10 Funniest Succession Memes Of All Time

Collage of Succession memes and Kendall Roy in Succession.

Succession‘s series finale aired on May 28, 2023 and delivered an hour and a half of dramatic and hilarious scenes. This show is known for its great capacity to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats while creating ludicrous but well-crafted dialogues that’ll keep the audience cackling.

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While Succession has deep and interesting characters, they’re also absolutely ridiculous, and people love to make fun of them, particularly using the meme format. Throughout the four seasons of Succession, fans have made hundreds of memes about this show, but some stand out among the rest for truly grasping the show’s essence.



10 Ewan’s Inconsistent Loyalty

Even though Ewan, Logan’s brother, believes Logan is a terrible human being and never misses a chance to tell people, he’s always loyal to his brother. When Kendall asks him to vote for him in the shareholder meeting in Season 1, Ewan replies that he would never betray Logan.

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This meme from The Simpsons portrays Ewan’s dynamic with his sibling very well. He’s constantly complaining about Logan’s influence in the world, but when it comes to taking action, Ewan is the first one to protect him. Maybe if Ewan had helped Kendall at this moment, things would have turned out very differently.

9 Shiv’s Commitment Issues

On the night of her wedding day, Shiv suddenly asks Tom for an open marriage. Since Tom is less cynical than Shiv when it comes to love, he doesn’t take this news very well. This was the first of many red flags between these two character, who would gradually learn to hate each other. Since Tom becomes a bitter man, he develops a more vicious and pragmatic streak in his personality, eventually leading him to become a ruthless manager for ATN news and to prematurely announce Jeryd Mencken’s victory.

This bittersweet meme reflects how most of Succession characters’ intimate issues affect most of the world, which is the main critique of the uber-rich. These characters are incredibly powerful and tend to move within very influential spheres, but their actions are driven by trauma and selfish agendas.

8 Kendall’s Utmost Desire

Since he was little, Kendall’s goal was to become Waystar Royco’s CEO. In Succession‘s series finale, he confesses to his siblings that Logan had told him he would become CEO when he was 7 years old, which ultimately became Kendall’s ultimate purpose in life.

However, for better or for worse, Kendall never did achieve this position. He was incredibly close several times, but his father always stopped him, just like in this meme. Funny enough, history repeated itself, but instead of Logan, this time Shiv stopped Kendall’s plans of reaching for the crown.

7 Greg’s Submission

Greg is known for being Tom’s minion, but a large part of the internet also ships him with this character. Greg and Tom’s cruel and hilarious but at times wholesome dynamic has led people to want to see them together as a couple.

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This great meme combines both the reality of Succession and Greg and Tom’s potential. It makes a funny wordplay with the word “bottom” to indicate that Greg is both at the bottom of the top, but also Tom’s bottom in a relationship. Even if Tom and Greg aren’t a couple, in a way, he’s indeed Tom’s bottom, as Tom takes care of his needs.

6 Ken’s Contemplation Of His Failures

This absolutely hysterical meme makes fun of the fact that a lot of episodes in Succession have a scene with Kendall looking at landscapes after something terrible happened to him. In fact, the very last scene of Succession ends up with Kendall looking at the sea.

Kenny is Succession‘s self-appointed victim when in reality, he’s another terrible character. He constantly feels unappreciated as, according to him, he doesn’t get the position that’s his birthright. This leads to a lot of contemplation throughout the episodes, but it’s hard for the audience to empathize with the problems of such a privileged man.

5 Logan’s Disappointment

When Logan’s children openly defy him, he tries to manipulate them into going back to his side. However, when they don’t give in, Logan lashes out with this iconic quote from Succession, “I love you, but you’re not serious people.” Of course, internet users immediately turned it into a meme.

Comparing Logan and Jesus is already hilarious, as they’re very different but god-like figures, but also imagining Jesus saying this to people is even funnier. Seeing cultural traditions from the outside sometimes may look a bit absurd, but that’s how humanity works.

4 Shiv’s Terrible Strategy

Shiv Roy is widely known for constantly changing sides to advance her agenda. In the last season of Succession, she tried to play double-spy with her siblings and Lukas Matsson, trying to get the best from both sides. However, when she is caught by Kendall and betrayed by Lukas, she ends up losing everything.

This image from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a joke about Mac playing both sides so he always “wins.” However, this Redditor changed it to “lose” as, hilariously, Shiv doesn’t win even when she’s playing for both teams.

3 The Pierces’ Long Wait

At the beginning of Succession Season 4, the Roy siblings decided to buy the Pierce conglomerate as a way to compete with their father. However, as soon as Logan died, they completely forgot about this deal and focused on conquering Waystar Royco once and for all.

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The funny part is that Succession never showed any of the Roys talking to the Pierces to either cancel, postpone, or continue the deal. While Succession obviously keeps a lot of scenes out of the series, it was hard for the audience to forget about the Pierces when they were the sole focus of the show for two whole episodes.

2 Kenny’s Denial

Kendall has a tremendous capacity to be in denial about his problems. While this meme compares Kendall at his birthday party with the iconic dog pleasantly sitting by the fire, the mood in this meme can be applied to Kendall in several situations, which is why this image is so funny.

Kenny always believes his plans are going through, even when everyone tells him that he’s failing. He’s also great at convincing himself that he’s doing the right thing. For example, he decided that his support of Mencken’s campaign was a way to help his children in the long run. Furthermore, he didn’t accept he had lost his CEO position up until the last second of Succession. Kendall’s denial is on a whole other level, and the audience is here to see it.

1 Tom’s Not So Surprising Victory

While most of the audience saw Tom’s victory coming from a mile away, it’s clear that the characters in Succession didn’t, especially Shiv. Most of the time, Shiv thought Tom was a pathetic man without pride who was open to adulating people in positions of power.

Of course, Shiv was entirely right, but it’s precisely because of Tom’s bootlicking skills that he ultimately became Waystar Royco’s CEO. Shiv underestimating both Tom and the power of flattery came back to bite her. This Janet and Michael meme from The Office not only sums up this moment truly well but also Shiv and Tom’s entire dynamic, which is why the comparison is so funny.

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