10 Funniest Characters In One Piece’s East Blue Saga

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One Piece is loved for not just its remarkable worldbuilding and its cool combat system with Devil Fruits, but also its delightful charm with cartoony characters, excellent comic relief, and goofy, bizarre events like the Davy Back fight or Zoro napping his way through sea storms. The East Blue Saga, in fact, seemed to have more humor than not.

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Gradually, One Piece‘s story tended toward being more serious due to power scaling and ever-rising stakes, but the story never forgot its wonderful sense of humor. In the early days, in particular, One Piece was practically a comedy anime interrupted by bouts of action and drama. The East Blue Saga’s characters are just so funny in their visual designs and behavior.

10 Monkey D. Luffy Says The Darndest Things

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The protagonist himself, Monkey D. Luffy, has always been the core of One Piece‘s wacky humor with his grounded personality and visual design. Even Luffy’s usage of the Gum-Gum Fruit is meant to ensure he’s always funny, even in the middle of a serious fight.

Luffy is also hilarious in the East Blue Saga, being a reckless, goofy fellow who will blurt out all kinds of things and get himself into trouble without thinking. He even makes his serious crewmates funnier by prompting them to comically yell and fuss at him with sharp teeth.

9 Nami Is Funny About Money & Scolding Luffy

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The tsundere navitgator Nami usually takes herself seriously and tries to be smart and dignified in everyday life, which makes her a welcome change of pace from Luffy’s and Usopp’s silliness. Still, Nami has her fun side, including her comical fixation on treasure and cold, hard cash.

Nami was also funny in the East Blue Saga every time she fussed at Luffy, annoyed by his impulsive and chaotic behavior. It’s the kind of humor the character herself doesn’t find very funny, but anime fans certainly do. Nami is a riot when she shouts at Luffy with sharp teeth and her hands balled into fists.

8 Usopp Is One Wacky Liar

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Usopp the long-nosed liar takes himself seriously as a glorious pirate captain, or rather, he wants people to see him that way. Usopp is desperate to be a famous and respected pirate captain, but until then, he must settle for outlandish lies that make him sound like the world’s greatest adventurer of all time.

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Usopp is hilarious to watch due to his long-nose Pinocchio theme, his energetic and fun-loving personality, his creative use of his slingshot, and more. He’s also the type to make outrageous overreactions to things, with his eyes and teeth sometimes popping out of his head like a cartoon.

7 Koby Is A Cuddly Dandere Who Yells At Luffy Sometimes

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Koby was introduced as a total dandere, a short, pink-haired boy who had been captured by Alvida’s pirate crew. Luffy soon freed him, then helped Koby make his way through the East Blue until Koby could find a safe place to stay. Koby ended up joining the Marines not long after Luffy recruited Zoro.

Koby isn’t a total class clown, but he’s still funny to watch as an emotionally fraught dandere who sometimes shouts at Luffy despite being such a pushover. He’s one of those One Piece characters whose humor mostly derives from his reactions to other things.

6 Gaimon Was Stuck In A Box

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The minor character Gaimon appeared on an uninhabited island, being the sole member of his previous crew to remain there. Gaimon had a big smile and a bigger afro, but most amusing of all was the fact that he got stuck in a treasure chest.

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Gaimon was almost like a tortoise, being small and small-moving while protected by his wooden “shell.” He loved being surrounded by animals, though, and he politely declined to join Luffy’s crew and sail the seas once again. He also took it in stride when the island’s remaining treasure chests were revealed to be empty.

5 Helmeppo Thinks He’s So Tough

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The blond Helmeppo was introduced as a minor villain in Shells Town, being the proud son of the thuggish Captain Morgan. Helmeppo was just an arrogant punk hiding behind his father’s reputation, which made him both annoying and rather funny at times.

Helmeppo was impossible to take seriously, between his ridiculous haircut, bratty personality, and his utter inability to back up his big words. This comical villain was humbled when he joined the Marines with Koby, and he got a serious glow-up much later on to the point that Luffy didn’t recognize him.

4 Patty Is One Tough Cook

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Patty the chef is a burly, loud fellow who’s good in the kitchen and even better in a fight. He’s a typical Baratie cook, a tough but goofy and lovable employee who will serve great food and beat up any troublemakers who step through that restaurant ship’s front doors.

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Patty is funny because he has bizarre dialogue, mostly stemming from him unwittingly using weird insults as compliments. Patty seriously doesn’t realize what he’s doing when he beams and calls someone a “squid-bastard,” and he even has Popeye-style arms to make things even sillier.

3 Zoro Loves Naps & Overreacting To Things

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Roronoa Zoro is another One Piece character who tries to take himself very seriously, so he is usually funny without meaning to or even realizing it. He’s the one who somehow slept through an entire sea storm in the Grand Line, only to awake and wonder why everyone looked so worn out.

Zoro was usually dramatic and cool in the East Blue Saga, such as when he vowed never to lose to anyone again. But like Nami, Zoro can also be a total riot when he angrily reacts to silly or annoying things, complete with dropping his jaw very low and having sharp teeth.

2 Sanji Is Coolly Funny & Thinks Everyone Is Crap

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The tsundere chef Sanji, like Zoro and Nami, tends to take himself seriously, but he is still comical without realizing it. Sanji fancies himself a ladies’ man, always looking his best in slick dark suits and trying to impress everyone with his exquisite dishes.

Sanji, like Zoro and Nami, tends to overreact to funny and ridiculous things like Luffy’s antics, which makes him funny in return. It’s also funny how he keeps casually insulting everyone as being “crap-something,” such as crap-chefs or crap-pirates.

1 Buggy The Clown Is Sheer Comic Relief

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Buggy the Clown was soon established as a novelty character, a wannabe pirate lord who lucked his way into becoming one of the four Emperors despite being a weak character overall. Everyone thinks Buggy is much stronger and cooler than he really is, and Buggy is happy to let everyone keep thinking that.

Buggy was also funny when he made his debut in the Orange Town story arc. He was a bonafide villain, but also a goofy, hilarious one with his silly appearance, short temper, and how he got beaten by the most ridiculous tactics. Luffy even kicked Buggy between the legs to fight him at one point.

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