10 DCEU Actors Most Likely To Return In James Gunn’s DCU

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At this point, it is unclear who is going to star in James Gunn’s DCU after he reboots the franchise. Although Superman is going to be recast, Gunn has hinted that perhaps the new reboot won’t completely recast everyone from the DC Extended Universe, which has got many fans excited about who might return.

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If this is the case, some DCEU actors could reprise their roles, even possibly different versions, in the DCU. Despite the faults of some DC films, many castings from that universe have become iconic. Fans would rejoice if certain actors returned under James Gunn’s creative control.

10 Zachary Levi’s Shazam Could Fight Black Adam

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The first Shazam! was a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the comics and the titular hero. In the 2019 movie, Zachary Levi effectively portrayed a kid inside the body of a grown superhero. Though Shazam! did not break records, there was enough success to warrant a sequel, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Many DC fans are hyped for the 2023 sequel.

Since Shazam never got the chance to fight Black Adam in the DCEU, James Gunn will likely rectify this by bringing back Zachary Levi to finally fight Dwayne Johnson’s Adam. This would make comic fans happy, especially if Shazam! Fury of the Gods is successful.

9 Jurnee Smollett Could Return As Black Canary

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Before James Gunn took over, the Black Canary spin-off starring Jurnee Smollett was constantly being delayed, even though she was easily the show-stealing character of Birds of Prey. Since James Gunn already experimented with a Black Canary villain in The Suicide Squad with Savant, it’s possible that Gunn will want to bring that rivalry to life.

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The rebooted DCU could reintroduce so many heroes in fresh ways and Jurnee Smollett’s Black Canary could help. Black Canary could lead the DCU to introduce Green Arrow and a new roster of the Birds Of Prey. After all the build-up, it would be a shame if Black Canary was just thrown away.

8 Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman Was A Standout Character In Black Adam

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Overall, Black Adam was a divisive entry in the DCEU. Despite the mixed reviews, the Justice Society was praised, especially the first cinematic adaptation of Hawkman. Amidst all the drama that occurred with Black Adam, it was announced that Hawkman would get his own spin-off movie.

Aldis Hodge gave a great performance as Hawkman, and because James Gunn is looking to kickstart a new era for the DCU, a character like Hawkman would be the perfect place to start. Not only is the character fairly new to the big screen, but Hawkman could also be a good addition to either the Justice Society or Justice League in the DCU.

7 Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate Has Potential

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Pierce Brosnan was perhaps a surprising DCU casting, but his performance as Doctor Fate was excellent. The actor managed to embody the tortured yet sophisticated hero surprisingly well. The only problem with Doctor Fate in Black Adam was that the film killed him off when he could have been part of the DCU’s future.

That is where a reboot can change things. James Gunn could easily bring Doctor Fate to the forefront of the DCU. In the comics, Doctor Fate played a large part in how the Justice League and Justice Society first met. The character could also play a big role in major DC crises, if James Gunn has plans for things such as Crisis On Infinite Earths.

6 James Gunn Cast Idris Elba As Bloodsport

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Considering it was James Gunn who brought Idris Elba to the DC universe in The Suicide Squad, it wouldn’t be surprising if Elba was to return as Bloodsport or even another character. Bloodsport managed to become one of the best characters of the DCEU thanks to his impressive arsenal of weapons and his engrossing redemption arc throughout The Suicide Squad.

Idris Elba himself expressed interest in coming back to the DCU, and since the Man of Steel appears to be a priority for James Gunn’s reboot, Bloodsport could easily be the villain to go against the all-new Superman portrayal. As a bonus, Bloodsport could potentially get his own spin-off like Peacemaker did.

5 Jason Momoa Could Return As Aquaman Or Lobo

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Jason Momoa gave a strong performance as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but his portrayal in James Wan’s Aquaman was even better. This is likely why Aquaman remains DC’s biggest hit at the box office. It’s unlikely that James Gunn’s DCU will get rid of Momoa, although he may ask the actor to portray a different character.

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Jason Momoa has made it very clear that his favorite comic book character is one of DC’s most famous anti-heroes, Lobo. While many would love to see Momoa return as Aquaman, fans would be equally hyped if Momoa played Lobo in a solo movie or as the villain in a Superman film. Lobo and Aquaman are so different that fans would likely accept him as both.

4 John Cena’s Peacemaker Is Already Iconic

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Similar to Idris Elba’s time as Bloodsport, John Cena joined the DCEU under James Gunn. Cena came back with the director for the Peacemaker series on HBO Max, which has turned out to be an incredibly successful project. John Cena really made a splash as Christopher Pike, who proved to be far more layered than audiences would expect from such a silly-looking character.

Because Peacemaker proved to be a huge hit, James Gunn has announced that he had ideas for other The Suicide Squad spin-off shows. The character was one of the strongest anti-heroes in the DCEU, and it’s clear that James Gunn and John Cena both loved working on Peacemaker. This collaboration can easily continue for Gunn’s DCU.

3 Margot Robbie Is Synonymous With Harley Quinn

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After three movies, most fans agree that Margot Robbie was born to play Harley Quinn. Not only did Robbie do a good portion of Harley’s acrobatic stunts, but she also portrayed the character’s complicated nature with a silver tongue and quick wit. Robbie effectively got to play the villainous, anti-heroic, and heroic sides of the character.

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Margot Robbie has expressed how much she loves playing Harley, and fans couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role. Robbie even helped get Birds Of Prey made before immediately moving on to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. There’s no reason to not bring Robbie back.

2 Viola Davis Has Been Amanda Waller In Four DC Projects

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The biggest thread that tied the many disconnected DCEU projects together was the inclusion of Viola Davis as the evil Amanda Waller. Obviously, she was in both Suicide Squad movies, she returned in Peacemaker, and made one last appearance in Black Adam.

Amanda Waller being in so many projects means she should be brought into the rebooted franchise. It shows how well Viola Davis can portray Waller, making the character truly despicable while giving enough charisma that fans keep wanting her to appear elsewhere. Fans loved to hate her, and she will more than likely continue to steal the show in Gunn’s DCU.

1 Gal Gadot Has Always Been Fans’ Wonder Woman

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Regardless of the less-than-stellar reception of Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot is still cherished as Wonder Woman. Ever since she first appeared with her now iconic superhero theme song in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot has given fans the definitive version of Wonder Woman.

Many audiences were still looking forward to seeing what Gal Gadot could bring to a third Wonder Woman movie or even future crossovers. Gal Gadot practically became the face of the DCEU and, recently, the actor even hinted at the future that could be in store for her in Gunn’s DCU.

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