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10 Facts about Yami Sukehiro That You Might Not Know

facts about Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro is one of Black Clover’s coolest and most powerful characters. Yami Sukehiro is a Hino Country native and the first leader of the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull Magic Knights squad. He was a part of the Grey Deer squad in the past. Yami is a large, strong man. He has grey eyes and black hair that is combed backwards and sticking forth in a messy manner. He also has a mustache and a beard with stubble. Yami is obnoxious, rash, and slightly hypocritical, and he is prone to making death threats at the drop of a hat. Despite this, he is a powerful and well-respected Magic Knight who saw Asta’s potential when none of the other Captains did. This post is for you if you want to learn some interesting facts about him.

He is a stoic man who thinks that deeds speak louder than words. He is a hothead who is quickly enraged by little irritations such as getting bumped by another person or being stopped while speaking. Whether he employs intimidating words or physically damages his target, Yami is prone to intimidation. He also has a habit of rushing to a more physical solution to any difficulties or disagreements, such as destroying a portion of the squad’s headquarters to calm his colleagues. Yami is a skilled and smart fighter who can decipher his opponent’s schemes at a look and is always devising counter-measures.

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One Of Magic’s Mightiest Knights

It’s not frequently mentioned, but Yami is definitely one of the series’ most powerful magicians. Aside from his swordsmanship, his black magic is tremendous, allowing him to perform feats that few others can. When we watch him visualize his strength, he talks about being far more powerful than even nobles in terms of pure mana power. But, since then, he’s just become more strong, and it’s unclear whether anyone else is still ahead of him.

facts about Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro

The Squad’s Father

Yami is unquestionably the father of his squad, despite his stern love. The Black Bulls are more than simply a gang of Magic Knights, and Yami works with them all to address their issues in his own special manner. Simply having them together provides the group with a support structure that enables them to overcome all of the problems that they face on a regular basis. This also explains why he employs high-level magicians to clean and do tasks like feeding pets and maintaining their base.

He’s From a Different Country

Yami came from a different nation than the Clover Kingdom, having been born into a family of fishermen. He was taken all the way to the realm of Clover Kingdom while out fishing, where he was an outcast because of his strange style of speaking and the fact that he wasn’t like the people who lived there. This made it difficult for him to achieve acceptance because of their deep suspicion of someone who was so different from their own cult.

facts about Yami Sukehirofacts about Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro

Scouted By The Wizard King

Julius himself initially recruited Yami into the Magic Knight army. Julius decided to assist Yami to learn the country’s language while also providing him with a job because he was considerably younger at the time and didn’t even speak the same language. Julius grew in prominence and finally granted Yami a space to start his own guild, promoting him to be the captain of his own group.

Takes a Dump a Lot

It’s not often that Yami is spotted on the toilet. He appears to spend his time doing things like taking a crap in the toilet while smoking or reading a magazine. The bad news is that he loves to use Finral to convert it into a toilet. Finral, Yami believes, is now more helpful than if he didn’t fight at all.
Nobody can bother Yami while he’s having his Golden Time, according to him. Golden Time refers to Yami’s cherished past times. Finral transported Sekke into the toilet, where he took a poo, and he was brutally thrashed since he was interfering with his Golden Time.

facts about Yami Sukehirofacts about Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro

Short Tempered

Yami is a severe leader who would terrify his troops if they fail to complete their objectives. This is, in fact, an indirect motive provided by Yami. In the end, the Black Bull members grew stronger, and their achievements in the Clover Kingdom increased. Yami successfully develops the Black Bull squad, despite his hot-headedness.

Enjoys Gambling

The gambler is recognized for his sword-fighting skills and elemental talents, as well as his distinctive facial hair. When Yami gets a gambling urge, Magna Swing is generally his companion. It’s safe to infer that Yami’s Golden Time is a game of chance. Finral was once requested to accompany Yami to a gaming establishment. But, in the end, Yami falls bankrupt, and the two of them leave wearing only shorts.

facts about Yami Sukehirofacts about Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro

He has a unique story to tell

Yami is a fisherman’s son who was born in the Land of the Rising Sun. His boat was damaged one day when he was fishing, and he was pushed by the surf to the Clover Kingdom. Yami frequently causes a stir among the people because of varied traditions. People dread him once he receives the Grimoire of Darkness, save Julius, who asks him to join the Azure Deer squad (Yami and Julius’ first team before he became Magic Knight). Julius is then promoted to Magic Knight, while Yami is promoted to Captain of Black Bull by Julius.

Personal Preference Selections

The majority of Magic Knight guilds have their own set of rules that govern how they choose their members. This helps to preserve a certain culture within their company, and that culture is a reflection of the person in charge. Yami is an exception to this since he chooses only the people he likes—eclectic individuals who, while they may not always get along, have unique skills that make them suitable for functioning as a Magic Knight.

facts about Yami Sukehirofacts about Yami Sukehiro
Yami Sukehiro

A Unique Ability

Few other magicians in the Black Clover realm have the ability to control Yami’s ki. Ki is not the same thing as magic in this reality. Ki allows Yami to fight at a higher level by allowing him to sense his opponent’s assault and abilities, allowing him to respond faster and even outdo individuals who are technically faster or stronger. Yami imparted his ki power to the newest black bull, who took to it right away.

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