable, so she could take pretty much anything that is thrown at her. Her super speed is respected by the Flash himself, so she can intercept targets before they hit her charge. Add in her flying abilities, and she’d be an amazing bodyguard.

9 Cyborg Is The Ultimate Tank

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For years now, Cyborg has filled a very important role in the DC Universe. Beyond his tech-based powers, allowing him to control and use technology around him, he’s been the ultimate tank. He can take ridiculous amounts of damage and dish it out, using his great strength and ability to shape his limbs into weapons as potent offensive options.

As a bodyguard, Cyborg can basically take control of every camera and watch every angle at once. He can intercept attacks easily, creating an impenetrable wall of protection around his charge. On top of that, his ability to manifest Boom Tubes would make traveling through dangerous areas or making quick escapes a snap.

8 Hawkman Would Love Being A Bodyguard

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Hawkman may not seem like an ideal bodyguard, especially compared to the more powerful heroes out there. However, he has plenty of intangibles that would make him great. Sure, he’s heavily armed and skilled, plus his Nth metal harness gives him great durability and a healing factor so he can take the shots. However, he also has amazing eyesight.

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Like his namesake the hawk, Hawkman has keen vision. This comes in handy at high altitudes, as it allows him to pick out targets no matter how far away they are. This would come in handy as a bodyguard, allowing him to pick out threats from afar and be ready for them before they strike.

7 Batman’s Resources And Planning Ability Would Come In Handy

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Batman is the world’s greatest vigilante, someone who is known for saving the lives of the people of Gotham City and beyond. He may not have any superpowers, but he would still make an amazing bodyguard. To begin with, Batman is very good at anticipating threats and planning for them. He’s also an expert at creating top-notch security and surveillance systems.

As a bodyguard, Batman would have every single approach watched and planned for. He’d have all the angles figured out and be completely prepared. He’d bring all of his resources to bear on the problem, allowing him to give his charge complete protections.

6 Superman Would Be A Flawless Bodyguard

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Superman is extremely formidable, and his variety of abilities would make him into the perfect bodyguard. His super senses would allow him to detect any threat long before he hits his charge. His super speed would let him stop anything before it had a chance to hit the person he was protecting. If he couldn’t stop it, he’d be able to take the attack easily.

Superman saves people all the time from everything anyone can think of. Having to protect just one person would be a cakewalk for him. Honestly, he’s basically done this for years with Lois Lane, so it wouldn’t be any kind of stretch for him.

5 Nightwing Has All The Skills To Be An Excellent Bodyguard

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Nightwing is DC’s main character lately, showing up everywhere and saving the day. Dick Grayson has been a superhero since he was a young boy, honing himself to levels of physical perfection that are downright impossible. He’s amazingly skilled and smart, and is exactly the type of person who would make an excellent bodyguard.

Nightwing, first and foremost, has the dedication a bodyguard. His lack of powers has never been a detriment in crimefighting, and it wouldn’t as a bodyguard. He’s got all the bona fides to make an amazing bodyguard.

4 The Green Lantern Corps Would Make An Amazing Bodyguard Corps

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The Green Lantern Corps is a potent organization. While there are many disparate members with a variety of ways of doing things, all of them have the power ring in common. Green Lantern rings are basically the perfect tool for any bodyguard. A Green Lantern can just put their charge in an energy bubble, protecting them from any attack.

As for taking out attackers, the ring also has them covered. They can pluck threats right out of crowds, sequester them with force fields, or just knock them out. The Green Lanterns have certainly went on bodyguard missions before, and it’s hard to imagine them failing.

3 Zatanna’s Magic Would Make Protecting Someone A Snap

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Zatanna is the superhero community’s premiere magic user. She isn’t the most powerful, but she’s as skilled as they come. That skill is going to go a long way if she were to become a bodyguard. She knows all manner of protective spells, all of which would come in handy, and her backwards talking magic would give her unique ways to protect her charges.

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For example, she could use her powers to disarm everyone in the crowd or to identify anyone with bad intentions. Magic is an extremely versatile tool, and someone as skilled as Zatanna is with it could find all kinds of ways to use it as a bodyguard.

2 Martian Manhunter’s Powers And Skills Would Combine To Make Him A Bodyguard Extraordinaire

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Many DC heroes have a lot of powers, and some of them would definitely be great bodyguards. Martian Manhunter has a pretty diverse range of powers, and they would all help him as a bodyguard. His most useful would be his telepathy, as it would allow him to detect threats and stop them before they struck.

His super strength and speed would make a huge difference, as would his durability. His shapeshifting would also be useful, as he could make himself bigger, allowing him to protect his charge from attacks better. His intangibility and invisibility would allow him to move through crowds like a ghost, using his telepathy to find threats and take them down.

1 The Flash’s Speed Is An Amazing Bodyguarding Tool

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The Flash is the World’s Fastest Man and that would translate very well to being a bodyguard. The Speed Force gives the Flash a variety of powers, and they would all allow him to protect people very well. He could intercept any attack, run in, and quickly deal with the attacker. He could do that so quickly that it wouldn’t even appear like he left his charge’s side.

On top of that, the Flash could use vibrational abilities to phase his charges through attacks as well. The Flash’s bodyguard skills would be second to none. He’s incredibly skilled with his powers and using them to protect others, so becoming a bodyguard would be a snap.

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