10 Fastest Attacks In Boruto

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Arguably, the best part of the Boruto franchise is the jutsu. As Naruto transitioned into Boruto, the level of power from the prior series shifted dramatically in the current age. As expected, the newer jutsu was shown to be much more complex and faster than anything seen before.

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While Naruto had more than his fair share of trouble with having to evade immensely fast jutsu, some jutsu in Boruto’s age is so fast that even the most experienced of ninjas have little to no chance of dodging them. In some extreme cases, a jutsu can be downright unavoidable regardless of how fast the shinobi is.

This article contains manga spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations by Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto.

10 Boruto Uzumaki’s Vanishing Rasengan Is Underwhelming

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Introduced in the Boruto episode “Sasuke and Boruto,” Boruto can use a brand-new version of his father’s famous Rasengan technique by making his jutsu invisible. This is made possible through Boruto subconsciously infusing his Rasengan with Lightning Release.

As impressive as it sounds, the overall speed of Boruto’s Rasengan isn’t anything noteworthy. While it is decently fast in its own right, the crux of the attack lies in its ability to catch its opponents off-guard rather than blitz them outright. Still, though, its speed is nothing to scoff at.

9 Mitsuki’s Snake Lightning Moves Lightning-Fast

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Being the “son” of a prodigy like Orochimaru, it should come as no surprise that Mitsuki’s power reflects his father’s. Excelling in both Snake Summoning and Lightning Release, Mitsuki has learned how to pair both abilities to create Snake Lightning. By conjuring electricity and manifesting it in the shape of a snake, Mitsuki gains considerable distance from his devastating attack.

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As the name suggests, Mitsuki’s Snake Lightning moves at lightning speeds and those who are unlucky enough to face its power have never been able to dodge it. Even experienced ninjas like Ao had to use powerful jutsu to neutralize the attack rather than trying to evade it.

8 ​​​​​​Great Task Of The Dragon Hits Like A Hurricane

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Despite only being a child, Shikadai already shows the immense potential of being a great shinobi in the future. While this is largely due to him inheriting his father’s renowned intellect, it’s also due to Shikadai inheriting his mother’s Wind-Style jutsu.

Introduced by Temari in the Naruto series, Shikadai can mimic his mother’s famous Wind-Style technique: Great Task of the Dragon. The powerful technique summons a mighty tornado that swallows nearly everything in its path. Dodging The Great Task of the Dragon is a daunting task.

7 Kakashi Hatake’s Purple Electricity Is Virtually Unavoidable

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The Lightning Blade was one of the most notable jutsu in Kakashi’s arsenal. It was his go-to signature move whenever he wanted to end a fight quickly, so when his Sharingan disappeared at the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, audiences knew that they would likely never see the Lightning Blade ever again.

That assumption was shown to be false after Kakashi showcased a new variation of his famous jutsu in the Boruto series, with a new hue of purple added to it. While it may look different, its speed and power are virtually the same as the original, which makes it nearly impossible to dodge.

6 Delta’s Eye Beams Corrode Regeneration

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The addition of androids in the Boruto series was peculiar, to say the least. The first android shown in the series, Delta, was an automaton whose body was fully modified with scientific ninja tools, which were unlike anything seen in the franchise to date.

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The most dangerous of Delta’s modifications was inarguably her eye beams. While they technically shouldn’t count as jutsu, her lasers are still powerful enough to nullify regenerative abilities completely. On top of that, her attack contains photons, meaning they move at the speed of light. Even the likes of an adult Naruto was barely able to react to them.​

5 Sasuke Uchiha’s Amenotejikara Is The Best Rinnegan Ability

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The Rinnegan offers a plethora of different abilities, from soul extraction and attraction/repulsion to limb mechanization and even control over life and death. Despite this, Sasuke continues to only use the Amenotejikara, a space-time ninjutsu that allows him to swap places with something or someone.

Even with the Amenotejikara being so simple, Sasuke’s foes can never counter it due to the number of attack options it creates. The speed of the swap is so fast that his opponents often feel like they’ve teleported.

4 Jigen’s Sukunahikona Jutsu Is Exasperating

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According to Kawaki, Jigen’s power was far above that of Naruto and Sasuke, even at their best. During their cataclysmic fight in Boruto’s 204th episode “He’s Bad News,” Jigen displayed several different jutsu that completely overwhelmed the iconic duo, with the most annoying one being Sukunahikona.

Sukunahikona was a jutsu that allowed Jigen to instantaneously shrink himself or any inanimate object he looked at. Whenever he did so against the duo during their battle, it activated so fast that it looked as if he was going in and out of existence.

3 Sasuke Uchiha’s Amaterasu Scorches Everything

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A jutsu that has the user burn anything they set their sights on, the Amaterasu has become one of Sasuke’s trademark moves in the Boruto series. With the effectiveness of the attack completely dependent on his opponent’s speed, very few shinobi are capable of moving fast enough to dodge his flames.

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As Amaterasu instantly spawns on whatever Sasuke looks at, the jutsu is virtually impossible to evade without a countermeasure. Even the 4th Raikage, although he dodged it temporarily, had to sever a limb to avoid burning to death.

2 Daemon’s Reflection Ability Is Overpowered

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One of three androids said to surpass Jigen in power alongside his sister Eida, Daemon can effortlessly dominate any shinobi who gets in his way. With that being said, his mysterious ability makes him even more of an unfathomable threat.

Daemon’s unnamed ability automatically reflects any murderous intent onto his attacker. According to Eida, just the thought of killing Daemon is enough to warrant a reflection. However, in chapter 71 of the Boruto manga, Bug revealed that his ability only activates when both his palms touch someone. When they are, the reflection is impossible to avoid due to its automatic function.

1 Eida’s Enchantment Ability Is All-Powerful

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Eida is the second android said to surpass Jigen in power. Eida currently possesses the most powerful ability in the Boruto universe. Her terrifying ability allows her to enchant/seduce any person, whether they be male or female, against their will.

While this may not sound all that terrifying, according to Shikamaru, Eida’s ability is capable of ruling over the shinobi world in its entirety. Eida’s enchantment is unavoidable because it affects a person subconsciously as soon as they look at her. Subsequently, no one can resist being seduced by her, no matter how hard they try.

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