10 Funniest Versions Of Booster Gold, Ranked

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Booster Gold is confirmed to appear in his very own HBO Max series, which will finally introduce the beloved DC Comics character to the first chapter of James Gunn’s DC Universe. Once known by the name of Michael Jon Carter, Booster Gold is a 25th-century time traveler who uses his futuristic technology to become a hero.

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Booster Gold has had several incarnations in comics and television over the years, many of which have leaned into the character’s more comedic aspects. While most versions of the 25th-century superhero are humorous, some are simply funnier than others.



10 New 52 Booster Gold

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Although The New 52 version of Booster Gold remains one of the best iterations of the character yet, he had quite a lot of other problems on his mind that prevented him from being one of the funniest. Between his fractured memories of a pre-Flashpoint universe, briefly disappearing from existence, and the Convergence, this Booster Gold was forced to be less comedic and more heroic during his adventures.

While The New 52 does keep many of the personality traits that make Booster Gold such a beloved hero, including his sense of humor, extenuating circumstances forced the character to take on a somewhat more serious role. While he may not be the funniest version of the character, this version of Booster Gold is ever the hero, continuously proving why the DC hero deserves his own film.

9 Original Booster Gold

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There are few renditions of Booster Gold that can adequately compare with the original. The time-traveling superhero first appeared in 1986’s Booster Gold #1 by Dan Jurgens, Tom Ziuko, Agustin Mas, and Janice Race. Booster Gold’s early appearances established him as a fan-favorite superhero, setting up his long history in DC Comics.

While this version of Booster Gold may not be as exaggerated as some others, he nevertheless remains one of the most hilarious, as he uses his 25th-century technology to fight crime in the 1980s. Future versions of the character would build on his comedic value, but some of his best moments are still from his earliest appearances.

8 Legends Of Tomorrow Booster Gold

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Booster Gold made his highly-anticipated return to live-action in the final few episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. Set up to potentially become a leading member of the team in Season 8, Booster Gold’s future adventures in the Arrowverse were placed on indefinite hold when Legends of Tomorrow was canceled.

With Scrubs star Donald Faison in the role, the Arrowverse version of Booster Gold had the potential to be one of the funniest iterations of the character yet, as is evident in his brief appearances. However, with the Arrowverse approaching its end, it seems highly unlikely that Faison’s Booster will ever be seen again.

7 Smallville’s Booster Gold

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Booster Gold makes an appearance in Smallville‘s tenth season. Eric Martsolf portrays the superhero in an episode entitled “Booster,” marking his only appearance in the long-running superhero show, as well as the character’s only live-action appearance for nearly a decade.

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While Martsolf’s Booster Gold does have his humorous moments, they aren’t particularly memorable when compared to other versions of the character in different pieces of media. The Smallville rendition of the character had plenty of potential but, unfortunately, didn’t make much of an impact in his single appearance.

6 Teen Titans Go! Booster Gold

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Booster Gold makes several appearances in Teen Titans Go!, in which the character is voiced by legendary voice actor Fred Tatasciore. Aided by the show’s own proclivity for unadulterated comedy, this particular version of Booster Gold is truly one of the funniest.

While some viewers may take issues with the show’s depiction of Booster Gold, he is undeniably funny. The character takes extreme advantage of his time travel abilities, even going so far as to rob the Teen Titans blind under the pretense that he is helping them avoid a terrible fate. He also breaks both of Robin’s ankles in the process for good measure.

5 Tom King’s Booster Gold

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Tom King’s version of Booster Gold proves that the DC hero just can’t stay out of trouble. Following a pseudo-reboot as a part of DC’s Rebirth event, Booster Gold good-naturedly attempts to give Batman a break from his endless crusade by going back in time and saving Bruce Wayne’s parents. This, of course, doesn’t sit well with Batman or the timestream, forcing Booster to fix his mistake.

While some readers may find this version of Booster Gold both incompetent and annoying, there is no denying that the situational comedies in which he finds himself are memorable and hilarious. As a character who really isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously in the first place, this version of Booster Gold may be one of the best.

4 52 Booster Gold

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Booster Gold never gets the credit he deserves as a superhero, as 52 makes abundantly clear. However, it is also clear that Booster’s reputation is his own fault, especially as he begins to engage in hilarious hijinx with his new best friend, Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle.

Although 52‘s Booster Gold does try his best to be a hero, he is often undercut by his exploits with Ted Kord, making the duo a new favorite pairing for future comics. While he was less serious than past iterations, this Booster Gold is perhaps more beloved.

3 Justice League Action Booster Gold

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Justice League Action includes the occasional appearance of Booster Gold, who is voiced by Diedrich Baker. The hero makes scattered appearances throughout the animated series, often teaming up with various members of the eponymous superhero team, including Batman and Green Arrow.

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The Justice League Action version of Booster Gold always seems to be getting into trouble, getting on the nerves of the Justice League at every turn. Every time he accidentally resurrects the dinosaurs or makes a play for cash, it only gets funnier seeing how the Justice League reacts to their erratic but lovable ally.

2 3001 Booster Gold

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As a part of the 3001 line of DC Comics taking place in the 31st century, Booster Gold and Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle appear, having been cryogenically frozen for years. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle team up for various missions in this timeline, which aren’t to be taken too seriously.

Longtime DC Comics fans know to always expect hilarity to ensue whenever Blue Beetle and Booster Gold cross paths. This comic sees them together almost exclusively, resulting in endless time-travel hijinx that remain some of the characters’ very best exploits of all time.

1 Justice League Unlimited Booster Gold

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Justice League Unlimited introduced what may be one of the best versions of Booster Gold ever adapted from DC Comics. The character, voiced by Tom Everett Scott, is introduced as a hero attempting to get rich quickly, though he often finds himself unsuccessful in this area.

In addition to being one of the most unintentionally funny heroes in the series, the Justice League Unlimited version of Booster Gold also ends up being one of the most heroic. He is shown eventually putting aside some of his greedier aspirations in order to genuinely help those in need — though he still wouldn’t be entirely opposed to earning a buck or two for having done so.

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