10 DC Super-Teams Who Deserve Their Own Book

A split image of the Legion of Doom, the Legion of Superheroes, and the Outsiders from DC Comics

DC Comics revolutionized the super-team. In fact, it’s safe to say they created the super-team with the Justice Society or at the very least the team concept that combined all of a publisher’s greatest heroes. Since then, DC has given readers all kinds of great teams, both heroic and villainous. However, DC has basically abandoned the super-team in their publishing line-up in recent years.

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DC barely publishes any team books. However, there are plenty of great teams, ranging from the heroic Justice League to the villainous Sinestro Corps, that should have comic book series again.



10 The Justice League

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The Justice League are legends. The team has contained the most powerful and skilled DC heroes ever, and has defeated threats from silly to serious. The team has saved the Multiverse numerous times and has given readers adventures like no other comic team. They are the exemplars of the DC Universe, and it’s impossible to picture it without them.

The Justice League hasn’t had a book since 2022. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths ended with Superman and Batman telling Nightwing the League is taking a break. Fans have no idea when the team is returning, but many want them back sooner rather than later, and it’s hard to argue with that.

9 The Freedom Fighters

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Pre-Crisis DC had to fit in numerous characters from companies that DC bought. They usually did this by creating new Earths for them, and this happened to the Freedom Fighters. The team consisted of Uncle Sam, the Human Bomb, the Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, and Doll Man, who fought the Nazis on Earth-X, an Earth where the Nazis won the war.

Post-Crisis, the team was folded into the history of the Earth, but with the return of the Multiverse, the Freedom Fighters are back out on Earth-10, battling a Nazi Justice League, the New Reichsmen. A book following the Freedom Fighters in their war against the Nazis would be great. DC needs to utilize its Multiverse better and the Freedom Fighters are a great place to start.

8 The Justice League Dark

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The Justice League Dark isn’t the first DC magical team, but they’ve gone down as the best. First appearing in the New 52, the team combined all of DC’s best magical B and C-listers, led by John Constantine and Zatanna. As good as this run was, the team’s 2018 return was even better, bringing in a new roster and pitting them against the Upside-Down Man.

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The Justice League Dark’s 2018 book was eventually folded into Justice League as a back-up, and was often the best part of the comic. The Justice League Dark works so well because the magical side of DC’s universe is so rich. There’s so much to explore and so many heroes to include that the book could go on forever.

7 Infinity Inc.

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Many DC superteams deserve a comeback, no matter how unlikely it would be. Infinity Inc.’s return would be very unlikely, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. Infinity Inc. was basically the Teen Titans of the Justice Society, combining the next generation of Earth-2’s superheroes into a team. They stayed around for a few years post-Crisis, but haven’t had a book in decades.

Members of the old team are alums of the Justice League and Justice Society, proving how great the team made them. A return with either the old roster as adults or a combination of new and old members would be great. The JSA’s side of the DC Universe needs more fleshing out, and Infinity Inc. could be a beginning point for that.

6 The Sinestro Corps

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The Sinestro Corps is a deadly group, and haven’t ever gotten the spotlight they deserve. They’ve starred in multiple story arcs, but they never got their own book. Somehow, the Red Lanterns, a much less popular group, got a book before the Sinestro Corps did. DC was all about making the fascist Sinestro a heroic figure, so it’s weird they never pulled the trigger on a Sinestro Corps book.

That needs to change. The Corps has always been a very intriguing group, even beyond its illustrious leader. Books about villain teams rarely get a lot of play, but the Sinestro Corps is a perfect group for it. Much like the Green Lantern Corps, there’s so much to explore.

5 The Rogues

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The Flash has some powerful villains, speedsters who could defeat any hero slower than them. However, the Flash also has a load of gimmick villains who aren’t exactly the most powerful, but are able to stand against the Scarlet Speedster nonetheless. These are the Rogues, the greatest team of villains in comics. Led by Captain Cold, they are a villain team unlike any other.

The Rogues work together like a hero team. They have camaraderie and look out for each other, working as a group to face off against the Flash. A team book exploring the dynamics of the Rogues and maybe setting them against other heroes would be so much fun.

4 Teen Titans

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The Teen Titans are icons. Originally a grouping of DC’s teen sidekicks – Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Speedy – it would expand and become DC’s main teen team. The New Teen Titans years in the early 80s are the apex of the team, although their return in the ’00s brought a lot of great stories. However, the New 52 completely destroyed the team.

The Teen Titans are absent from things right now. The Titans, the grown up members of the New Teen Titans, are returning, but there are other heroes who could make up the Teen Titans. They’re extremely important to the heroic community and deserve a new book.

3 The Legion Of Doom

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The Legion of Doom consists of the greatest villains in the DC Universe. They’re the main enemies of the Justice League, made up of the heroes’ arch-nemeses. They were a huge part of Justice League from 2018 to 2020, but haven’t really been seen since, beyond the members appearing in the books of the heroes they fight.

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DC once has a Secret Society of Super Villains book, a precursor of the Legion of Doom, but the Legion itself has never had a book. Villain team books are quite rare, and the ones that have been published are rarely A-list villains. Having a book starring the greatest villains of the DC multiverse is an out of left field choice, but one that could pay off for readers.

2 The Outsiders

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DC is no stranger to secretive teams, something the Outsiders have always played into. The first version of the team was brought together by Batman, heroes who he trusted and would carry out missions of his choice. The second incarnation of the group was brought together Nightwing, a secret group meant to take on grave threats, consisting of heroes Nightwing doesn’t have as much of a connection to, which played into his sadness over the death of several of his Titans friends.

Batman has brought the group back twice since Nightwing’s team, but it hasn’t been seen in years. The Outsiders have always been an interesting team, and a new book starring them could play into that. They’re a solid B-list team, and would give readers some great adventures.

1 The Legion Of Super-Heroes

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Great DC comics don’t always have long runs, something that’s happened to the Legion of Super-Heroes a lot in recent years. The team has DC’s most tangled continuity, even though the premise is very simple: they’re a team of alien 31st century heroes. Legion books haven’t had a lot of success in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean DC should stop trying.

The last version of the Legion only lasted twelve issues, even with A-list talent like writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ryan Sook onboard. However, the Legion is very important to DC history, and the publisher just needs to find a way to make them work. The future teens have given readers great stories, and can do so again in a new book.

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