10 Dumbest My Hero Academia Heroes

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My Hero Academia boasts many incredible superheroes. Several of them are some of the brightest minds in their universe. However, for as many bright minds as there are, there are just as many dim ones. Though they are rare, My Hero Academia is no stranger to dumb heroes – young and old.

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The heroes are dumb in different ways, but they all lack intelligence in some aspect of their lives. Whether they act too rashly in crises like All Might, or they do not perform well on tests like Denki, these My Hero Academia superheroes are some of the least intelligent.



10 Izuku Midoriya

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Izuku Midoriya has shown incredible aptitude in battle. His analytical skills are unmatched, and he’s helped himself and his friends obtain victory in countless scenarios. However, Midoriya’s blind obsession with becoming the next Symbol of Peace clouds his judgment and hurts himself and his friends sometimes. Midoriya first shows his bad judgment when he pushes himself too far while initially training with All Might on the beach.

Despite the strict diet and exercise plan All Might gives him, Midoriya ignores it and forges on. This ultimately hurts Midoriya in the end, as he overexerts himself. This pattern continues in his fighting style, as he pushes himself to go farther with little regard for his safety. If Midoriya were smart, he would know when to pull back so that he could be healthy and not have his friends worry about him so much.

9 Eijiro Kirishima

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To Eijiro Kirishima, manliness is close to godliness. His close-combat fighting style means that he has to get up close and personal with his enemies, which is not always the wisest choice. However, eager to prove himself, Kirishima sometimes lets his need for masculinity cloud his judgment.

Plus, like so many others, Kirishima also struggles with his schoolwork. Though he is improving, Kirishima has shown that he is ready and willing to receive help. He hopes to grow and change so that he too can live up to his idol Crimson Riot’s illustrious name.

8 Neito Monoma

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Neito Monoma is the most obnoxious character from Class 1-B. He boats about his class to anyone who will listen – and those that do not want to. He also touts his own abilities and revels in showing off. However, his braggadocio shows a lack of forward-thinking on his part.

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Though he rarely realizes it, his constant showboating annoys his classmates and rivals so much that they end up singling him out, just to teach him a lesson. While this works to his advantage sometimes, it usually ends with his defeat. Not to mention that he struggles with his school work as well.

7 Hanta Sero

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Like a few others in Class 1-A Hanta Sero does not perform well on tests. Though he makes an effort to study, he frequently scores toward the bottom of his class. Although he has proved himself to be a fairly good fighter, Sero’s strengths do not lie in academics.

Additionally, Sero has always appeared rather laid back. This leads many to wonder if his grades would improve if he cared enough about them as he does his hero work. Though he does get help from some of the others, it is clear to fans that Sero’s mainly focuses on training his body, not his mind.

6 Shoto Todoroki

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Though he does not look like it on the outside, Shoto Todoroki is an exceedingly emotional fighter who lets his anger and sadness sometimes cloud his fighting style. While this does make for impressive displays of raw power, it also serves to tire him out faster.

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This way of fighting is not sustainable and often leaves Todoroki to become either too hot or too cold. His need to surpass his father, as well as his unchecked emotional trauma, have led Todoroki to become a reactionary hero who does not think through his decisions.

5 All Might

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All Might is the greatest hero the world has ever known. He is the shining Symbol of Peace who helped everyone feel secure in their uncertain and ever-changing society. That said, All Might has made some truly bizarre and nonsensical decisions.

Firstly, although it has mostly worked out in his favor, All Might’s choice to give Izuku Midoriya One For All was rash.

Without even knowing Midoriya for more than a few hours, All Might haphazardly decides to give the random stranger his power. Plus, All Might has frequent faux pas when it comes to being a teacher as well. Gran Torino even took over Midoriya’s training and taught him more in a few days than All Might did in a year. All Might also struggles socially when he is not doing Hero Work.

4 Denki Kaminari

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Denki Kaminari is a lovable but not academically gifted student in Class 1-A. Kaminari loves to party and has an incredible Electricity Quirk, but his Quirk literally makes him dumb. When he distributes too much voltage, it leaves him in an idiotic state. Kaminari also struggles in the classroom as he tends to freeze when he has to take written tests.

Kaminari has grown a lot in his fighting style since the first season where he regularly over-exerted himself. He even played a pivotal role in helping the Pro Heroes raid the Paranormal Liberation Front’s hideout. Unfortunately, he still only scrapes by on exams thanks to his peers’ and teachers’ cram study sessions.

3 Rikido Sato

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Rikido Sato – like a few of his other classmates – does not test well. Though he gets help, he never seems to cross the safe threshold for his grades. However, unlike his friends, Sato also struggles on the battlefield.

Since his strength is powered by how much sugar he consumes, he can quickly run out, making him exhausted and loopy. Plus, his brash style of jumping into fights is not the smartest way to approach battles. Sato is learning and improving along with the rest of his class – just not as quickly.

2 Mina Ashido

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Mina Ashido is another Class 1-A student who is more adept at social interactions than she is at exams. Mina has superb emotional intelligence – even getting the cynical Katsuki Bakugo to join in on their School Festival band. However, she struggles when it comes to academics.

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Ashido does her best. She asks her friends for help and has study sessions with teachers, but she still manages to get lower test scores than some of her other classmates. Fans can hope that Mina’s efforts will pay off and her grades with improve as much as her fighting style has.

1 Minoru Mineta

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Minoru Mineta is one of the most academically gifted students in Class 1-A. However, Mineta’s lack of intelligence comes into play whenever he is around girls. Mineta shamelessly lets his libido lead him toward unsavory behavior that hurts his heroic image in the long run.

Although he has gotten marginally better in this aspect, Mineta is also too boastful for his own good. He loves to taunt his enemies, which often makes them angry and therefore, fuels their fights. If Mineta learned to self-edit his thoughts, he would not put himself and others into such compromising situations.

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